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How Mother Earth Helps You to Create a Happy Life

My heart says 'Hello' to your heart. Today I will show you how to create a brilliant life connected to Mother Earth.

Plants are Mother Earth's hands


Let's create these wonders which you dream about. But firstly think if you agree with the following statement:


Unfortunately, not everyone looking in the mirror agrees with this statement. However, each of us was created with love by the Source at the beginning and has travelled through centuries, being on various planets and in different dimensions.

How Do You Create Your Dreams?

You have enormous strength within and the beautiful light of which you can always make the most. Before you start creating anything, stand in front of the mirror and say:


In this way, you engage the power of creation. Just remember to create things that are the light, not the darkness.

Why Are Your Wishes Unheard?

However, many of us will say 'I have asked for... and the Universe has not given it to me!' Yes, it is true because your thoughts sent to the Universe were not in harmony with your dream.

Any fears or doubts disturb the process of creation. And the more sabotaging thoughts, the less chance is that you will create your dream future.

The same rule applies to words and deeds. Each of them can create positive or negative energy.

If you swear, use drugs, or destroy your body in any other way and think that your dreams will become reality, prepare for disappointment. The same applies to any emotions, e.g., jealousy, aggression or hate.


Positive energy makes your dreams true, having the power to change everything around for the better. However, there is one more important condition for the Universal Law Of Creation to work: you need to have respect for Mother Earth.

Respect For Mother Earth

We know how to respect God, but we forget to respect Mother Earth. When we respect her, she will create events, making our dreams true.

There will be coincidences of meeting some people, having telepathic thoughts, and going to some places at a given time. This all gives you an opportunity to make your dreams true.

Some so-called holy books have taught us that Earth is taken for granted, together with animals, plants and everything and we are the landlords, controlling everything.

But how it is that natural disasters and now the climate changes are stronger than us, uncontrollable and then Mother Earth is not listening to us when she should?

We can connect to Mother Earth through meditation, and talking to her. One day she told me that our thoughts are like beautiful energy of light flowing to the Universe.

These thoughts can come from the darkness (e.g. hate, bitterness, jealousy, envy) or the light (i.e. sincerity, truth, smile, kindness). Every single thought is read.

How To Create Positivity with Mother Earth

When you are aware that not negativity, but positivity will make your dreams true, you will be wary of every single thought, taking responsibility for them and controlling them.

And when there are more positive than negative thoughts, your dreams come true through the opportunities emerging around you.

How does it work? Your thoughts are captured by the Universe and sent to Mother Earth that creating the opportunities for you to make your dreams true - with her weather, people, and events necessary for it.

But When You Do Not Respect Mother Earth...

Be careful because she will create an event that will teach you respect for her. Each of us experienced at least one day when the weather was against the grain and we needed to struggle to go to work or spend our holiday. This weather could also affect you with traffic jams, flight delays or loss of crops.

We not only have to respect Mother Earth but also all that is on her - plants, trees, animals, mountains, the sea, and lakes - not dumping them with rubbish and feeding them with immaterial negative energy.

Therefore, respect each lake, mountain, green area, wild animal, each beach and valley, each river and plant. Stop littering. Be grateful for the wonders Mother Earth gives to us.

Respect Your Neighbour

We must also respect our neighbours, not only meaning the people living nearby. Each being, even this has hurt us. Why?

Because we all come from the Source and have at least a bit of light, despite more darkness at first sight. Each of us is connected to Mother Earth so if we respect her, respect all the beings living on her.

Each being has a purpose in the Universe, and each of them develops by this purpose. In many cases, we do not understand this purpose, especially when this makes us evil.

The truth mentioned above is not easy to accept. However, it is you who has chosen a given family, and people around creating your soul plan. What for? Not for grievance and bitterness, but for building yourself anew, and becoming stronger by being able to handle these beings.

On the contrary, when you start sending more positive thoughts, these nasty people will also start treating you differently. According to the Universal Law of Correspondence, your outer world manifests your inner world.

You are strong enough to handle stings, insults, and ridicule. If someone treats you this way, they will face the consequences of their deeds, not you. Therefore, there is no point in taking personally something which will not be your job to do, unless you decide to react in a negative way.

The Solution

You will not change people, although they themselves sometimes can change their attitude towards you. You will not change the past, your childhood, previous relationships, or your choices. But... you can start creating a better future. Now. How?

By focusing your thoughts on what you want, on positive aspects of your life, no matter what. By asking Mother Earth what you want in your life.

Thank Mother Earth for water, air, sun, beautiful sceneries, and seasons of the year. Thank you for help when we need it, for transformation to the new Golden Era.

And remember to eliminate any negativity which appears in your mind by saying,


You can eliminate any negative beliefs and think in this way. You can do it because you are the wonder and the light in the Universe and on the Earth.

Set Goals Which Will Respect Mother Earth

It is not only about environmental protection but also about your own ecology. Once you have defined your dreams, the time has come to put them into practice. As we have recently started a new year, it is a great opportunity to take your fate into your hands.

Practise Meditation to Connect with Mother Earth

My blog promotes meditation. I encourage you to sit or lie down and devote some time daily to not only connect with Mother Earth but also all the beings so that can help you to make your dreams real and achieve your goals.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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In A Nutshell

Today I have shown you how to create your reality with the help of Mother Earth. We need to send positive thoughts to the Universe, eliminate the negative ones, and respect the Earth and all the beings living on her. Look at yourself and everything as a wonder and then all your life will become wonderful.



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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