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Meet and Master Your Mental Subtle Body Right Now

Your mental subtle body is fascinating. Few people know how to make the most of it. Meet its secrets today.

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What Is Mental Subtle Body

The mental body (the mind) is one of the subtle bodies in esoteric philosophies, in some religious teachings and in New Age thought. It is understood as a sort of body made up of thoughts, just as the emotional body consists of emotions and the physical body is made up of matter. - Wikipedia

There are two components in the mental body:

  • Mental subplane

  • Causal subplane

Each of them contains a given kind of information. The mental subplane comprises cells and structures, systems and processes for the human body, concrete intellect and Higher Mind.

The Casual Plane consists of a karmic load, belief systems and soul light. Let's explain each of these components.

Mental Subplane

Mental Subplane enables you to collect ideas and find a brilliant solution. However, it also stands for storing information about each cell, structure, organ, and system in your body. How?

Concrete Intellect

The Concrete Intellect is the first ingredient of a mental subplane. Many people think about the mind-body connection in terms of their concrete intellect (their thinker). This is the part that can make a shopping list and generate big ideas.

Cells And Structures, Systems and Processes for the Human Body

It is obvious that your mental subtle body connects deeply with your physical one. Therefore, it stores all the information about your systems and processes in your physical subtle body. Otherwise, your heart might breathe, and your lungs might pump blood.

The same rule concerns your cells. All our cells have specific functions. Hence the skin cell does something very different than a cell lining your intestine.

You know that they both are processing energy (and air and blood, etc.), but each cell knows its distinct role by virtue of the information held in the Mental Plane.

Higher Mind

This is the part where your mind operates at the genius level. People like Tesla and Einstein spent a lot of time in the Higher Mind. That is the place where scientific discovery is actualized.

Unfortunately, most of us spend most of our time in the concrete intellect and then some time in that genius space. How to notice the Higher Mind's activity? Think about the moments when you have a brilliant idea that is powerful and right.

The Causal Body

The Causal Mind is the formless kind of mind. It carries three fascinating esoteric aspects that you can learn to access and evolve, karmic load, beliefs system, and soul light.

Karmic Load

If you’ve studied energy, you may know something about karma. Here is a short explanation: your essence-self has chosen this particular incarnation, and you are working out a bunch of stuff while being here, and the issues you are working at comprise your karma.

The Law of Cause and Effect works perfectly here. If you have done good things in other lifetimes, then positive karma has been created from which you are benefiting now. The same applies to wrong deeds.

However, you can also have some negative karma despite good deeds, because you want to explore something and learn some lessons to grow.

It is like a balance sheet that is available to you and stored in the Causal subplane. All the time, your balance is updated as you resolve negative karma, and spend the positive one.

Belief Systems

Your belief systems are also created in the Causal subplane. They are actualizing through your sixth chakra, in the centre of your head.

However, bear in mind that they are not centred in the Third Eye chakra. After having been created in the Causal subplanes, the beliefs only become downloaded to the sixth chakra in order to use these beliefs to attract and frame your experience.

Your belief system is a group of beliefs closely connected with each other. they concern various areas of your life: career, finance, relationships, health and fun. Here are some examples of negative beliefs:

  • I’m not thin enough,

  • I’m not smart enough,

  • I’m not funny enough,

  • I’m not pretty enough,

  • I'm not fill-in-the-blank enough,

  • I do not deserve love.

Those beliefs become formed in the Causal subplanes as a result of your experiences (i.e. somehow, somewhere you were told that you were fat or not smart or whatever it might be).

Then you have taken them in and made them true. Eventually, using our Astral and Etheric & Mental/Causal energy systems, through your chakras, you go out and create experiences where you can be right - not ... enough, not deserving...

Soul Light

The last thing of the Causal subplane is the ability to perceive the Soul Light. You need to know that the Soul is accessible to you. Through the Causal subplanes, you can learn to access the Light of the Soul as it shines down into the Causal Supbody.

Your soul learns from your experiences and life. After having completed an experience, and grokked teachings, insights and benefits of that experience, the grokked information is accessible to the soul in the Causal subplanes.

Then it can and does learn from your completed awareness. You are always in connection with your soul through the Causal subplanes, learning from your soul through the Causal connection.

Notice that the soul enters neither the physical nor the mental subtle body.

Connect With Your Mental Subtle Body through Meditation

It is a very useful tool for connecting with and healing your mental and subtle body. Just find a peaceful, safe place in your imagination and rest there, enabling your mental subtle body to regenerate. Then go under the waterfall and cleanse this subtle body,

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More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt about the mental subtle body. It is divided into two sub-bodies: the mental and the casual one. Use your Higher Mind, Soul Light, resolve karma and watch your belief system. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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