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7 Awesome Ways to Make the Most of a Waning Moon You Can Use Today

You probably also know what to do (and avoid doing) during the New Moon and Full Moon. But what about Waning Moon? Learn the secrets today.


How To Make the Most of the Waning Moon

Waning Moon is the time between the Full Moon and the next New Moon. Some people divide this phase into Disseminating Moon, the Last Quarter and Balsamic Moon. Here is a short description of each of them

Disseminating Moon

From Full Moon to New Moon, the Moon’s light is decreasing. so that she is losing form. The time has come to let go, release, and retire. Also, introspection is favoured, internal themes. Disseminating Moon occurs when the Moon is a waning gibbous.

1. Remove Clutter from Your Life

Remove anything from your life that is no longer serving you. This might include the discarding of old habits, saying goodbye to toxic friendships, closing a business or leaving a relationship.

Learn more about clutter - the article continues below:

10 most common kinds of clutter

Apart from material objects or relationships, the waning Moon is also a perfect time to start any kind of detox, cleansing your body from the inside and losing some weight. I will write more about it later in this article.

2. Do Spiritual Detox

Look carefully at your aura. You might use this time to cleanse it with white sage, a bath in the sea salt or light some candles and listen to the appropriate music, e.g. 528 Hz or 432 Hz. Get rid of low vibrations. How? Stop negative thinking, speaking and doing harm in the Universe. Protect your aura and chakras.

Learn How to Cleanse and Balance Your Chakras - the article continues below:

3. End Toxic Relationships

The Waning Moon is perfect for breaking any ties that make you unhappy. It is the perfect time for cutting off from toxic people, breaking up and preparing for a new beginning during the next New Moon.

4. Quit Bad Habits

Who of you would like to give up smoking or drinking, and eat less sugar or other junk food? All the time of the Waning Moon is perfect for this purpose. Apart from addiction, you can also change your routine, e.g. get up earlier, and watch less junk on TV.

A Word of Caution

There are also some activities that need to be avoided during the Disseminating Moon. It is not usually considered the best time to start a project during this time. Instead, try up loose ends and file things away. And do not forget to post packages!

5. Going on a Diet

Generally writing, all the time of Waning Moon is perfect for detox or going on a diet. However, the last three days before the next New Moon can give you extra power if you detox then.

The Last Quarter and The Balsamic Moon

This is the second-to-last phase of the Moon and to be more precise, the moment when the Moon's illumination reaches 50%.

During the Last Quarter, you want to take those loose ends from the last cycle and really and truly finish up. Since the last New Moon, you have become aware of certain things in your life that could be released. The Last Quarter gives you fantastic energetic support so that you can release and break negative patterns.

The last phase of the Waning Moon is called the Balsamic Phase which lasts for 72 hours before the next New Moon.

Ekadashi Fast

There are two days during the lunar cycle when this kind of fast is the most efficient: four days before the Full Moon and four days before the New Moon. The second day is much easier for implementing the fast because the Waning Moon decreases appetite in a natural way.

On the day of Ekadashi, no food is to be eaten from sunrise until sunrise the next day. Drinking water is also forbidden on fast days. If due to unavoidable circumstances, a person is unable to fast on the prescribed day, then he or she can fast on either the preceding or the following day. However, during sickness, fasting is not required. (source

Check the days of Ekadashi in the following year.

The Fast Before the New Moon

I practise the three-day fast before the new Moon, starting on the eleventh day after Full Moon. I eat vegetables (low-starch ones) and fruit (low-sugary ones) only, drinking plenty of fluids. This is called Daniel's fast. I will write more about it soon.

6. Meditate

During this time of the lunar cycle, take time to meditate, in or at your home, contemplate and completely wind down.

Close off and really let go and go inward. This is the most introverted stage of the cycle so privacy is paramount as you clear your head before the new cycle begins. It’s time to prepare for the next phase, the new moon when it starts all over again!

Undertake practices that symbolically allow space to bring new things in. This means cleaning your house and spending some time alone.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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7. Detox

All kinds of detox will be efficient. It is advisable to do all the internal body cleansing during the Waning Moon in the following order:

  • large intestine

  • liver

  • bone and joint

  • kidneys

  • lymph and blood

  • circulatory system

I will write more articles about detox shortly because this issue is often neglected. However, you can use some tips right now.

Drinking lemon with water on an empty stomach and sometimes a day is a good choice, the milk thistle tincture together with thyme for liver or the ginger and turmeric tea, together with coconut milk and honey.

8. Surgeries

Schedule major operations, waxing or hair removal during the Balsamic Moon phase.

In this way, you will lose less blood loss as it flows less freely and recuperation will be supported soon, by the Waxing Moon.

In A Nutshell

Today you have learnt how to make the most of the Waning Moon. Generally writing, going on a diet, detoxing and getting rid of all that is unwanted are the greatest ideas. In this way, you will prepare better for the next New Moon.



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