8 Less Known Facts about the Law of Vibration

The knowledge about managing personal vibrations is scarcely known. However, not applying the Law of Vibration can bring negative consequences to your life. Learn the wisdom and make the most of this law in your everyday life.


The Law of Vibrations Explained

Below I will give you answers to the most important but less known facts about the Law of Vibrations. Study these answers carefully and make the most of the Law of Vibration.

1. What Is the law of Vibration?

The Law of Vibration might not be as well known as the Law of Attraction. However, it serves as its foundation because everything is energy in our Universe according to Quantum Physics. Therefore, going down on a sub-atomic level we do not find matter, but pure energy. Some call this The Unified Field or The Matrix. Others talk about pure potentiality - all being energy.

2. Why Does Everything Vibrate?

It happens because all kinds of energy have frequencies. They may vary depending on an object or being. It also concerns you, but your frequency is different from other things in the universe and that´s why it seems like you are separated from what you see around you; people, animals, plants, trees and so on. According to the Law of Vibration, everything in the Universe moves and vibrates - at one speed or another. Nothing rests.  Also, vibrations induce the universal Law of Change.

3. Is Everything in Motion?

Yes, because the motion generates life and belongs to life.  We cannot cease to vibrate because we cannot cease to exist. The constant motion happens to anything that is alive. Everything moves planets, atoms, humans or animals.

We can observe that motion when looking at the solar system. The planets revolve upon themselves and around the Sun. The solar system does the same: it revolves upon itself and around the centre of the galaxy.

The same is applied to human beings: we are also in constant motion. The cells of our bodies keep vibrating, they keep moving, spinning. Our thoughts vibrate, each tissue and organ, all the fluids, hormones. But there is the motionless centre around which things are spinning. From there, we can observe from a permanent view. This is where our spirit is.

We can feel the motion of our cells within our bodies. as well as we can perceive our own spinning. Every being living in the Universe emits a vibration. Every energy emits a vibration, the positive and the negative one. So do all material things like colours, feelings, money or sounds. Everything has its own vibration.

The sea can help you make the most of the Law of Vibration

4. Do Vibrations Spin?

I am not writing about washing machines here. However, spinning can illustrate to you how vibrations work. And you know that different spin determines a different quality of wash and not all the fabrics tolerate the same level of spin. The same works in the immaterial world. The higher frequencies your body emits, the more positivity in your life. People, places and other beings will be friendly and even if you are tested by negative energy from time to time, it does not sting or insult. But beware: The lower the vibrations, the more negative your life will become as you will attract similar beings and circumstances.

5. What Can Trigger Positive or Negative Vibration?

Our thoughts, language and actions. All of them carry energy which, in turn, vibrates with a particular frequency. Moreover, each kind of vibration attracts a similar one. hence negativity induces more negativity.

The dominant frequency of our body is determined by the most frequent vibratory state If you are always afraid, you connect to this frequency all the time. Thus, your body vibrates at the frequency of fear. Yet, you still hold the frequency of courage within yourself. However, you just do not connect to it. If you start connecting to the frequency of courage more often by your thoughts, words, and actions, it will become your second nature.

6. What Are the Degrees of Vibration

Everything vibrates but at different degrees. Therefore, the different planes of the universe are divided according to the speed of vibration (which defines the level of consciousness). It is said that the more we get closer to the All, the higher is our rotation speed.

When we emit a lot of light, it means we are spinning very fast. Angels evolve on a more subtle plane of manifestation than humans because their speed of rotation is higher. The fact that we do not see them does not mean they do not exist: they just do not vibrate at the same frequency as us.

Learn more about the 7 planes of existence - the article continues below:

7. What Has the Level of Aweareness Got in Common with Vibrations?

In Cosmos, everything is arranged according to the level of awareness. Plants or animals are on a lower level. Hoverer, the human being can also evolve from being totally unaware of, e.g. spiritual life, to total awareness. Some call it from a terrestrial to a cosmic man.

8. How Can Meditation help to Activate the Law of Vibrations?

During meditation, you can restore your high vibrations. it happens because your subtle bodies and their manifestations, like thoughts and emotions, are cleansed. After meditation you feel light and refreshed, think more positive and be liberated from emotional buredom.

Meditation will not substitute your everyday work on the quality of thoughts, words and deeds, but it will make it easier. Hence, practise meditation as often as possible.

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  • We need to make the most to elevate our frequency to purify ourselves and to be connected with beings of light. Everything in the Universe vibrates at a given frequency. A table may look solid and still, but within the table are millions of millions of subatomic particles "running around" and "popping" with energy. The table is pure energy and movement. The Law of Vibration is real. Even if you can't see it it doesn´t mean it´s not true.

    In a Nutshell

    Energy vibrates and everything is in motion. There are always two corresponding frequencies like fear and courage, but we usually operate on one of them, being unconscious of the other until we are awakened up. We need to increase our vibrations to have better contact with the beings on other - higher than the third - plane of existence. Therefore, the quality of our thoughts, words, and actions is crucial. We vibrate between spirit and matter, but there are a billion combinations of vibrations in between.