9 Tools to Transform Karma Efficiently

Can you liberate from karma or transform it? Learn some helpful tips to create a happy life. Create a positive streak of events and circumstances.


This article will teach you some less known facts about karma. I will also give you 9 simple and efficient tools which can be used for transforming your karma.

Do you ask yourself why a given situation has taken place just in your case? It can be a positive or a negative one; winning money in the lottery or marrying an abusive partner. Have you got any control over circumstances and people met on your way? Today's article will give you more information about karma and how to transform it.

What Is Karma?

The word "karma"means "action", "deed" or "labour" in the Sanskrit language. It simply implies that karma is a dynamic term. You need to do something. Therefore, there is a universal law of karma, applied to anyone, without any exceptions. I have mentioned it many times but it is worth recitation:

All your thoughts, words and deeds have positive or negative consequences.

In other words, karma manifests the Law Of Cause and Effect - what you sow will be reaped. The consequences concern your current and previous life. To quit karma, your soul has chosen some lessons to learn and to experience new things.

Therefore, all events in your life are opportunities to transform karma, paying the debts and creating a better future. It is not God or fate but our own thoughts, words and deeds. Hence, taking responsibility for your life is the first step. Do all to create good karma, mostly by creating good, even while attacked by evil. You always have a choice: patience, love, serenity and gratitude, or anger, frustration, fear or woe.

Remember: whatever you think, say or do will come back multiplied.

But What about Insults and Stings?

When you are attacked by evil and negative entities, know that probably you have attracted them in some way earlier - by taking karmic debts or just your own creation. Also, remember that evil forces always check how strong the light is within you, how easy it is to put it out - by stings, insult, misfortune.

Creating good or bad karma applies to everyone, also the beings who attack and do wrong. They will bear the consequences of their evil deed but you also can create karma - by your reactions to the sting or insult. If you reply with anger, hostility, a vicious circle will be initiated and more evil will be attracted to your life. On the contrary, forgiveness, love and compassion will break the spiral of negative energy.

How to Transform Karma

Transforming your life is not an easy process. Here are some reasons why:

  • Our ego makes it difficult to forgive and let go.
  • We are afraid of the unknown.
  • It is uncomfortable to leave the comfort zone.
  • We have unhelpful beliefs, installed in childhood and later.
  • We are manipulated by sociotechnical engineering, e.g that if all do something, it is right, even if not true and good.
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Knowing what obstacles are on the way to a happy life, lest's overcome them:

1. Learn More about Your Karma

I do not mean analysing all your past lives or current mistakes. Just think and write down what happens to you on regular basis. For example, choosing abusive partners, being ridiculed by people around, having financial difficulties... what might have happened to induce these issues?

You can ask your soul for clues. They may come as images in your mind, words of other people or found on the Internet, in a book. You might also have some unexpected thoughts or dreams. Write the clues down and check how they link to your current life.

Also, look at your past deeds, words and intention. In the case of abusive relationships, check if you have ever been abusive yourself to anyone. Notice the lessons coming from your karma - e.g assertiveness, self-love, acceptance, understanding.

2. Stop Focusing on Other People and Your Past

Comparing to others, rat race, being hypersensitive to criticism, yearning for approval is toxic and usually generate negative karma because of your reactions based on ego. No one wants to be ridiculed or backbitten.

However, it will be you, not other people who will bear the fruit of your karma. What to do then?

  • Focus on your own life, not the others' one. It means ignoring people's opinions about you, their criticism, insults or backbiting. You will achieve more by changing your thoughts, beliefs, reactions, thoughts, language and choices.
  • Stop listening to your inner critic, punish yourself for past mistakes, name "stupid" or "idiot", ruminating on the past mistakes or insults. Then your reputation will surge because new, more positive people and circumstances will be attracted to mirror your new world.

Remember that you have done your best to make a given decision in the past. Select what is beneficial to your further growth. Trust yourself and start observing yourself from the inside instead of thoughtless focus on your emotions, projections and thoughts.

