Are Good Vibrations Really Bad? Check These 2 Arguments

Some ago, I found and read an article saying that "good vibes culture is toxic". Is it true? Let’s check.


What Is Toxic Positivity

Here is a quote from this article:

"Toxic positivity is, quite simply, an addiction to positive thinking. It can be seen as an underlying attempt to avoid negativity. In other words, toxic positivity can also be seen as “Negativity Phobia” where we bypass conflict through an obsession with maintaining ‘happy’ thoughts and emotions."

Can positive vibes be toxic? Yes, if they are used to overshadow the truth or our dark part of ourselves. We have both Light and Darkness on this planet. Too much good thing is not good. But positivity is never toxic, otherwise it would not be called “positivity”.

We, of course, have the right to have negative emotions and thoughts. When you start working on yourself, your spiritual journey, it is natural that some challenging emotions emerge. They are life lessons. For example, forgiveness and self-forgiveness.

You Have to Be Careful Though

Going to the extreme does not work and positivity without negativity just cannot exist in our dual world. Hence, if you focus on the positive pole only, it is toxic. Here are some of the examples:

• You tell a parent whose child has just died to be happy or that at least they can have (other) children

• Tendency to urge people to thrive no matter what adversity they face for example, you tell people that they must use enforced time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic to develop new skills or improve their fitness.

• Brushing off someone’s concerns by saying, “it could be worse”.

• You urge someone to focus on the positive aspects of a devastating loss, just after it has happened

• You assert, after a catastrophe, that “everything happens for a reason”

• You tell someone to get over their grief or suffering and focus on the good things in their life

• Labelling people who always appear positive or do not share their emotions as being stronger or more likable than others.

In all these cases, there is no compassion or understanding that sometimes we have the right of feel difficult emotions and be on lower vibrations. But as everything, it must be a temporary situation.

Moreover, these statements show lack of respect to someone’s level of spiritual growth and enlightenment. You cannot expect from the first-grade student to be as skilled as the one studying fifth grade. Some people are just on the lower level of awareness, they are not awakened, and the messages listed above will not help them.

However, sometimes you must shake someone who is playing the victim, constantly complaining about their misery. But always be compassionate and never judge or compare them (the victims) to other people.

Why High Vibes Are Worth Trouble?

Let’s come back to the article I am arguing with. The author states that we need to touch our dark selves. I agree. But the main question is:

Why focus on pain?

It will grow and overshade your happy, balanced, and harmonious life. We attract more pain, create more painful events in the future. Universal Laws obviously show that focusing on pain will not bring good consequences. You must work on it.

Negative emotions or thoughts are like a storm or an illness (check the article about the flu of subtle bodies). In the real world, we do not deny that there is a storm, or we are ill. We either take precautions or prepare Plan B in the case the worst happened.  But is it worth the trouble to dwell on these painful occurrences deliberately and assume that they will happen? Would you contemplate them or rather do our best to minimise their destructive consequences?

Some people say that you need to immunize to an illness, and it is right. We have enough past traumatic episode, not only from the current life. Let’s learn from them instead of seeking new, even worse, scenarios.

You have enough past background that can immunise you. We are all facing same challenges, typical for us (check my article about mental challenges), which are the elements of karma. These challenges urge us to growth and self-development. They assume experiencing low-vibrational states of consciousness. But they cannot be our lifestyle.

What Is the Truth about High Vibes?

The author of "Why 'Good Vibes Only' Culture is Toxic" reasons that "good vibes culture is a fallacy." I will only refer to two arguments here:  

Argument No. 1: Seeking Positive Vibes Means No Growth

"When we’re trapped in the cycle of seeking positive vibes and avoiding conflict, we’re not actually growing as people. Instead, we’re stuck in a negativity-avoidance cycle that encourages us to abandon ourselves (and others) in times of need."

As I wrote above, healthy high vibes do not assume that we suppress painful feelings and our shade. We have the right to feel, talk and think about them. But dwelling on painful and destructive thoughts can be only a temporary stage, it cannot be a long-term goal. Although growth can also happen by pruning (and pain obviously cleanses from illusions and prunes us), every tree needs nourishing (positive) ingredients from soli, sunlight, and rain. Poisoned soil or acid rain will not help to grow. And each negative thought is poisonous. if we dwell on it

Also, according to the worldwide scientist Dr Hawkins (link) and his Scale of Enlightenment, low vibrations (frequencies) mean that we focus on ego instead of growth and helping other beings. What frequency would you prefer, shame of love? Anger or joy? The play is to notice pain or shame, but them work on these frequencies as quick as possible to avoid poisoning your subtle bodies. Anger or shame can teach you something but cannot be the purpose of our existence.

trees always radiate with positive vibrations

Argument No. 2: Good Vibes Promote Mental and Emotional Repression

"Good vibes only culture doesn’t give space for people to feel and process their emotions, and therefore promotes mental and emotional repression. This repression, in turn, leads to reoccurring problems in our lives (I’m talking addictive tendencies, explosions of anger, recurring anxiety, and neurotic behaviours – the whole shebang)."

I agree that it is destructive to ignore the existence of lower frequencies, the same as when we neglect any areas of life (i.e., the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual one). They have to be in harmony. It is true that s elf-help books usually focus on the mental side while psychoanalysis on emotions. And it does not help. toxic positivity culture is toxic when we ONLY focus on positivity and suppress pain, I agree. But I will ask again: even if we CAN feel painful emotions and work on them, should they be the priority or only a temporary stage in the whole process?

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Your goal is to live in the Light and diminish the impact of the darkness. Otherwise, further evolution to the higher plane of existence will not be possible.

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  • In a Nutshell

    Too much of good thing is not a good thing and it cannot help real growth. But saying that focusing on high vibes is toxic is not totally true. Dwelling on pain and the dark part of ourselves can be a temporary process but it cannot overshade the main goal of our existence - to be happy, harmonious and joyful. Lots of love, lots of light,


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