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How to Practise Self-Healing

Contemporarily, when doctors are too busy to treat your conditions, self-healing becomes a must. Discover how to practise self-healing today.

youc use the energy of trees during phantom operation

I have decided to write about how to perform the healing method, used in the holistic world - the phantom operation. However, I must warn you: academic medicine will consider it quackery.

Also, as you learnt earlier, phantom operations, although effective, do not guarantee permanent health if you still neglect your body's needs and do now make up your karma, e.g, forgive someone, love yourself or stop complaining.

But when there is no other option, doctors are too busy, hospitals are full, and tablets do not work... is dying and suffering because of your condition the only option? Definitely not for someone who believes in their creative power and the divine spark within.

How to Practise Self-Healing

Some steps have already been mentioned in the article published two weeks ago. However, I will come back to them today, too as these steps are critical. Remember that phantom operation is a kind of energy work and it can also impact you.

1. Cleanse Yourself And Ask For Protection

Your energy has to be pure and decent as it is Divine Power that heals the patient. Visualise White Divine Light, purifying your mind, body and aura of all negativity and say:

I am cleansing myself of everything that does not serve me from all my past, I am cleansing myself of everything that burdens me in the present. - Aron

2. Cleanse the Patient

The same procedure is used for your patient (unless you perform a phantom operation for yourself). However, I will expand this topic a bit as your/their condition may result from one of the four fields of life: love and relationships, work, health and fun.

The field of health is obvious. However, a condition often results from deeper reasons, because a bad lifestyle, i.e., not taking care of your body, is caused by depression, trauma, loss of material goods or lack of love, to mention a few reasons here.

2.1. The Field of Love and Relationships

For example, the heart is associated with love – so at this moment you can put everyone or yourself on the field of the heart and illuminate this field with the Divine Golden Light of love, cleaning everything that overshades joy, and ease in your relationships with your partner, children, parents, siblings and other members of your family. The cleansing concerns current and karmic issues.

These issues may concern toxic communication patterns, abuse, violence, and traumatic childhood, but also toxic patterns in your marriage and your relations with your parents-in-law, and siblings-in-law. All you want is love, harmony, and peace.

You also create pleasure, equality, respect and abundance here, plus other values of light, appropriate in the given case.

Cleansing of this field also includes all negative emotions resulting from karma, abuse, and unhealthy patterns of communication like anger, grudge, frustration, shame, and guilt.

Further reading about emotions.

phantom operations

In the case you struggle with visualisation, say:

I am cleansing the field love and relationships with Gold Divine Light of all negativity and fill this field with peace, love and harmony and the values of light.

2.2. The Field of Work

I mean not only the people and all the emotions concerning your job/business but also the environment in which you work. You can cleanse the energy of your computer, desk, or car.

You use the Gold Divine Light here and apart from cleansing, positive values of light are added: patience, respect, generosity, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, kindness and many more.

At this point, just as you wish yourself and other people, you enter the field of work self-fulfilment, self-realisation, making their dreams (and yours) true.

Visualise Divine Light cleansing the field of work and later filling it up with the values of light and fulfilment later. If you struggle with visualisation, say:

I am cleansing the field of work with White Divine Light of all negativity and filling this field with abundance, self-fulfilment and the values of light.

2.3. The Field of Health

This field is the main concern of phantom operation as all further steps will deal with healing. However, you can ask God for help with the procedure and for your patient's openness to the process.

2.4. The Field of Fun and Rest

We often neglect the importance of rest and recharging our batteries, plus few of us create our reality knowingly with the intention of fun and joy. More often, we sabotage our dreams.

Cleanse the patient's/your mind from all beliefs that sabotage dreams, pleasure and fun, from all the "reasons" why these dreams are not pursued (e.g. "can't afford too old/young". Install the energy of fulfilment instead.

I am cleansing the field of fun with White Divine Light of all negativity, sabotage and filling this field with self-fulfilment, hope and the values of light.

Further reading about the mind:

2. Ask Their Soul for Permission to Perform the Operation

I also mentioned it two weeks ago. Each being has his/her free will and can reject your efforts. The patient's soul will have to give you permission for the operation. If the Guardians forbid, do not proceed. Thank God for helping to at least cleanse the patient's environment.

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3. Ask Their Soul for Information about the Condition That Needs Healing

Once you get permission to perform a phantom operation, ask your/the patient's soul what kind of illness is to be treated, and where it is located in the body. It may turn out that the complaint said in the material world is only the tip of an iceberg and the condition has much more complex grounds. Ask:

Dear Soul, what do you want to tell me about my/the patient's illness? Where does he/she need healing? What needs illuminating?

Wait for a clue. If your mind wanders or becomes impatient, say

Dear mind, do not disturb me, help me, please. We are listening now. - Aron

phantom operations

The information needed will appear in your mind and you can proceed then. However, this information may be distorted by your worldview, but the moment you have the courage to say or write it down, you can illuminate the whole reality of people. Hence, sometimes a different condition will be treated. However, it is always for the patient's/your benefit.

