10 New Effective Ways to Talk to the Universe and Be Happy

Have you ever tried to talk to the Universe in a more conscious way than people normally do? Or maybe you have no idea where to start from. Learn this skill today and create a happy life.



You can send millions of messages to the Universe and the effect of them will be mediocre. Why? Because there was no intention, the energy and the spark to ignite the candlewick. Hence, no affirmations, meditation, Law of Attraction or visualisation will work.

What Does Intention Truly Mean?

According to Wikipedia, intention "is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought."

Intention can work in two ways: at the level of head and heart. In the first case, the intention is a goal that you are striving for. The second track describes your eagerness to achieve this goal.

Everything in the Universe Starts from Intention

You may not be aware of this fact but it is the truth. Walking, moving your limbs, breathing is normally unconscious activities. However, you can also perform these activities consciously, e.g. practising mindfulness.

The intention is not only a spark but also a seed, the creative power helping you to satisfy all your needs, financial, emotional, mental or spiritual. And because the intention is like a seed planted in the soil of your mind and heart, it needs to be nourished.

Intentions can be positive and negative. The second ones can be known as hexes and maledictions, aiming at doing harm, while good intentions are driven by love, gratitude. And I only mean the positive intentions in this article.

Intention cannot be constrained. So when you do start applying them to your goals, never censor them. The Universe will know the best when and how to give you what you want. Then you allow your seed to sprout, grow and bloom. However, censoring your intention means constant digging out the seed, checking what has changed and then topsoil it again. Then your intention will have no chance to grow.

How to Communicate with the Universe

Below, I will present you with ... steps necessary to follow in order to make your intention work. Follow them step-by-step in the order described below.

1. Prepare

Before you create and send your intention as a letter to the Universe, some conditions have to be met:

  • Be 100% sure that you want that.
  • Be patient when the process is underway.
  • Keep high vibrations if you want to create positive things.
  • Watch your thoughts and beliefs

2. Explain the Universe What You Want

Firstly, believe that the Universe supports you with everything. However, be very specific, clear creating your intention. No without hidden agenda is allowed


Take your diary or journal ( I assume that you have one - the paper or digital one) and write down all that you want. Then think about why you want these items and if you are ready to face the consequences of your intention. Write down it, too. You can also ask questions to the Universe.

3. Achieve Total Clarity

You might wonder how clear your decision should be. The answer is simple: use all your senses: touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. The more senses you activate, the clearer your intention will be.


Take one intention that you have written in the previous step. Let's say it will be your soulmate so that you can learn how to love. Go to the place where you feel relaxed and happy. Then visualise this person and involve all your senses. Do this exercise every day for a week and see what happens.

4. Change Your Beliefs While Talking to the Universe

It may be difficult to communicate with the Universe when your beliefs sabotage your efforts. For example, you might ask for a loving partner but deep down think that you do not deserve love or are not good enough to find someone nice. Some toxic beliefs are universal. let me give you some examples:

  • I am not worthy of ...
  • It's impossible to.../ for me to...
  • I can't ...
  • I should be good enough to...
  • Other people are more important than my happiness.


Take your diary and think of something you want in your life. then write down any thoughts taht sabotage it. These are your beliefs. Having them on paper, try some techiques described in the article:

Talk to the Universe in the forest

5. Let Your Intention Go

Having disarmed any negative beliefs, clarify your intention again and let it go. Do not control it with your mind, trying to find out the ways of implementation. Your intention might be a goal but now you are talking to the Universe like to your friend. Your message will reach him/her and you do not check the connection every minute because of being sure that his/her mail works properly. Instead of constant control, be sure that your intention will be heard and become your reality.

6. Charge Your Batteries

I mentioned that your mind had to be negativity-free. But sometimes you may need to clear thought forms or remove energetic hooks to send intentions properly.  In other words, strengthen your aura and recharge it with positive energy. Here are some ideas which you can use:

  • walking
  • tai chi
  • meditation
  • clearing the clutter
  • staying in the sunshine
Learn how to work with energy - the article continues below:

7. Be Ready For the Answer From the Universe

Make some space for the new to come. It simply means clearing the clutter in your life, not only the mental one (i.e. aforementioned in the previous step) but also emotional, physical and digital. Leave more space for a new partner, job (e.h. tidy your papers and computer). Check energy leaks in your life and stop them. And become vigilant for the answers. They might come in your dreams, as unexpected opportunities and new, incidentally met people appearing in your life -  more ways of finding answers below in this article. And last but not least, try to use meditation for finding some clues.

Learn how to work with energy - the article continues below:

8. Live According to Your Intention

It is not enough just to change your thinking and clear the clutter. You need to mirror your intention, i.e. behaving in the way you have already got what you want. For example, if you yearn for a new partner who will love you, be loving and caring to your family, friends, co-workers and any being met on your way. But do not forget about yourself, too. Self-love is a must to cooperate with the Universe. On the other hand, swearing,  doing evil deeds to others and lack of self-love (e.g. listening to inner critic) will not help you to attract someone filled with love. More about keeping high vibrations below.

9. Stop Counting Down and Planning

We set goals and then deadlines, which is important. However, sending intentions to the Universe is a different thing because it is not a goal itself but the way this goal will be achieved. Hence, give the Universe time to work. Monitor your progress of goals, but do not stick to deadlines in a stiff way.. let it go.

10. Keep High Vibrations

To be tuned up with positive things in your life, take care of your vibrations. Some of the aforementioned steps have already given you some ideas of how to do it. Let me remind the most important ones:

Why high vibrations are so important? Because the frequency is the currency that the Universe uses to give you what is needed. If your vibrations are too low for, e.g. a loving partner, he/she will not appear in your lie because you are simply not ready. Hence, start from small things asking the Universe for help, then climb up with your expectations. For example, before finding the love of your life, improve relationships with your parents and siblings.

Learn more about how to raise the vibrations:

How Can You Receive An Answer from the Universe?

It is not as obvious as during a conversation with your friend. However, there are some clues that show what the Universe is talking about and if you are going in the right/wrong direction:

  • Dreams - how many of them were good/bad omens?
  • Recurring experiences - the same abusive partners or toxic jobs
  • Patterns of numbers - 111, 222, 333
  • Animals
  • Losing/Finding/Breaking objects
  • Recurring words or phrases - both positive and negative
  • The pain of illness - usually indicates that your intention is wrong
  • Song/Music? Lyrics - why have you chosen that son from thousands of others?
  • The weather - it can be a cynosure of your direction (even rain has positive sides).
  • Emotions that are out of place, e.g. irrational anger or euphoria.
  • Unexpected meetings/phone calls
  • Unusual new words
  • Smells
  • Gut feelings


Meditation is an excellent way for both asking the Universe for help and finding answers for your calls. Try to find ten minutes and connect your body, mind and soul.

The articles below will help you to understand what I mean by meditation and how to practise it correctly. Read them carefully.

Let's Meditate Together

Connect remotely during joint meditation on Saturdays at 10 am and 8 pm GMT +1 (IST). I will meditate with you and other people then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world. Check and join upcoming meditations.

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  • In a Nutshell

    Today I have presented you with nine steps of how to talk to the Universe.  You need to prepare clear intention, clean your mind from negativity, live according to your dream, let it go and be alert for the answer. Good luck with making your dreams true and living with higher and higher vibrations.


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