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How To Make Peace in Your Life

Peace or war? That is the question asked by all generations. Learn which option is more appropriate today and how to create it in everyday life.

Water usually carries the energy of peace


How To Create PeaceattractsYou learnt from my last article that fighting does not make sense, leaving debris and casualties even after a won battle. You also know that fighting with a sword you risk death from the sword, being in constant danger.

During peaceful life, everything grows and is rebuilt. Your dreams make sense and become true. Everything is in ideal harmony, preparing the world for something even better. Beauty flourishes and we admire it. The world lives in high vibrational frequencies.

Negativity may happen to test how much you and the world follow peace, and what must be improved and rebuilt. As spiritual growth is a never-ending journey and we are living on a planet of duality, dark forces will constantly be testing your ability to live in peace.

Create Peace Around You

How to live in peace then, when the Matrix and your loved ones attack you? Do your best to create peace around you. Start with yourself and your space.

Never criticise or judge people believing in other gods than yours, their deeds, and their lifestyle. In the case of politics, never complain and show victimhood.

Instead, take action to change the system, to show the truth (demonstrations, boycotts, and other legal ways to execute your rights.)

You are defending, not fighting then and negative karma will affect those who cooperate with the darkness, not you.

Create the Peace in Your Mind, Language And Acts

Create a program of peace in your mind so that you will see peaceful solutions every time in your life. To test your attitude, go to a dolphinarium.

If dolphins swim toward you, there are high vibrations and an attitude of peace in you. You will not bribe or force the dolphin to swim with you. They can be conditioned by training, but then it is not freedom, dolphins are not natural.

The same is with people. Until you have the program of fighting and competing installed, peace is your natural state. Instead of fighting, use the program:


If you have been attacked, stung or hurt in any other way, it just means that your vibrations were low enough to invite the attacker. Review your thoughts, language and past deeds. Answer these questions honestly:

  • How do you treat yourself and other beings, not only the human ones? With love or hate?

  • Do you lie?

  • Are you patient, acceptant, understanding, forgiving, and generous?

  • Can you bear the truth about yourself?

You and only you decide what kinds of vibrations are emitted from your antenna. When you have the rainbow stream of positive values, the Dark Beings want to put it out.

If you stay in the light, they become curious about how it is possible and start a more peaceful dialogue. See what happens with an obstinate person, condemning your lifestyle of living in the light.

When you let their stings and insults go, coming in peace, their attitude suddenly changes, a confession starts, and you break their crust. Start by changing your thoughts, and putting the negative ones in the bin.

Fear Means Fighting and War

Living in peace makes you immune to stings and insults. then you can show your true self. If you are afraid of humiliation, condemnation, ridicule, criticism or even death- you are still following the program of the fight, not peace. Why?

Because those who fight are afraid of something. peace does not. Being afraid of someone or something, attracts more of it, more fighting, and more war.

How To Create Peace

Now I will give you some tips on what to do to live in peace and stop using the program of war.

1. Be Creative

The Matrix, your relatives and the people around may give you opportunities to grow and if you will, there is always a way of executing your rights. Even if it may mean death or temporary persecution.

You grow while they create casualties and negative karma for themselves. Everything has a purpose in the universe, creating better, more beautiful things.

2. Never Hide Yourself

According to Snowden, it is nearly impossible in today's world. Be a transparent being. If you are living in the values of the Light, tell the truth, nothing threatens you, and no fortress is needed.

You emanate with light and can talk to every being in a peaceful way, even to those who sting, insult or attack in any other way. But it is up to you what attitude will be followed: peace or war.

3. Let Stings and Insults Go

Peace and harmony give serenity. Be assertive, and tell the truth, but never take the negativity to yourself. Stop shouting, and using offensive labels, alcohol, drugs and other stimulants. It is not peace.

Start observing what creates peace and what war is in your life and eliminate the reasons for creating war. You can say the following words to the being insulting you:


Smile, say "thank you", and ask for help and you will likely face similar treatment, earlier or later. If there is negative feedback, just assume that the being having it follows the program of war and being unkind, will attract war to his or her life, not yours.

People may not understand your music or your dance, and perceive you as mentally ill but you can draw their attention to the reason for this dance. Then they stop judging but become curious about your dance and in most cases, finally accept it.

People judge because everyone dances to their own music and in their own space, which may be different from your neighbours or relatives. Invite other people to the music and values of peace, then they will tune in to it.

Peace in the park by the pond

4. Share with Your Resources

Peace enables you to spread your energy, the most asset - to create even more peace. You receive when you are able to share- your energy, time, and material goods. By sharing, you become happier and more fulfilled.

4 + 1. Meditate With the Intention of Peace

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our collective energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt how to create peace in your space and in the world. Change your thinking and attitude from fighting to making peace, be creative, and authentic and share your resources with others. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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