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Can You Accept Everything in Life? Check It Now

Many people say that they can accept everything in life, no matter how bad or painful it is. Is it true? Face the truth.

can you accept that the Sun sets every evening

Today I have prepared an acceptance test. It will show how well this value of light is mastered in your case. There are some areas we will explore to find your deepest fears, unforgiven grudge, plenty of judgement and anger.

Take a notebook or diary where you will write the answers. You can also print this page to make your work easier.

Mark 0 points for the things you do not accept, 1 for those who you sometimes accept and 2 for the things you accept totally. At the end of the post, you will find what your score means.

Can You Accept Yourself?

Very broad question, isn’t it? Therefore, I have split it into a couple of categories. Let’s start with the most obvious:

Health And Fitness

How many times have you looked in the mirror and hated yourself for what you have found? If you think that it is not your problem, check if you fully accept your…

  1. … height?

  2. … weight?

  3. … folds of fat at different parts of the body?

  4. … wrinkles?

  5. … cellulite?

  6. … stretch marks?

  7. … other kinds of physical imperfection?

  8. … sex (the fact that you are a male or a female)?

  9. … menstrual cycle and hormonal fluctuations (women)?

  10. … menopause (women)?

  11. … andropause (men)?

  12. … testosterone urges (men)?

  13. … fertility/lack of fertility?

  14. … hair conditions (bald, grey, receding hair)?

  15. … the shape of the nose?

  16. … eye colour?

  17. … body type (lanky, robust, plum, obese)?

  18. … folds of fat on the belly or hips?

  19. … teeth shape?

  20. … scoliosis and other posture malformations?

  21. … level of fitness – stamina?

  22. … muscle strength… voice (e.g., recorded)?

  23. … eyesight impairment?

  24. … hearing impairment?

  25. … chronic illness (like epilepsy, SM, diabetes)?

  26. … level of dexterity?

  27. … level of metabolism?

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Mental Skills

Who of you would like to be wiser, smarter, with university degrees, and have a high IQ? Check if you can accept…

  1. … IQ?

  2. … cleverness?

  3. … level of self-motivation?

  4. … achievements at school?

  5. … achievements at the university?

  6. … level of education?

  7. … ability to use your native language?

  8. … level of foreign language(s) skills?

  9. … level of concentration?

  10. … mental imagination?

  11. … obsessive thoughts?

  12. … mental illness?

Character Traits, Temper, Quirks, Fears, Emotions

Very often, society, parents and religion impose on us how to behave, feel, think and say. How much do you accept your current…

  1. … emotionality?

  2. … quirks (e.g. talking to yourself)?

  3. … temper?

  4. … being an extrovert or an introvert?

  5. … being a chatterbox?

  6. … being very quiet?

  7. … impatience?

  8. … level of anger?

  9. … fear of failure?

  10. fear of rejection?

  11. … fear of criticism, ridicule?

  12. … fear of poverty?

  13. … fear of being disabled?

  14. … fear of being dependent on other people, being vulnerable?

  15. … fear of illness?

  16. … fear of death?

  17. … mistakes?

  18. … wrong decisions?

Your Soul Plan

Many items above and below refer to your soul plan. Here, I would like to point it is often hard to accept the choice your soul has made before ascending to the Earth.

Moreover, you may even hate your soul for this plan, for making mistakes in past lives so that now you have karma to make up for. So can you accept the fact that…

1. … your soul has chosen you the planet where you are living now?

2. … you have a soul plan, with specific karma to make up?

3. … you have the soul plan with specific lessons to learn and homework to do?

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Can You Accept Your Space?

Your space includes all the things and people around you: your family, neighbours, co-workers, locals you meet walking or driving, your animals and everything in and around your house. This category also includes your belongings, your workplace and local shops.

The way your space looks depends on the seeds you have sown in this and previous lives. For this moment, it is like it is and needs to be accepted before making changes. So, can you accept…

Your Family And Other People

Can you accept…

  1. … the mother you have chosen for this life span?

  2. … your father?

  3. … your siblings?

  4. … the rest of your family?

