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8 Opportunities You Should Find in Each Failure - Holistic Approach

We are afraid of failure and avoid it at all costs. However, have you ever tried to find opportunities in it? Learn the secret today.

Mountains teach bearing with failures


Oh No! Failure Again!

Failures are very common and painful. Everyone can face them. Examples?

  • An unhappy relationship that has ended with a divorce because of abuse.

  • A fraudulent employer, causing legal problems.

  • Wrong decisions that have made you broke.

  • False friend, having an affair with your spouse.

  • Buying a faulty, expensive car.

  • Something said at the wrong moment, ruining your reputation.

Failures vary in the level of pain - mental (ego), emotional (feelings), physical, material (finances) and spiritual (doing an evil deed again).

They last for different periods of time, and it is you who will elongate this time by ruminating or dwelling on them.

How Can You React to Failure?

There are six basic ways of facing failures:

  • Learning the lesson and finding potentiality in a failure. This is what we will discuss in this article today.

  • Dwelling on your failures and desperation. It can be the palette of negative emotions, e.g., shame, guilt, resentment, and anger. You may shout, or cry. And you feel that the light is going out in your heart.

  • Avoidance doing the things which bring failures.

  • Denial and frustration

  • Fear that you will not be able to handle the failure

  • Depression and disappointment

Learn how to use your mind to better handle any failure - the article continues below:

The Causes of A Failure

No one likes facing the causes of failures. However, it is a must to address each failure properly. What could have caused your failure? Let's find some examples:

  • Decisions that have not been based on the right criteria (too rash, without a cool analysis).

  • Too many plans (wrong time management).

  • Lack of assertiveness (e.g., taking too many tasks work).

  • Recklessness and thoughtlessness during the conversation, and negotiations.

  • Discussing important issues to tackle challenges while angry, emotionally wrecked, hungry, and dog-tired.

  • Ignorance in noticing potential negative consequences of any cases mentioned above

  • Neglecting past similar failures - making the same mistakes.

Who likes losing? No one. I was thinking in this way not long ago, denying the truth and ignoring the problem but it did not help. The energy of failures had accumulated in my body, mind, and aura.

One day though, I had a brainwave: why not look at failures differently? Therefore, I asked this question:

What potential has this failure got?

8 Opportunities Hidden in a Failure

I took my diary and wrote a list of the potentials of a given failure and now I will share my discoveries with you. Let's meet eight potentials hidden in each failure:

1. You Have Tried And Discovered Something

Each failure obviously means that you dared to try something, often uncomfortable or difficult.

Congratulate yourself on your courage. You know the truth that no success is achievable without prior failures.

When children learn to walk, they fall many times, and the same rule applies to your attempt. Any failure just means that your journey to success has just started. It is great news!

2. Growth Hidden in Inertia

Growth does not always mean moving forward. It may be painful, and frustrating, you may have an impression that nothing is happening but the truth is different. Look at the chicken hidden in an egg.

Nothing will hatch without brooding the egg and waiting until it cracks. And sometimes it takes a bit longer than usual. The same will apply to your projects and learning new skills.

3. Failures Make You Stronger

Failures increase your strength It simply means that you perceive differently many things. It is like training a muscle - weak initially and painful after the first gym session.

But later you can do more difficult exercises without this pain. Your endurance and strength have grown. Think of rejections when selling something or looking for your other half.

Each failure makes you more accustomed to pain and frustration, you can learn what to do better and eventually succeed.

4. Failures Give You an Opportunity to Learn

There is no better method of learning from and growing than failures, under the condition that you analyse mistakes and do not make them again. Then you treat failures as road signs at dead ends. You can U-turn and decide which other way to go.

Learn how to make the most of your mistakes in holistic life - the article continues below:

5. It Is Better to Face Failure Than Surrender

Look what happens during the battle, where the victory or debacle will determine the independence of a country.

The general will prepare various tactics and during the battle, he sometimes changes the initial one, seeing that the first tactic has not worked.

