Create A Happy Life by Karma, Free Will, Attraction

How to live a happy life? Did you know how karma, free will, attraction and creation contribute to happiness? Learn it from today's article.


4 Aspects Of Happy Holistic Life

In this article, however, I will show you the four aspects of a happy life. They are connected and depend on each other. Work for improvement in one aspect will improve the remaining ones.

1. Free Will To  Choose Good Or Evil In Life

On Earth, in the dualistic world, you have the right of choice. And it brings consequences by universal laws, especially the Law Of Attraction (more later in this article) and the Law Of Cause and Effect. You can always choose right or evil. Your words, thoughts and deeds will induce consequences - positive or negative. Free will determines your readiness to face karma, learn life lessons and grow.

2. Karma

You can find many definitions of this term. Karma is the result of your past thoughts, words and deeds, also those of a second ago. So whatever you think, say or do will belong to this category.

Karma also consists of the life lessons to learn, included in your soul plan which in turn also results from the past. For example, you need to learn how to forgive, be assertive or live beyond duality.

Each of your lives is an opportunity to close karma. But in order to achieve this goal, you need to forget about your past experiences from the past incarnations, having a new chapter ahead. Otherwise, your past would overwhelm you.

However, the consequences of erased memory of the past, protecting from excessive discomfort, will puzzle you as your fears, affinities and aversions to some people and places cannot be explained by psychology or other tools of contemporary science. They only reach your childhood,  or sometimes, cellular memory, on the physical, emotional and mental level.

3. Attraction

You have probably heard about the Universal Law Of Attraction. to put it simply, your thoughts, emotions, language and deeds attract events, people personal states adequately to your choices. It starts with thinking so thoughts are the primary triggers of all that happens in your life. If you radiate positive thoughts, the Universe will create a happy life for you. In the case of negative thoughts, you will attract problems. Attraction goes even further. Other people mirror your thoughts, habits and expectations so you attract people with similar karmic lessons to learn.

4. Creation

Creation concerns the present and the future. These are the occurrences in life sprinkled with the Divine Powder (i.e some blessings and miracles). To be creative, you need to direct your thoughts to a given goal, dream and anything else that you WANT in your life. Otherwise, you will create misfortune or other people will take control over your life. Again, we come back to thoughts.

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    Interdependence of the 4 Aspects Of Life

    Now learn how these four aspects of life influence each other. Karma refers to the past while attraction and creation to the future. Your free will to choose will determine if you close your karma or/and create a happy life. Hence all happening now and what has happened in your life so far is the result of karma and the attraction of everything that you create by your choices.

    The past overlaps the present. By choosing positivity, learning life lessons and living according to the values of light, you can close karma and eliminate its negative consequences.

    Creation and attraction are also linked. By thinking responsibly, i.e. choosing only positive thoughts, and triggering the Law of Attraction, you create happiness in your life. Your positive thoughts are targeted at the best things in your life.

    One more thing. The events and circumstances occurring in your life come from both karma and and attraction. They are the consequences of your free will. Hence you need to face the past thoughts, words and deeds, not only from this life but also the previous ones.

    How To Create Happy Life Using The 4 Aspects Of Life

    So how to make the most of karma, free will, attraction and creation? Your free will is a compass here because you choose what to think, say and do and this will attract events, circumstances and people in harmony with your thoughts, words and deeds. So think positive thoughts, never say bad things about other beings (not only people) and stop doing any kind of wrong. Expect only good things in life.

    However, you might ask 'But what to do if I face uncomfortable things in life?' Well, when you decide to think, speak and act in a positive way, bear in mind that there will be still issues being the consequences of your past decisions. You need to clean the mess made so far and learn the lessons chosen by your soul. This means going through tests that are not often nice. However, you can always choose a positive attitude, even while facing discomfort.

