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Can Colours Heal? Meet the Holistic Truth

Apart from the basic rainbow colours, there are some other colours that can heal and help create a happy and abundant life. Learn how to do it.

Flowers have got the colours that heal

Other Colours That Heal

My last article has given you an idea of how the colours of the rainbow can have a healing impact on your body, mind and soul. Today I will give you more examples of colours.

Bear in mind though that not all of the colours described below have healing properties. Which ones can even harm? Keep reading.


Earthiness, nurturing, stability, and the hibernation feature the brown colour. It is very useful for improving mental health: you can improve assertiveness skills, and creativity, and create a balanced perspective. Brown also assists with mental stability.

Brown helps you in the following cases: it enhances fertility and cleanses the bowels. It purifies the blood, builds your muscles, and repairs broken bones or other tissues. Use brown to lower high blood pressure, and heal headaches, colic, exhaustion, hay fever and venereal diseases.

This colour also means connection to the Earth's elements, and it helps with grounding. Use the brown St Andrew’s cross to deter negative energies from your aura. However, too much brown creates dullness, reluctance to express feelings and fear of change.

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You can use this colour to boost the immune system and activate the healing process. Purple treats rheumatism lowers blood pressure and calms heart palpitations. This colour is helpful in the case of infertility. In the case of mental health, purple releases nervous tension and integrates personality.

Moreover, purple creates a connection between body, mind, and soul, helping with a sense of wisdom. But too much of this colour induces depression and causes the loss of touch with reality. You just go round and round without making any changes. Use some gold to overcompensate for the excess of purple.

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This colour calms nervous tension bringing serenity and expanding awareness. Silver is a great purificator and it releases diseases, flushing toxins from the blood and tissues, balancing hormones, and healing kidneys.

Moreover, silver brings clarity, grounding, and protection. But beware, too much silver will make you feel listless and stuck in emotional unavailability.


God obviously means abundance, increases awareness and expands the nervous system. You can get profound knowledge and wisdom using gold.

Moreover, frustration and inadequacy are erased. This colour is very often used in mental health, cutting off from mental illness, and treating emotional scars and depression. It helps to accept what is happening in your life.

This colour is used in phantom operations as a strong healing colour as it strengthens all subtle bodies and helps you accept what is happening in your world. Gold helps with menopausal problems, depression, digestive problems, or rheumatism.

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This colour is very helpful for improving mental health because it helps with understanding and clarity. You also find the courage to face life challenges and dissipated negative thoughts and feelings between people. Physically, white revitalises, moistures and softens the skin, helpful in healing skin problems.

White is the colour of choice, honesty, and purity. It creates balance and replenishes your spiritual strength and vision, opening to infinitive possibilities. White represents holiness, and integrity and increases peace and comfort.

It deters the energy that you do not want to absorb from other people and places, so use white to go to a party, meet in a busy café, or have an encounter with an unknown person. However, too much white makes you depleted and washed out.

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Pink flowers


It is the colour of love and relationship and therefore, very helpful for treating mental health issues. For example, pink soothes emotional problems, especially sadness and loneliness, and relaxes worry, stress and negativity, replacing them with love.

This colour brings self-acceptance, promotes understanding and helps with insomnia. It is a remedy for relationship problems. Helpful in the case of a middle-life crisis. Pink is a very good choice for treating paranoia and depression, emotional eating, and heartbreak. It soothes anxiety, trauma, and shock.

Physically, pink treats heart attacks and arthritics, wrist problems. Helpful in the case of knee, ankle and foot complications. This colour is used for healing the Heart Chakra as it induces unconditional love and self-love. But beware, too much: generates a desire to control others and the tendency to be overemotional.

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This colour: heals ailments concerning the throat and chest area, helps with skin problems (e.g., irritation and scarring), helps grow new tissue, and decreases fever. Turquoise is also beneficial for building confidence and improving communication.

This colour helps release self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions and find peace in a difficult situation. It releases stress and heals emotional shock.

Turquoise makes ancient wisdom available, and connects with your inner mastery, giving the clarity needed for decision-making. But too much of this colour leads to coldness, indifference and lack of passion.


This colour is a shade of mixed purple and pink so it has similar healing properties to purple and pink, which are also described in this article.

Spiritually, magenta is the colour of deepest inner knowledge and inspires truth, faith, and clarity. It awakens your enthusiasm for life, inspiring you to connect to Higher Realm.

It induces spiritual discovery and fulfilment. However, too much magenta contributes to stuckness and not living in the present.


This colour creates tranquillity and peace. It also clears stuckness and gives insights into challenges. It heals heartbreaks. Use lavender if you want to improve memory and the ability to concentrate.

Lavender also helps with eye and ear problems. Lavender awakens spiritual awareness and intuition. But too much lavender causes light-headiness, sentimentality, and confusion about the present.

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This colour can identify blockages in your aura, diagnosing the state of your subtle bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and ethereal). Too much of this colour makes you emotionally empty and drained. Grey is not used for healing purposes.


It is the colour of protection, strength and retreat. You can also enhance your discipline or persistence. Some people want to gain wisdom by wearing black. This colour heals your body by dissolving old beliefs.

However, too much black will drain your energy and induce pessimism, stopping you from moving forward. For healing purposes, always combine black with other colours.

Also, avoid wearing black while going to places full of negative energy, like hospitals, shopping centres, and cemeteries (even if black is the mourning colour). In this way, you will not absorb the energy of these places and the people who are present there.

Another word of caution: if your aura has black shades, it indicates an illness, feeling alone and lack of energy.

How to work with colours? Some tips will be given in the next article so stay tuned to Awaken Happy Life.

In a Nutshell

Today I have given you some examples of healing properties that colours have. Apart from the standard seven colours, others can be also useful. However, avoid grey and use black and use the rest of the colours in moderation. Good luck with creating a happy life. With love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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