8 Ways To Practise Spiritual Growth After Lockdown

Not everyone knows that the current lockdown is an excellent opportunity for spiritual growth. Learn how to make the most of these days.


The lockdown because of COVID19 starts to ease up. More and more countries relax their strict regulations. However, it may happen, e.g in the case, a worse virus emerges (hopefully not), and then you will have found some useful tools on this website.

If you are reading and following my blog, spiritual life issues are familiar to you. However, you might not be sure how to make the most of the current challenging situation. Let's test some ideas.

How To Practise Spiritual Growth After Lockdown

I will present to you eight proven ways which can help you to practise spiritual growth during a lockdown. Some of them have already been discussed on my blog. However, the issues described below are always important and I would like to refresh them.

1. Pray Or Meditate To Practise Spiritual Growth

Connection with the Source, God or any other Highest Entity (depending on how you name Him/Her/Them)) is always very important. Hence, do your best to maintain it as viable as possible. Also, praying or meditating can transform the negative energy present now because of the virus and lockdown.

How To Pray

Firstly, have faith that your prayer will be listened to by the Source. Secondly, have a decent intention. For example, you cannot pray to kill the creator of covid-19.

How To Meditate

I will write a post about meditation shortly. In this way, you can practise spiritual growth. But for those who want to find some tips on how to meditate, here they are:

  1. Prepare. Find a place where no one will disturb you. Take a comfortable position - lie down or sit on a comfortable chair.
  2. Calm down your mind. For example, you can listen to some relaxation music or count down from 100 to 0.
  3. Visualise moving to a favourite place - the beach, forest, paradise island - where you feel happy.
  4. Visualise cleansing yourself under the waterfall  - from all kinds of negative energy.
  5. Continue your meditation according to your needs.
  6. Charge with the energy of Mother Earth.
  7. Ground and close your chakras after meditation.

Let's meditate together:

Connect remotely during joint meditation on Saturdays at  8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.  Check and join upcoming meditations.

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  • 2. Fast For Spiritual Growth

    I have already written one article on this website about fasting - on Ekadashi day. You can use any kind of fast to clear your mind and body. Here are some examples:

    • Dabrowska fast - only low glycemic index vegetables and fruit,
    • strict fast - only water with a bit of Himalayan salt and lemon,
    • IF (intermittent fasting) - eating only for a short period during each day, e.g within 6 - 8 hours, the rest is strict fast where only water is allowed.

    3. Practise Spiritual Growth By Love And Self-Love

    Self-love is especially important during the lockdown, when you may face criticism and other forms of negativity because of staying with your family. Remember that if you do not love yourself, no one else will do. Always consider yourself as a wonder, a beautiful child of the universe.

    Click here and practise self-love - the current article continues below:

    4. Forgive And Reconcile

    Lockdown may be hard if you have to spend 24/7 with your family. All wounds and negative interactions may be brought out and life becomes tougher. Do not forget that for a long time, there are more people on the smaller territory so that arguments can be more frequent.

    On the other hand, the lockdown can be a great opportunity to reconcile and practise forgiveness. Now you have more time to talk about the difficult issues and find a solution on how to fix them. It does not only concern the people you are living with, but you can also reconcile by phone or sending a letter by post. In this way, you will practise spiritual growth.

    However, do not forget to forgive yourself first, apologise for the mistakes made in your life and then forgive other beings.

    Further reading on practising forgiveness and self-forgiveness - the current post continues below:

    5. Learn More About Spiritual Life

    Having more time gives you a bigger opportunity to learn new things. I do not mean foreign languages or other skills only. You can explore your spiritual life as well. Being on this website, just check the articles about karma, soul contract, aura or energy investment.

    Then you can actually practise some of the things learnt. Forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance and understanding of everyone has a unique way in the Universe. You can close the past, take care of your energetic field and vibrations. Do not forget to create positive karma and your personal commandments, constitution, according to which you will be living.

    6. Be Creative

    Now you can use your mind to be more creative and practise spiritual growth. Look at your challenges for each field of life - work, family, health. What can you do to change the situation? Also, be creative during meditating and praying. What does it mean to be creative?

    According to a dictionary it is using your imagination or original ideas to create something, to do something in a new way. So use your mind, personal experience (also this from past incarnations) to make the most of your current life.

    7. Bring Harmony To Your Life

    Before the lockdown, we were often too busy and work was overshadowing other important areas of life. Now the time has come to find the balance between work, family life, heath, regeneration and fun.  

    Take Action Today To Practise Spiritual Growth

    Take a piece of paper and write down how much time per day you have spent (hours and minutes) last week. Then think about what you could do to bring more harmony to your life.

    Make the most of affirmations and journalling - check these posts - the current article continues below:

    8. Live According To the Values Of Light

    This tip may be the hardest as we all have light and darkness within at the same time. What are the values of light? Here are some examples (not all I suppose):

    • forgiveness - and not only cheating or theft but also the murderer of your child,
    • acceptance and understanding - of your life and anyone else's - even if it's full of evil deeds. You never know why a given individual has murdered, stolen etc. and everything has its purpose in the universe,
    • kindness - to anyone, not only those who you like,
    • the language of love - no swearing, malediction, labelling, judging, bl\minng,
    • generosity - and it means sharing with all your resources, not only money; and even if you do not have much. Think of your time, experience, energy,
    • assertiveness. We have to be able to say "yes" and "no" with the same faith and convictions.

    In a Nutshell

    Today I have given you eight ideas that can help you to practise spiritual growth during any lockdown. Some of them include fasting, meditation, prayer, finding balance in life, living in the values of light. Good luck with making the most of the current situation,