    Use Your Free Will To Close Karma

    First, close karma. Apologise for all the wrongs done to yourself (yes, we often do not care about ourselves enough, destroy our bodies, minds and souls) and other beings. Ask God and other beings for forgiveness and do your best to redeem the damage done. And then resolve to start a new chapter in your life, with the light in your heart,

    Sometimes you are fulfilling a soul plan which assumes learning some values of the light, not only because you have done something wrong. Then ask God to end the lesson if it is too hard. You choose when to do it.

    Your negative karma is manifested by various tests in life: stings, insults, physical violence, any other kind of evil and loss. These are lessons and tests and it is up to you how to handle them: forgive, understand and accept or be sulky and frustrated, giving grieves to God and other beings.

    Hence, take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, words and deeds. Start from thoughts because they manifest as your language and deeds eventually. Whenever a negative thought attacks your mind, send it to the fire to burn in the Purple Divine Light. Never dwell on negative thoughts. Learn how to close the past.

    It means some work, isn't it? But you know that no pain no gain. Changing your thinking pattern may be painful at times as acting against some automatic beliefs, especially when being stung or insulted is not an easy task to do. Also, your subconscious mind is constantly sending your fears and worries, reminding you of the past

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  • In the shortest, closing karma means starting a new, evil-free life and constant work with your subconsciousness to eliminate negative thoughts of fear, anger, and any other negativity. You stop dwelling on the past but take action to create happiness and joy for the future. It is not a one-time activity but a lifetime process.

    When you change your thoughts, language and behaviour (e.g. stop being afraid of stings, be able to smile when insulted), your karma closes. You have just mastered a given level of spiritual growth and are able to attract positivity.

    Use Your Free Will To Attract Happy Life By Creation

    Direct attraction to creation. Again, take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, language and deeds. Be a decent person. Focus on health, smile, happiness.

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    Instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, create your dreams. You can use affirmations for this purpose:

    • I will cure my illness (e.g. myopia, epilepsy, depression).
    • There is a parking space near this shop.
    • I will catch this train.
    • My holiday will be safe and without hassle.
    • My relations with my sister will dramatically improve.

    In this way, the Law of Attraction works from the level of happiness, not fear. You will receive positive surprises from God.

    Everythng Leads To Light

    We often follow this destructive belief that evil is stronger than good and it is evil that rules the world.

    The truth is different because the world would have already been destroyed, there would be chaos, no love, forgiveness and understanding. And you know that something else is true:

    Good enlightens everything as God/Source is full of love, justice, generosity, kindness and all that surrounds me will be full of joy, happiness and love.

    Stick to this belief at all times. Repeat in your mind until this belief is installed and you are convinced of it. Remember that good and evil are in the dualistic world only. They are for understanding life, creation. Good means love and it is our free will that has opened the way to evil as beings wanted some variety and an opportunity to explore. But you do not need to choose evil and follow it.

    Is It All Worth Trouble?

    Sometimes it is easier to stay in your comfort zone as changes are too painful and you think of it, investing your precious energy to destruction. Instead of noticing all the helpful people around, you dwell on past stings. The question is:


    If you focus on pain, there will be some negative consequences of your attitude:

    • More pain will be attracted.
    • You will not feel better by thinking about pain.
    • You are wasting your precious energy, investing it in negativity.

    Instead of complaining, thank and be astonished by the beauty of the world on the Earth, even if right now something painful is happening (e.g. stings, insults, losing something or someone, an illness).

    Practise Meditation

    To close karma and create happiness, use meditation. Your negativity will be destroyed under the waterfall and then, using 80% of your mind, it is possible to create everything which will be later manifested in your real life.

    Let's Meditate Together

    Connect remotely during joint meditation on Saturdays at 10 am and 8 pm GMT +1 (IST). I will meditate with you and otherpeople then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform yourlife and the world. Check and join upcoming meditations.

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  • In A Nutshell

    Today you have learnt how to make the most of karma, free will attraction and creation. In the shortest, close the karma, and use your free will to attract happiness, health, abundance and love to your life. Create your wonderful life by choosing the values of the Light. Good luck.