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How To Work with Chakras By Asking Questions

Some time ago I wrote an article about balancing chakras with affirmations. Today you will learn another efficient method: asking the right questions.

Ask questions about the pebbles in the river

Everyday Technique of Asking Questions

The bigger the knowledge about yourself you have, the better you are equipped to make positive changes in your life.

The questions that you will learn today correspond to the life tasks of each chakra and they help to discover how you destroy your happiness and health by inappropriate attitudes and behaviour.

Thanks to these questions, you can discover the necessary changes to help the chakras work better and to find greater harmony in your life.

In a beautiful notebook write down your thoughts for the next three weeks. It does not matter how many thoughts you will write every day. Your attention to the questions and the way you let your conscious mind find the answer makes a bigger difference.

How To Work With Questions Appropriate For Chakras

Every day, for three weeks, ask the questions listed below. If you are very ambitious, you can answer them every day for three weeks.

However, I suggest either choosing one chakra for three weeks or a different chakra each day of the week, starting from the root and ending on the crown chakra.

However, I recommend doing the program for a minimum of seven weeks and taking necessary actions after the first three weeks.

Additionally, during each weekend, analyse your answers and make one resolution on what to do to solve the problems found in your answers. For example, for the root chakra, if your house does not reflect your inner self (e.g. you do not like it).

Answer the question and commit to implementing the solution: What can I do to make my house more friendly for me?

Everyday Questions For Each Chakra

Now the time has come to ask the questions for each chakra. In case you are overwhelmed with their number, choose 3 - 5 at the beginning.

The Root Chakra

  • Do my house and the surroundings I create, reflect my inner self? What can I change to make them more aligned with myself?

  • What award have I given myself today? (e.g., the good word, praise, a present)

  • Have I been grateful for the abundance in my life, or have I focused on scarcity?

  • What is my financial situation like? What can I change to be more satisfied with my material life?

  • Is there any person I want to contact? What can I do to improve my relationship with them?

  • What good have I done for my body today? (e.g., exercises, proper nutrition)

The Sacral Chakra

  • Am I open to changes in my life? What new can I introduce to my life today?

  • Are the masculine and feminine aspects of myself balanced today? Do I allow myself to express them freely in my life?

  • Can I give (myself, things etc.) to others without the feeling of loss and the need to be grateful?

  • Do I allow other people to enjoy giving me anything?

  • Do I have a feeling, while asking for something, that I must sacrifice anything?

  • Do I care equally for my good as for others?

  • Do I have a feeling that life is difficult? What can I do to change it?

The Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Can I fearlessly face my fears? What action do I have to take to free myself from them?

  • What risk am I able to take to strengthen my potential?

  • Am I submissive or domineering to anyone?

  • Do I often admire people? Am I able to recognise the traits I admire in others in myself?

  • Do I often become angry or frustrated? Why? How can I transform my anger and frustration so that I can use them creatively?

The Heart Chakra

  • Do I approach other people with a warm heart or cold logic?

  • Do I equally use rationalism common sense and my inner guts while making decisions?

  • How deep are my relationships with people?

  • Do I often smile despite the pain, or do I put masks, hiding my true feelings? What can I do to be more authentic, to be truly myself?

  • Do I often judge people or look at myself with hostility and criticism/? What can I do to change it?

trees heal chakras

The Throat Chakra

  • How can I strengthen my voice? (e.g., singing, mantras)

  • Does my body posture strengthen or choke my voice? What can I change here?

  • What can I do to express my feelings and needs better?

  • In which kind of activities can I express my potential creatively?

  • What can I do to cleanse my thoughts and feelings? What simple everyday actions can I take to implement a more balanced life?

The Third Eye Chakra

  • Do I notice the answers that I am searching for within myself?

  • How accurate and deep is my perception of reality? Can I notice colours, and smells and receive the thoughts and feelings of people?

  • Do I trust my intuition? Do I allow my soul to guide me?

  • How much inner silence is there in my life?

  • Do I allow myself to follow my path and achieve success?

The Crown Chakra

  • Do I always follow the same thought and behaviour path, or do I allow my Higher Self to guide me, leaving behind all that does not serve me?

  • Is my identity defined only by my work and position? Do I allow myself to meditate and contemplate and discover that there is something more than I am?

  • Am I open to "coincidences", bringing extraordinary convolution of events in my life?

  • Can I let the achievement of the desired goal and all my expectations go? Can I trust that the result of my efforts - whichever it could be - will be the best for me?‍

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In A Nutshell

Today you could read about how to work with your chakras by asking questions. This method requires some discipline and commitment but allows you to meet yourself better and take some actions so that your chakras will be in perfect condition. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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