3. Change Your Life to Transform Karma

Do you want something in your life? Create it by using all your senses - seeing it in the most vivid details, hearing all the sounds and feeling the happiness and joy coming from your fulfilled dream. For example, if you want health, build it inside by thinking, talking to your organs, feeling new vitality, fitness and energy flow. Raise your vibrations and make the energy of your house more positive.

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    4. Practise Mindfulness

    Living in the present is a great way of working with karma. Some people ruminate too much about their "karmic sins", seeing them as indelible. Instead, practise mindfulness to learn how to react in a given case - reasonably instead of by instinct. You will discover that there is always a choice in every situation, that you are the subject of it, not an object. How to strain mindfulness? Join the course, focus on your breath and observe what is happening in your psyche.

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    5. Practise Gratitude and Compassion

    I have already written a couple of articles above gratitude. why is it so important? Because of gratitude reises vibrations and dissolves even the worst karma. You start focusing on positive aspects of your life, attracting them. Hence, appreciate all that you have, say a gratitude prayer, Then your frustration of bad karma will disappear as you will notice that there are people who are carrying a heavier load than you.

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    6. Practise Forgiveness

    I have also written a couple of articles about forgiveness and self-forgiveness. Apart from the methods presented there, you can use the following tools:

    • Radical Forgiveness - the five-step process of releasing negative emotions, forgiveness and acceptance These steps comprise telling the story, feeling the feelings, collapsing, reframing and integrating the story.
    • Ho’oponopono practises - The word ho’oponopono roughly translates to “cause things to move back in balance” or to “make things right.  You repeat the mantra: "I'm sorry, please, forgive me, thank you, I love you".

    During difficult experiences, focus on what you want to experience and what you want to replenish in the world. Instead of reacting by fear when you feel fearful, give love or peace away. Next time totally different energy and people will appear.

    Remember to give yourself time and never demand too much from yourself, especially a radical change within days. Each new day is an opportunity to grow.

    7. Manifest Your Karma

    Karma accumulated from past lives can be released faster than you think. Just get out of the vicious circle of thinking that karma is your fate, by bringing some light to it. When you are ready to leave the vicious circle of karma, it will manifest in your life.

    The process of liberating from past karma can be felt in different ways in your body because this karma is energy accumulated inside you. Observe your body's reactions and understand the processes, e.g. by the theory of total biology.

    8. Liberate from Tribal Karma

    There are some kinds of karma: personal, tribal, national and global. Accept some situations (e.g. that your father is an alcoholic) and find the best solutions for your family and ancestors. You can use rituals, practise fogiveness and live beyond dualistic thinking.

    You are not the slaver of tribal karma. It is just an opportunity to grow and helping other human beings. For example, even if your father is an alcoholic and does not want to drink, you can learn understanding respect, assertiveness and self-confidence. By your emanation, full of love, understanding and compassion, you are able to not only liberate yourself from tribal karma but also your ancestors and family.

    9. Practise Meditation

    Medittiong will also help you to close and transform your karma. here is a short script:

    • Find yourself a peaceful, undisturbed place, turn off yur distrators like a phone. Close your eyes
    • Then move to the start place - peaceful and bringing happiness.
    • Cleanse your energy with the divine white light or under the waterfall.
    • See a book containing all your karma. See God erasing the past and possible future implication. Decise to strart everything anew. In this way, you will receive anew book, totally clean.
    • Go to the beach to charge with the energy of Mother Earth.

    Let's meditate together

    Connect remotely during joint meditation on Saturdays at  8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.  Check and join upcoming meditations.

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  • In a Nutshell

    Instead of dwelling on karmic fate, listen to your soul, make the most of your talents and enjoy life. Focus on personal and spiritual growth, creation of the goals adequate to your soul, practise mindfulness, forgiveness and unconditional love. This is the only path to a harmonious life and building positive karma for the next interactions. Good luck.