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8 Prayers You Should Say to Transform Your Life

Who of you has not said a prayer during troubled times and life challenges? Discover some helpful prayers now.


Prayer? What Is It?

You probably know what prayer is: it is the attention given to God, the Source. Each religion has its own rules on how to pray and many kinds of prayers (e.g., the Christian Our Father or Rosary.)

I am not going to create another religion here. However, you can also pray to be spiritual but not religious. Hence some examples of holistic prayers.

Your Brain on Prayer

When you pray your brain is activated and your mind in particular. Also, the cerebral areas responsible for emotions can be activated.

As you know, thoughts manifest when directed to creating the things that you want. You also distract from negativity.

When Is Prayer Useful?

The reason is simple: while praying, you can make everything feel right. Regardless of religion, one simple prayer can turn everything around. by shifting your attitude and thinking.

Religions have established many intentions of prayers. For example:

• uplifting prayers

• to create happiness and peace in life

•to alleviate pain and suffering

• to surrender God and be pious

• for peace of mind and soul

• to heal your heartbreak

• for happiness and energy

• gratitude prayers

• to create serenity

• for finding inspiration

• for help with solving life problems

• for cleansing from negative energy, removing hooks and maledictions

Most of these reasons are also true from a holistic point of view. You will find some examples shortly in this article.

8 Examples of Holistic Prayers

Let me list them first:

  1. • To remove blocks from life,

  2. • Before meditation

  3. • For good health

  4. • For international peace and harmony

  5. • Forgiveness prayer

  6. • During attacks of the evil forces

  7. • Releasing negative energy

  8. • Removing energetic hooks

prayer in the ountains

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1. The Prayer for Breaking Blockades in Life

God, you have created me and have given me love, peace and strength. Please, help me to remove the stuckness from my life and move forward.

Let your Purple Divine Light burn all the blockades, negative thoughts, and lack of motivation so that I can look at my life with hope, optimism, and faith. Thank you. Let it be here and now.

2. The Prayer Before Meditation

God, you have created me and have given me strength, love and all your blessings. Now I am going to connect with you during meditation. Please, make this meditation fruitful and help me to stay focused.

Let my intentions be clear and positive. Please, bring my Guardians and other Higher beings for protection and help. Thank you for all the blessings I will receive during this meditation. Let it be here and now.

3. The Prayer for Health



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4. The Prayer for Peace

Let all the countries become a dove of peace whose wings will spread between East and West. Please, send us the energy of safety, peace, order, and harmony for the whole world.

Let everything that has been prepared against people and the planet be revealed and discovered and let the beings of light fulfil their tasks so that peace, order, harmony, and peace fill these spaces and people can breathe freely with this new atmosphere.

Let our hearts be full of love and let love fill our space and the word LOVE becomes the way to a new time.

5. Forgiveness

God, you have created me and have given me love and self-confidence, help me now that I am closing the old time. I want to be your child and go according to your will. I offer you myself and my soul to pour into it love and hope for a better life with your blessing
I apologize for all the evil I have done; I forgive everyone and ask forgiveness of all, I forgive myself. I ask that my thoughts, deeds, and words can now show that I have chosen one path that will close the old time and open a new time with light in my heart and your blessing. - Aron Clairvoyant

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6. While Being Challenged by Evil

God, you created me and gave me Your love and self-confidence, please, help me now when fear and anxiety interfere with my self-confidence.

I offer myself and my soul to You to pour love and hope for a better life with Your blessing into it, and I place myself under Your protection with trust and sincerity.

God, take care of your child in moments of doubt and fear. Give me the courage and strength to become a witness to you and others, and strengthen my protection from the forces of evil.

a flower protecting from evil

7. Energy Cleansing

Purple flame – scan the house with a purple wall

I’m asking you to clean my house with purple light, let everything that is in this house that does not serve us be stuffed outside; and let it be filled with health, happiness, and love.

Use always after contact with negative people. You can also use white light.

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8. Removing Negative Entities

I ask for the Divine Light perfectly in purity, happiness, and joy towards health, let it fill my being and let it remove from me everything that bothers me, that is negative. I ask for the energy of the Earth – love, health, forgiveness.

Let everything that serves me enter me in health and perfection, let the Divine Light fill my whole being and space, and let it remove from me that which does not serve me.

How to Pray

Prayer will not work if you say it without faith and with bad intentions. Check what else is necessary to pray effectively:

• Set Positive Intention – you need to know why you are praying, from the deep bottom of your heart. Even energy protection can mean something different in each case you say a prayer.

• Pray in the Right Environment – You will not remain focused if there is a TV or radio in the background or if your family members disturb you. Do not forget to turn off your phone and computer, too. And remember about the comfortable position: kneeling is not the best option.

• Focus on the Prayer – Is your mind wandering? Try to focus on a part of your body or a sensation around you. Then think of the words you are saying.

• Keep the Faith – No prayer will work if you have no faith. Trust God and He will help you.

I would like to thank Aron for their inspiration and positive impact on not only my life.

In a Nutshell

Today I have given you eight examples of prayers that you can use every day. These prayers need to be said with faith, and good intentions and focus on the words uttered.

Praying can help you to protect yourself from negative entities, cleanse your house from negative energies, help when evil attacks your aura, create peace, forgive, create health and have fruitful meditation. Good luck. With lots of light and love,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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