But without starting the battle his army would have been captured at once and he would not have checked if there was an opportunity to win against the enemy.

Hence, be creative and have the willpower to tr try again wiser instead of playing the victim or feeling sorry for yourself.

6. A Failure Makes You More Experienced

It happens in any aspect of your life. Failing gives you an experience. For example, you can see that a given method of sales or a way of communication with your partner does not work.

Also, your soul is trying various challenges and does not always succeed, learning too difficult lessons.

But collecting experiences means that you are living to the fullest, without avoidance and in spite of some pain induced by failed attempts. Each failure is a new experience, enriching your wisdom.

7. You Acquire Useful Knowledge

If you treat a failure as an opportunity to learn rather than a problem to avoid, then you can acquire some new knowledge.

Analysing the reasons for your failure, you discover strengths and weaknesses, your skills already mastered and those that need practice.

You meet your environment better and your relationships have a chance to improve. And because this knowledge is acquired in a more painful way, it is more useful and more often applied when necessary as we avoid pain more than aspire to success.

For example, you would not learn to avoid hot surfaces without being burnt while admonishment given by your parents might not work (unless you are punished, and it causes pain).

8. Let Go of Unnecessary Things

Each failure is like wrapped content given to you to decide on how to use this gift. The wrapping is awful, but the content may be interesting and useful.

Think for a while. There is at least one case when your failure was a success in your life later.

They may serve as lessons or help you to achieve your goals later. You might also have been saved from an accident or any other misfortune or have not lost your right path.

Learn how to clear the clutter- the article continues below:

Two More Important Ways of Handling Failures

Do not be afraid of the opportunities described above. Take some action. You can work both spiritually and mentally.

1. Meditate

As failures are opportunities to grow and achieve further success, you can accelerate the process by meditation, not only a mental process.

  • Find a peaceful place where no one will disturb you and turn off any distractors.

  • Close your eyes and calm down your mind, synchronising your body, mind and soul. In your imagination, go to the place where you feel peaceful and happy

  • Cleanse yourself under the waterfall

  • Then ask God and other beings for clues so that you know what to learn from the failure.

  • End your meditation by charging with the energy of Mother Earth. Then open your eyes.

· Let's meditate together

· Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

· More about meditation

2. Overcome Some Obstacles

They may sabotage your next efforts. Think of your inner critic. He/she will demean all that is not according to the standards imprinted in your mind.

For example, to be better than your neighbour or co-worker by earning more money, having a more beautiful spouse, and having smarter children.

Notice that when you were learning to walk, your parents praised you, even when you fell. later it changed, your efforts which did not meet the school or company's standards were criticised or you even were humiliated. Why? Because the system does not care about your real growth, but about the standards.

So you need to start making progress for yourself, not the system. You are the wonder of the Universe, and the system does not concern the whole of it, only a small fraction of one planet and its one dimension.

And your way is longer than one life or even one job, school or group of neighbours. So why bother with the standards and not meet them?

Some Words of Caution

I do not encourage you to ignore your job or family. It is just the issue of your attitude. The boss may criticise your work, and you will do your best to make improvements, but it is just another experience, not a disaster, in your mind. A lesson to learn, not a debacle.

There is another aspect of considering something a failure: criticising. Destructive criticism is not valid and this is used more often than constructive feedback. If someone attacks you personally instead of addressing the problem, you can ignore it.

Failure is not the opposite of success. It is rather a bridge that enables you to reach this success. Failures serve as indispensable steps in self-development which must be taken to prepare for attaining your goal.

Before you reach the summit, become the person who will handle being there. And it does not happen without mistakes- failures.

The next time, when you face any kind of failure, get up, wipe your wounds check what to do differently and move forward. Oh, you have only stumbled, that's all. Now you can polish your endurance, resistance, and strength.

In A Nutshell

Today I have presented you with eight cases of opportunities hidden in failure. You have also learnt how to use meditation to handle failures. Use them to solve any problems and achieve your goals. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.‍


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