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Are You Working with Crystals? Watch for These 7 Mistakes

Crystals have extraordinary strength and power. They can heal, change our mood and improve well-being, as well as collect negative energies from the environment. Despite their unusual properties, they do not help everyone, because people make serious mistakes handling crystals. Learn what they are.

Raw crystals are peaces of rock


Some of us have crystals literally everywhere. Let me mention a few places:

  • on a desk,

  • in a purse,

  • in the form of jewellery,

  • a bedside table or under a pillow.

By putting crystals in the most important places these stones are hoped to improve health, bring abundance, or attract love. However, after some time has elapsed, we notice that the crystals are not working. Why?

Why Are Crystals Not Working?

Crystals work because of their energy but owning them is not enough for this energy to work. You cannot expect them to see dramatic results in one night just because of putting a few stones on the table.

First, you must remember that crystals work with us, but they do not work for you. In other words, they must be programmed and filled with good intentions, not be a magic wand for every panacea.

Let's work with these objects, instead of trying to make them work for you, treating them as an object. Hence if you expect a significant change in the life you are prepared for, add something yourself to this equation.

How Do Crystals Actually Work?

Stones allow us to reconnect with each other and bring a lot of benefits.

Doing well with crystals can help you face many challenges and troubles, support your health, harmonize your life's energy, use your intuition, and align your intentions.

However, you need to work with them and look at the world through the lens of the crystal so that they have any impact.

You can use different crystals to ‘help’ with any unwanted emotion, state, or ailment. Before you start looking for crystals, decide what effects you are expecting from having a crystal.

Here are the five ways a crystal can act upon an emotional state, wound, or energy blockage:

  • Crystals reduce physical symptoms which worsen your emotions. - For example, amethyst, while traditionally used more for anxiety, can also be used when you have an inflammable temper. This crystal also releases fatigue, a common cause of irritability.

  • They can suppress or reduce emotion in the short term. - Crystals like amethyst reduce anxiety and help calm a racing mind. Unakite in turn, balances, and moderates all emotions.

  • Crystals substitute one emotion with another, a more useful or positive one. For example, Tiger’s Eye bolsters courage and energy, making it a great crystal for depression.

  • Crystals work on a deep level long term, healing the trauma - You will not see results in your daily life for a while, unless you use this method in conjunction with other tools, e.g. practising affirmations or automatic writing. However, you will heal the wounding or energy blockage for good. Rose quartz or larimar are the best choices.

  • They bring up repressed emotions or memories for release - Which is especially useful for long-term issues. I like dalmatian jasper or snowflake obsidian for this. Dare to address the old traumas and complete them.

  • Crystals help with handling and venting emotions. Once you have become aware of the submerged emotion, the time has come to release it in a constructive way (read this article). This practice needs your full attention, and should not be attempted when you are busy doing other things as the crystal will just draw up negative emotions at times when you can’t deal with them.

Read the article below and learn how to work with emotions - today's article continues below:

7 Common Mistakes of Working with Crystals

Now let's learn when crystals do not work, and your life remains the same or worsens. There are seven major reasons for this state and fixing them will dramatically improve your situation.

1. You Expect Too Much

The most important thing to remember is crystals' energy supports and cooperates with ours and does not spontaneously repair and take care of us.

Stones bring us many benefits, they can change our lives for the better, but they will not do it unless we want to work with them.

To reap the benefits, we must actively strive for the results we want so that our crystals help us achieve satisfactory results. These pieces of stone help make changes in our lives, support us and encourage us, but they do not make these changes come by themselves.:

How to Fix It

Slow down and allow the Universe to work. Set an intention and let the universal laws work for you. Turn off your mind and its constant broadcasting, analysing and commanding.

2. You Want Quick Results

Crystals act on a subtle energy body. Although some people have intense experiences working with stones, for most they are more subtle and long-term support leading to transformation.

We cannot expect stones to one day have a miracle, and our whole lives will change drastically thanks to their possession.

Minerals are magical, but they will not protect us from problems with a magic wand.

They will ask for development, just as any method of treatment and growth requires work. We will receive exactly as much support from them as we will put effort into working with them.

How to Fix It

Slow down and I will repeat let the Universe work. You can talk to the Universe. Use the questions listed in this article:

Also, remember to observe the rules of the Universe works:

3. You Do Not Clean Crystals

Energy management is an extremely important part of mineral use. The natural frequency can be disturbed when the stones are near certain forces, even negative energy, which is released during the healing session.

For this reason, stones should be regularly loaded and cleaned so that their natural strength is not disturbed by unwanted energies. If we do not ensure that minerals are properly cleaned and charged, we cannot expect help from them.

How to Fix It

Cleaning crystals is an important, but a bit complex process. To do it properly, check this article:

4. You Chose the Wrong Crystal

It is important to remember that you should be guided by intuition and have some knowledge about crystals when choosing a mineral.

Having a goal, look for a crystal that has the energy to fit it, but follow your intuition, not logic-driven choice in this process.

It is often much better to choose a mineral that attracts us to each other. This piece of advice is important as there are many crystals for, e.g., the same chakra.

How to Fix It

Learn more about crystals, but follow your intuition. To make the task easier, here is the list of crystals for transforming energy in some areas of life:

  • safety and financial security - hematite

  • sex life - moonstone (especially good for women)

  • self-confidence - citrine (also good for attracting wealth)

  • relationships, love, self-love, forgiveness, self-forgiveness - rose quartz

  • communication - turquoise

  • perception, clear life vision - amethyst

  • connection with the Source (God and other beings of high vibrations) - clear quartz (also good for cleansing the space from negative energy)

5. Being Hesitant in How Energy Responds to Your Intention

You must have a specific objective and follow it. The process is not complicated but remember that. If you wander your thoughts and think about the effects, and many other actions, the crystal will not be able to cooperate with us.

How to Fix It

Look at your life and answer these questions:

  • What is missing?

  • When do you switch from one resolution to the other and why?

  • When was the last time my crystals really helped me - and why?

Check your goals and resolutions and decide what you really want in life. The articles below will help you:

6. You Have a Sceptical Attitude

Not everyone immediately recognizes the power of minerals. A lot of people have to touch and see to believe. For this reason, they are sceptical about the action and effectiveness of crystals.

They provide subtle energy that is felt over time as we become more sensitive to them and systematically cooperate with them.

How to Fix It

If you are sceptical, crystals will not work. So please do not use them in this case. Change your attitude by believing that it is not only you and your mind that will work on the intention you have sent to the Universe. let the Force Majeure work. To do so, examine why you are sceptical and change your beliefs.

7. You Are Not Ready for Change

Not everyone is ready for the positive changes that cooperation with crystals can bring. The most common cause of this is fear of the unknown.

The development is that we never know exactly what can happen when we start a journey. So, if we don't feel ready for change, the crystals we have won't bring many benefits.

How to Fix It

Changes can be difficult but are unavoidable because everything is cyclical and evolves. So be open and do not be afraid of your life transformation.

Your light within will help you to face any change and with positive creation, make them much less difficult. Learn about the Law of Change:

Let's Meditate Together

Connect remotely during joint meditation on Saturdays at 10 am and 8 pm GMT +1 (IST). I will meditate with you and other people then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

Learn more about meditation:

In A Nutshell

Today I have enlightened you on why crystals are necessary for your life and what mistakes cause the minerals to not work. Some reasons include scepticism, wanting too much quickly, not following your intuition when selecting a crystal, and not cleaning it. Use the tips listed in this article and transform your life. Good luck. With love,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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