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7 Proactive Steps to Overcome Depression - Holistic Approach

You can combat depression in many ways but they are not often proactive and therefore futile. What is working?

how to overcome depression

I will write about something that may be obvious but is rarely implemented. These steps will be presented in a holistic way, i.e., concerning body, mind and soul together.

You will need some time and some patience to implement these steps and the journey is neverending. Do not panic. Just the first step will encourage you to continue.

My last article has described some fundamental steps, necessary to combat depression. They mostly focused on your mind. hence, further work to overcome depression can be hard without working on the following issues:

  • Resolve to make changes - you need to want it badly.

  • Understand the cause(s) of depression.

  • Change your wording and self-talk.

  • Reprogram your mind.

7 Proactive Ways of Overcoming Depression

We cannot work on changing beliefs or forgiveness all the time. Life is about growth and taking action. Once you have accepted the event that led to depression, forgiven your wrongdoers and started working on reprogramming your mind, let's expand your comfort zone.

1. Make Your List of Dreams

People suffering from depression are usually passive and indifferent to things happening around them.

But now, since you have accepted the cause of your condition and are working on changing your mind there are things you would like to do or goals to pursue.

Start by making a list of your dreams, from the very tiny ones to your biggest aspirations.

In this way, you will replace every memory from the past with a new one, so that the mind learns that it was needed which leads to homework.

2. Create New Experiences - Leave Your Comfort Zone

Once you have your list ready, start creating experiences which will convince your mind that it is worth taking action.

Some of your dreams, like going out to the park, can be very tiny. If even this is too much, start with an experiment.


Decide to leave your mind in the house you are getting out of. Close your eyes, open the front door and move forward. Do about 500 steps. then open your eyes. What can you notice? Yes, you have done it! You have actually gone out of your comfort zone - your room, house, and bed.

Now congratulate yourself on leaving your comfort zone.

Well done! My dear mind, you see, we could leave the house. Now I can go further.

Now you can see that if it is possible to walk 500 steps, leaving the comfy house, you can do anything to make your dreams true.

Add Another Experience

Increase the distance - the distance and the number of stems. Now you do not need to close your eyes.

Go to a wonderful place and be amazed by the peace, and wonderful energy. But do it also to appreciate yourself that you have made a move. Say to the mind, with your eyes closed

"My dear mind, may these emotions, these moments, this beauty fills up you and stay forever in my life. Let's focus only on such positive emotions. I appreciate myself, I love myself, and I love the space I'm in now." - Aron

how to get out of depression

That's how you expand your comfort zone. The mind will remember this moment as something very pleasant. Every single experience will expand your comfort zone and self-confidence.

Moreover, the energy of pleasure relieves all tensions in your body, frees your body from diseases, from tensions and relaxes all organs, and restores health. Your mind has written a new record of evidence against depression because now it cannot sabotage this kind of effort.

If your mind still sabotages your efforts, say:


Moreover, appreciate yourself for the effort, saying:


Take a Further Step

Now, let's say in the park or forest, you can hug a tree. Or wade in the water, walk on the sand if you are on the beach. Whichever method you choose, during hugging, wading or walking focus on the pleasure and connection with Mother Earth.

Burn in the bin all negative thoughts that sabotage your mind, reminding it of previous pleasant experiences.

3. Use the Breathing Method

This is another method of working with your mind. During really fierce sabotage, start the breathing exercise. Inhale the energy of the Universe, saying/thinking 'I am gaining strength and courage to fulfil ... (your dream)' and exhale saying 'I let go of stress, fear, negative thinking, trouble, problem, low self-esteem, fear of tomorrow, of the future'.

Affirming in front of a mirror is also a good practice here. Say:


4. Set Realisable Goals and Puruse Tem

Once you know what dreams are to come true, set realistic goals. They have to be SMART. You also have to SWOT these goals because we have strengths and weaknesses and there will be opportunities as well as threats.

You also need to have a lifebuoy goal, i.e., a kind of minimum plan for each goal. For example, you will not go on a trip around the world but to the neighbouring country. it simply means that you have achieved the goal partially.

