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7 Brutal Facts about SMART Goals You Should Know

SMART can help you to define the achievability of your goals. But is it enough? Check below.


Is SMART Technique enough?

My last post has given you an idea of what steps to take in order to set achievable goals. They need to be yours, concerned with all holistic aspects of life, their difficulty needs to be properly defined and... they must meet SMART.

But is it enough? Definitely not. So, what else is needed?

There are many ways of setting goals. SMART is one of them but not enough. Why? Some ideas are found in my last post. For example:

  • SMART goals do not necessarily take difficulty into account. You can set a very specific goal, time-oriented and even attainable... but it still may be too difficult.

  • SMART goals will not tell you if they are yours. To do that, first, you need to ask WHY you want o pursue them.

  • SMART goals will not tell you about ecology or if they balance all the areas of your life. Your goals may contradict or be focused on only one aspect, e.g., your career.

Click here to learn about how to SWOT your goals - the article continues below:

What Else Is Important?

Here are more criteria that your goal must meet to be achievable. Study them carefully and analyse them in writing.

1. Is Your Goal Written in a Positive Language?

Let's take the health and body care area now. “I won't smoke after the 1st of January 2021” is not the right goal because you still focus on your addiction.

More than that, you will smoke as your subconscious mind does not recognise the word ‘not’. “I am smoking-free since the 1st of January 2021” or “I stop/give up/quit smoking since the 1st of January 2023.” “Stop, leave or give up” suggest that you end the bad habit.

2. Do You Know You "Why?"

You can even go further. Add the reason why you want to achieve your goal and its purpose. You have already defined it checking whose goals will be pursued. For example: “because I care for my body, I am smoking-free since the 1st of January 2021 so that I can be more helpful to other people.”

3. Does Your Goal Match your Life Values?

If you value honesty, manipulative games will repulse you, and you will sabotage any goal which involves some manipulation, using the others. Before you set a goal, check what your life values are.

If you value work and career but also aim to make your spouse happy, revise these goals. Ask yourself: What is more important for me and why? You can also try to be successful in business but dread rejection. How can you reconcile these two contradictory values?

Your goals are like a horizon

4. Is Your Goal in Accordance With Your Soul Plan?

Moreover, check if your goal is in accordance with your soul plan. If it assumes learning how to face the system's hostility while you are having a peaceful life because of a long-term illness.

For example, because of physical disability or epilepsy, any attempt to be involved in the rat race, will be against the current life goal and the values you are learning acceptance, forgiveness and understanding.

On the other hand, taking care of a disabled or ill person also teaches - understanding, patience, acceptance and often forgiveness (especially self-forgiveness.) And often you also must deal with the system's hostility or other people's intolerance.

5. Have You Built It on Solid Foundations?

And we come back to life values here. Never build on the sand of your ego, greed or short-term desire. Then you will lose enthusiasm quickly. and will struggle. Even if you can find help, it will not be very exciting, when you see only your limits.

What are your life values? Check this article again. Moreover, as I wrote above, your goals have to be in accordance with your soul plan. Otherwise, there will always be something impeding them.

For example, if you have epilepsy, you will not set a goal “I will get a driving license.”

Your health is not your personal excellence then; it is your limit. Although in the nearest future epilepsy will be totally curable, especially by implants, you still need to be confident enough to dare to drive.

Transport will also look different as superintelligence will drive the vehicles.

But there is one, maybe the most important kind of foundation you need to check before setting your goals: the values of the light. I have mentioned earlier that greed or infatuation is not the right foundation.

On the contrary, goals based on love or gratitude will always be achievable and they overcome any storm of life circumstances.

6. Is Each Area of Your Life In Harmony?

I have already mentioned priorities, e.g. work over your family. All your life values can be divided into four categories:

  • work,

  • relationships,

  • health,

  • fun and creation

So now look at them and answer the questions:


Unfortunately, work is no 1 priority, especially when you do not earn enough and think in the category of lack, instead of creating abundance.

Relationships and health are often neglected. Therefore, we have so many divorces and conflicts, and so many people become ill.

You also need to find harmony between self-care, growth, giving, taking and creation. You will never be able to work efficiently without physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

7. Is Your Goal In Accordance With Your Life Mission?

You already know how to define your life mission. If not, check the article linked in the previous sentence. Now you need to set the goals which will support your life mission.

When asking "why?" for each goal, you will eventually find your major life purpose. It may be growth, helping others, transforming the world (positive examples) or destruction, creating negative karma (negative ones.)

If you defined that helping others as a coach is your mission, then you need to learn how to be a coach, how to run a business and how to find customers.

You also need the tools necessary for work – office or Skype connection, worksheets, etc. Now test your goals. Write down one set of this year’s goals or any other goals that you have set lately.

Let me list the other criteria which have to be met for setting any goal:

  • Define your goal in positive language.

  • Define your "why"

  • Check if your goal is in accordance with your life values.

  • Check it this goal matches your soul plan.

  • Is it built on solid foundations?

  • Examine the harmony of the four fields of life (work, relationships, health, fun), giving-taking, self-care and growth.

  • Is your goal in accordance with your life mission?


Stuck with your goals and have no idea how to set them? Apart from the criteria from this and my last article, try to connect with the Source and find some clues coming from your soul.

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In A Nutshell

Today I have described the seven additional criteria, indispensable for setting any goal in your life. While aiming at the best in the coming year, always check if your goals meet the criteria described in this and my previous articles. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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