  5. … your children if you have some?

  6. … your co-workers?

  7. … your boss?

  8. … your customers?

  9. … your business partners?

  10. … your neighbours living around?

  11. … the shop assistants, bus drivers, postmen, police officers and other people serving you in the community?

  12. … your doctor?

  13. … your dentist?

  14. … your barber/hairdresser?

  15. … your local authority clerks?

  16. … your local authority government?

  17. … your state government?

positive quote about acceptance

Your Surroundings

Can you accept…

  1. … your house/flat?

  2. … your utensils and furniture in your house/flat and each room?

  3. … each room as such?

  4. … the view from each window of your flat/house?

  5. … our computer/laptop?

  6. … your TV?

  7. … your phone?

  8. … our bank account and the amount of money on it?

  9. … your car?

  10. … your job?

  11. … your workplace/business office?

  12. … your garden?

  13. … your pets?

  14. … your farm (if you have one)?

  15. … the building around your house/ the neighbouring flats?

  16. … the noise from cars in the street?

  17. … noisy parties?

  18. … people talking around your house/flat?

Can You Accept the Past and Life Lessons?

This might be the hardest to accept, especially if your past was painful and traumatic. Check how many of these you can accept…

  1. … the times of being the baby?

  2. … the times to be a toddler?

  3. … the times you were at the nursery?

  4. … the times you went to school?

  5. … your schoolmates?

  6. … your native language teacher?

  7. … your foreign language teacher?

  8. … your Maths teacher?

  9. … your art teacher?

  10. … your PE teacher?

  11. … your IT teacher?

  12. … your science teacher?

  13. … your university teachers and professors?

  14. … your Leaving Certificate score (A levels)?

  15. … your university degree (if you have one)?

  16. … your worst mistakes at school?

  17. … your failed exams?

  18. … your past jobs from which you were sacked?

  19. … your first boyfriend/girlfriend?

  20. … cheating on you?

  21. … your times of heartbreak?

  22. … the death of close and dear people?

  23. … being dumped by your ex?

  24. … physical abuse?

  25. … verbal abuse?

  26. … bullying?

  27. … emotional blackmail?

  28. … manipulation with guilt?

  29. … conditional love?

These are not all the items you must accept in your life to be fully happy. I have shown you only the top of the iceberg. In many cases, there will be individual issues different for everyone, especially in the last category.

Your Score

Add up your score for each category:

  • Yourself:

  • Your Environment:

  • The Past:

Then sum up all the figures. Bear in mind which of the three categories has the lowest score. It means that your acceptance needs work there.

0 - 60 - Your acceptance level is very low. You need to work on it instantly to become a happy person.

61 - 120 - A bit better, but there are still some areas where your acceptance soar. If you have no items with total acceptance, it means that you need to pull up your sleeves to be happier.

121 - 160 - Above average. There are some issues that you accept without hesitation, but you also need to be clearer in many areas where you scored one point. and you probably still struggle with some issues from the past, yourself or your environment.

161 - 200 - Good. You have mastered acceptance in some areas and are fifty-fifty with most of the rest. Try to accept as many of the issues which scored 1 point as possible. Pay attention to the areas where the score was the lowest (e.g. your past).

201 - 240 - Excellence. Congratulations, you can accept the majority or nearly all of the issues from this test. If there is any issue that scored no point, work on it to be even happier.


Don’t Worry If You Cannot Accept Something

We are constantly growing and evolving. Hence, it is normal that acceptance may be difficult at first.

As your spiritual awareness expands and you start living according to the 4 spiritual laws, it will be easier to accept more and more items from the lists written above.

Also, ask Why cannot I accept…? The reason can be a valuable clue of what else needs to be made up.

You can also check what the consequences of non-acceptance are in your life. For example:

  • How do you feel hating your body, and weight?

  • What kind of energy do you emanate?

  • What crops can you expect from this kind of energy?

In a Nutshell

Evaluate to what degree you accept your life. Then decide which aspects will be added to your life plan and next year’s goals (and) resolutions. Good luck.

With lots of love and light,


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