4. Close Their Karma

Conditions are often the result of karma - from this life and the past. For example, you cannot forgive and your heart and liver suffer, you dwell on fears and your kidneys are affected. Everything you do will create consequences concerning your health.

How do you cleanse karma during a phantom operation? Visualise it as a book of life, in which the patient is/you are standing. When you ask God for a new, clean book of karma, filled with health. The person receives a new chance to be healthy and they start their life over. If you cannot visualise, say:

Dear Patient, I am taking you to clean, beautiful, wonderful places closing your eternity and your karma. I send it back to God and I connect you to a divine light full of love, health, harmony, happiness, joy, and respect. - Aron

Now you can start the process of healing.

Further reading about karma:

5. Decide on the Kind of Operations and Select the Tools

Firstly, choose what kind of phantom operation is needed: a simple or a complex one. You use only one, maximum two, tools in the first case, while complex operations have some stages and need at least 3 tools. Usually, a complex operation is necessary.

8. Choosing Other Tools Depending on the Condition Treated

Once the patient's/your soul has given you information about the illness, you can start healing. A week ago I described 12 tools that you can use, including drips, Divine Spark, bandages, ointments, and more. In the future, I will give you more details about which tools are needed to heal a given organ/system. Later, in this article, you will learn how to heal people in wheelchairs as an example case study.

7. Reversing the Life Clock If Needed

You can also reverse the patient's clock, i.e., their lifespan. Miraculously, terminated patients have some hope of living longer, provided that later they will change their destructive habits (eating, drinking, complaining, and holding a grudge to mention a few). More about reversing the patient's clock is here.

Further reading about the lifespan:

8. Recharging with Mother Earth's Energy

After you have finished healing, recharge yourself and the patient with the energy of Mother Earth. Visualise going to the beach/park. Focus on the four forces: Sun, earth, water and wind. Feel like they are penetrating your and the patient's subtle bodies. More about working with the energy of Mother Earth.

9. Cleansing Yourself after Phantom Operation

I have written about this issue two weeks ago, but it is critically important:

After each operation, pull off the apron of negative energy of an illness that you have been treating, plus all connections (hooks) with negative beings. If you neglect this step, all this energy will remain with you resulting in coming down with a new disease or hook-up.

How to cleanse yourself? Ask God and Higher Beings for help:

Let all the negative energy of an illness and any being be dissolved with White Divine Light. God and Higher Beings, please help me to cleanse my body, mind and soul from strange energies.


Never connect to the patient by, e.g., compassion. Otherwise, you will take the disease on yourself, so stand aside like an observer.

phantom operations

Case Study: Healing the People in Wheelchairs

Here is an example of the whole procedure, taken from Aron Clairvoyant's teachings. Let's find out how to heal people in wheelchairs.

"There are several things here, things that come together. This is the so-called complex operation. We start from the field of space, from the field of the present, from the field of karma.The field of the present is espeiallly important."

Say to your mind:

My dear mind I am ready to start a new life, a new chapter in life. Because this chapter is one thing and the next chapter is another.

But Aron points out that these people have to have a positive mind. Any doubt, any "no", will lengthen the process.

"At this point, we are giving the old mind, which is welded to reality, to God, . We take out a new mind with faith strength and confidence."

Aron instructs the healers to put the patient's mind into the healer's mind. There, the patient's nervous system is healed with the healer's Divine Spark.

This Spark is then put into the patient's mind with the record of health, balance, harmony and what he/she has to do, to bring back his/her legs to mobility, and to arouse the nervous system. So the healer asks for healing and regenerative energy.

This Divine Spark triggers electric impulses which enliven other organs, not only the spinal cord and brain.

Then the patient's vertebrae and nerve plexuses are healed with Grean Ointement and Bandage which tie the broken parts of the body and ignite Divine Spark into them. After ignition, the patient should be able to walk and move.

Summing up, during this example phantom operation (healing someone who is in a wheelchair) first clear the field of karma, then the field of family, the field of relationships, the field of work, and finally, you start cleaning up what is needed.

Later Divine spark is injected into the brain and the spinal cord, the broken vertebrae are tied with the knot of Green Bandage and finally, the patient's nervous system is connected to Green Healing Drip, nourishing him/her with the energy of health, pleasure relaxation dreams, nobility.


All this procedure described above can be done by praying to God or meditation, where you work with the astral body of your patient. Once you have integrated your body, mind and soul, found yourself in a beautiful, peaceful place and been cleansed with White Divine Light, you can visualise the steps described in this article to heal. More about how to meditate.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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In a Nutshell

There are two kinds of phantom operations: simple and complex ones. The healing procedure goes through the following steps: cleansing your and/or your patient's energy, asking the patient's soul for permission and for information about an illness, performing the operation, recharging with the energy of Mother Earth and cleansing yourself after the operation. Good luck with healing yourself and your next of kin. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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