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7 Planes of Existence: Where Are You?

Some people have asked me: 'Why can't we see Mary, Buddha, and the angels of Jesus?' My today's post will give you the answer describing the planes of existence.

Plants are one of the planes of existence


I have published a couple of posts about vibrations on this website. You could check if they are high in your case there. Sometimes I also mention that we existed on the third plane.

The Two Poles of Vibration

This concept is also very popular online and among awakened people who want to develop spiritually (do not mix with religion.) Other people call planes of existence "Dimensions". Whichever name you meet on the Internet, it is the same thing.

There are 2 poles of vibration: spirit and matter. Between those 2 poles, there are billions of different levels of vibration.

When your physical body dies, you do not stop vibrating. You just change your frequency which is no longer visible with your physical eyes. What is invisible to you may simply exist at a different level of vibration.

All the planes of existence are interconnected to form the great whole of creation. Learning about the nature of each plane leads to a better understanding of these interconnections and will open us to what each plane has to teach us.

The Seven Planes of Existence

Even though the universe is infinite, we can still divide it into 7 planes of manifestation. Each of the planes has its own energy - vibration.

The frequency of vibration varies on each plane and the spiritual and physical inhabitants of the planes are different as well. In order to understand them, we must be in a Theta brainwave, which creates a divine state of mind.

It is important to mention that there are no better or worse planes of existence and that there is no need to feel frustrated when your plane is not the seventh one.

We evolve and it means that being a human instead of an angel is ok. Your soul, during reincarnation, has experienced most of these planes of existence.

In some cases, you need to have high vibrations though. And it means eating no meat, loving unconditionally all the beings in the Universe, even those who do you wrong or are not "nice", like some insects.

Everything has a purpose in the Universe. You also need to have the courage to learn the hardest life lessons and master the most difficult values of the light.

Now let's learn about the seven planes of existence. They are described from the most material to the most spiritual ones.

Note that the planes higher than the third one still has an impact on your life, and you can make the most of them.

For example, universal laws influence all our thoughts, words and actions, as well as their consequences. Moreover, our thoughts carry energy.

1. The Matter

The first plane of existence comprises all the inorganic material on this Earth: i.e. minerals, crystals, soil, and rocks.

How often are you grateful for our planet, for the soil giving you crops? When did you say "thank you" to the crystal which protects you from low vibrations?

Since today, start to be more alert to everything that surrounds you, starting from the matter.

2. Plants and Vitamins

The second plane consists of organic material: vitamins, plants, and trees. They feed you and do not mind being cut and processed as veggies or supplements.

The next time you make a vegetable salad, think about the gifts which will be eaten and amplify them with the energy of health, love, and abundance. Visualise plants and vitamins helping you to be healthier, and not because it is said by your doctor or dietitian.

3. Humans and Animals

The third plane is made of protein-based life forms such as humans and other animals. Notice that humans and animals are on the same level here. And what do we do?

Eat the meat of some animals while others are treated like family members (pets) or killed because of being parasites (pests). Think for a while: what is the difference between a pet and a pest?

Both belong to the kingdom of animals, just Darvin has given them a different level of hierarchy. Consider veganism if possible because the elevation of your vibrations enough to become a truly spiritual being will be nearly impossible.

4. The Spirit World

The fourth plane is the realm of spirit, called the ‘spirit world. by some people, It is where spirits exist after death, where our ancestors are in waiting. And we often bother so much about graves while your ancestors' energy is present everywhere in your life, just think of them.

Always be grateful for good spirits and learn how to bring back stray souls, plus protecting from evil beings. You can take part in the fourth plane of existence during sleep, meditation or listening to theta music.

5. Divine Beings

The fifth plane consists of the divine and semi-divine beings, the plane of the masters, such as Jesus and the Buddha. This plane is divided into different levels of vibration and consciousness. The lower levels are the ultimate in dualism. Everyone on this planet is the Fifth Plane being.

However, to really enjoy the benefits of the fifth dimension, you need to have enormously high vibrations and stop thinking in a dualistic way, which means, for example, no judging or labelling (namely "good" "bad" etc.)

Learn from the beings like Jesus how to live on the fifth plane of existence. And remember that you can always ask the binges like angels, Mary or Jesus for help, for example when it is necessary to cut energetic cords, liberate from mind control or dissolve destructive energy.

6. Universal Laws

The sixth plane of existence comprises the Laws that create the very fabric of the universe, such as the Law of Time, the Law of Magnetism, the Law of Gravity or some laws already described on my blog (e.g. the Law of Cause and Effect. the Law of Correspondence).

The Law of Time

the Law of Time governs the entirety of the biosphere and everything else in the universe, according to principles that are known only dimly to us, principles like synchronicity and telepathic instantaneity.

This universal law is formulated very simply, namely as T(E)=Art, “energy factored by time equals art.” We can distinguish synchronicity and artificial timing. The first means that it is the nature of time to synchronize and to maintain all things in a condition of synchronization while the second implies human intervention, e.g. by creating the 6.-minute hour (instead of, let's say, the 100- or 10-minute).

The Law of Gravity

This one is commonly known and if you do not believe that it works, just try to jump from the first floor of any building. Unless you are able to fly somehow, falling will inevitably happen. On the Earth, we are attracted to its surface.

Learn more about universal laws- the article continues below:

7. Energy

The seventh plane of existence is called the plane of the Creator of All That Is, the Source, the energy that flows through all things to create life. Here we have the realization that we are part of All That Is, part of God.

The energy of the Seventh Plane creates the other planes. It is the energy that makes the quarks that make the protons, neutrons, and electrons that in turn make up the nucleus of an atom.


Use meditation to travel through more planes of existence. To amplify the result, play the music at theta frequencies.

While meditating, after going to your start place (i.e. somewhere where you feel happy and safe) and cleansing under the waterfall, connect with the beings of all the planes - minerals, plants, animals, the spirits of your descendants and spiritual beings.

You can ask God to help you with the best application of universal laws in your life, too.

Let's Meditate Together

Connect remotely during joint meditation on Saturdays at 10 am and 8 pm GMT +1 (IST). I will meditate with you and other people then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

Learn more about meditation:

In a Nutshell

There are 2 poles of vibration: spirit and matter. Between those 2 poles, there are billions of different levels of vibration. The Universe is divided into 7 planes of manifestation. The spirit emerges from the fourth plane while the first three planes are occupied by the matter. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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