The goals have to be yours, not your mum's or husband's, i.e. imposed by other people on you, even if we need to compromise on some goals in relationships.

Further reading about goals:

Once you have set your goals and planned activities, with deadlines, the time has come to take action. The next steps are purely about doing something.

depression quote

5. Take New Challenges - Leave Your Comfort Zone Further

Suppose that you have been able to go out for half of a day, and spend some time on the beach and in the park. Now go further. Think of exploring your relationships with people and creating some wealth.

Remember that you will need finance and other resources to fulfil your dreams. Hence, finding a new job or a new partner. maybe helpful You are working in the same way as in the case of 500 steps - gradually make your goals more difficult, praising yourself for the achievement and saving the good experience in your mind.

However, your mind may still sabotage your efforts, reminding you of all failures, stings, and insults from previous jobs or relationships. Then say to your mind and do it every time it sabotages your effort:

Dear mind, this new job/business/relationship will give me lots of joy and happiness. I am starting a new chapter so the past is not valid here. This is a different experience and we will react in a different way.

Start a journal of achievements where you will write your achieved goals but in the form of praise. For example: Well done for going to the park at lunchtime. Dear Mind, I can do it now.

6. Face Your Acid Tests

You have worked hard to reprogram your mind and pursue your dreams. great. But the Universe will send you tests to check how well you have mastered acceptance, assertiveness, self-esteem, self-confidence or simply how much you want a given dream. From time to time, you will enter your personal Olympic Games or Universal Championship.

Meeting the Wrongdoer

As I wrote earlier, depression is caused by a loss, insult or something that makes you powerless. To be sure that you have recovered, it is necessary to confront the cause again.

Hence, you will get the same or a different person who will insult you to test how well you mastered forgiveness, acceptance, self-esteem and assertiveness. There might be another loss that will test how attached you are to your dream. or you will struggle with something which will test your self-confidence.

It is up to you if the new test breaks you down again or if you will smile and treat it with ease. Even if you feel dismayed or even devastated, say to yourself

I congratulate myself on the courage I had to take this test. I will do better the next time.

In the case of insults stings and backbiting, smile at the wrongdoer and say,

Thank you for showing me how assertive and forgiving I am.

Your mind will be boiling then so pacify it by saying 'Dear mind, do not disturb but help me.'

This is a test of showing that the whole way of recovery from depression has given you the strength and courage to change your being. In other words, you have so much light within that you will understand that everyone in this world can change their mind about the relationship, about work, and about your existence.

You are coming out of low self-esteem, which is the path to depression. Now, when you have accomplished something impossible, passing and even taking the test, you receive the energy for another dream.

How to get out of depression: turn the negative energy of grief and sadness into a smile and joy, into a joke. - Aron

8. Overcome Fear of Life Tests

You may feel very reluctant to take your acid tests. As we have free will, it may be easier to avoid stressful situations where people sting or you lose your dignity, money etc. But this is a retreat to depression. Your strength is about taking challenges, even if you fail from time to time.

Of course, you may be afraid of your tests because sometimes you may be overwhelmed and temporarily broken down. Then you need to work on your fears.

I am a miracle quote


Suppose that you think of finding a new job to make your dreams true. You dread new people and new situations. You may be afraid of failure and criticism. Write it all down Clear your head.

Then look at what has been written. The truth is that this will be a new job, a new chapter in your life. In most cases, the people where you will work do not know you, there is a fresh start and it will be up to you how you will do in this job. The same concerns your new relationship.

Stand in front of the mirror with your piece of paper/notebook. Read the first thing you are afraid of and say aloud, looking straight into your eyes:

'It's going to be a different job, a different relationship, so what are you afraid of? I can do it.'

Do that with each thing written on this piece of paper/notebook.

Also, as you know fear attracts all that you are afraid of. Always remind yourself then:


Do this exercise for a minimum of 28 days.

Credits to Aron.

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In a Nutshell

Proactive ways of recovering from depression may be challenging. However, once you have prepared mentally and are still working on yourself the crops will be happiness and self-fulfilment. Good luck with your work on overcoming depression. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.


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