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6 Effective Tools You Should Use to Eliminate Thought Forms Instantly

You have already learnt how important positive thinking is. Why? Because they create thought forms. Learn how to recognise and eliminate negative thought forms.


What Are Thought Forms

A thought form is an energetic form built by your recurring thoughts. Its activity and durability depend on the power of the thought which has created it and the power of emotions while the thought has emerged.

Thought forms vary. Most often, you can see them in your aura as whirling clouds, blots, and hooks.

How They Influence People

The thought forms created by us have enormous strength which can have a beneficial or harmful impact not only on the owner but also on other people and animals. When you think about someone with love, friendship or anger, the recipient of your message receives this thought form and it is hooked to their aura. This individual becomes infected with the same energy, becoming loving, friendly or angry.

However, if the recipient of that message has different, higher vibrations, this thought form bounces off them and returns to the sender multiplied by all other collected thought forms. The returning thoughts ruin the sender's physical health, causing mental illnesses if his/her intention was of low vibrations (e.g., revenge.)

How We Create a Thought Form

In general, thought forms can be created by the following factors:

• The quality of thoughts (positive, negative etc.) which defines their vibration

• The nature of your thoughts which determines their shape

• The accuracy of your thoughts which determines the edges of a thought form.

When you start thinking of a given thing, you create an image of it at the level of your eyes. It remains there if you focus on this thought and therefore, image.

While thinking about a given person, you create a little portrait of him or her. The image depends on the strength of the feelings you have for this person. The same rule applies to painters who create their pictures.

A painter has a thought form of a given person or thing at first and then recreates it on the canvas.

The same rule applies to culturists, fashion designers, inventors, and scientists. Sometimes people who are gifted with clairvoyance can notice thought forms.

Initially, your thoughts create energy patterns (thought forms) of what you want to paint.

Later, these patterns are empowered by the same or similar thoughts, growing and eventually becoming a separate being, a parasite, fed by the thought generator.

How We Infect and Are Infected

There is no other way to get shot of thought forms than to stop thinking in a negative way. Then as flies without food, these thought forms fly away.

It is important because sometimes a thought form does not reach you. However, it is always waiting for the right moment to hook off again.

Knowing this mechanism, it is easier to transform your thinking and thus, induce growth. Don't be tempted in a negative way which has an impact on other beings. Ultimately, you will suffer, and it will be painful.

It happens because it takes time to send someone a negative thought form. First, you must create it yourself, often the hard way.

And even if this thought-form reaches the recipient your efforts can be useless. If they have higher vibrations, the "hungry" thought form comes back to you and strengthens.

Your negative thought forms resemble a starving dog being chewed which will not attack the person separated by the wall, but the dog's owner.

How Books Have an Impact on a Thought Form

While reading a book, you can see the author's thought forms and of all who have read this book before you. Add to that your own imagination.

There are books full of positive thought forms, e.g., May's, Cooper's, and sometimes popular romances.

However, reading tabloids, criminal literature and books about death, misfortune and depression create the worst thought forms. The same applies to watching the news and most movies.

However, the way you react to the book or TV program depends on your vibrations. You pick up the programs and books about the topics in harmony with your vibrations so that depressed and unhappy people watch and read negative pieces of information.

The worst vibrations are created by envy and jealousy, lust, and low ambitions. Therefore, it is advisable to reach other, more positive copies to create new neuro-associations, based on love, harmony, and peace.

When you change your reading taste it means that your vibrations have also changed.

It is critically important what parents read their children or the children read themselves at school. Their subtleties are still growing, and it is easy to damage their delicate chakras or the whole aura.

Hence, let's be careful with the choice of books for the younger generation.

Unfortunately, the latest fairy tales and TV programs for children are full of aggression, fighting, competition, and teaching children low vibrations. So it is even more difficult for parents to protect their children from negativity.

3 Types of Thought Forms

Each human being creates three types of thought forms - elemental:

• these which are directed to no one and have a tail dragged behind them,

• these which focus on the creator and mean him or her, accompanying him or her all the time i.e., egocentric thoughts (what happens to me, or others do to me),

• those aiming at a defined target where thoughts are sent with the shotgun speed (e.g., hexes, bad spells, all wishes).

At present, there are the most egocentric thought forms. They are constantly attacking us, always awakening us to think of the same problem. And when we ruminate on it, these thoughts become so strong that eventually, they manifest in real life.

If your thoughts are positive, connected with the things and people that have high vibrations, you can expect that the Universe will send you positive events in your life, opportunities, helpful and loving people, happiness, wealth, and health.

But in case of negative thinking, full of low vibrations, you will collect the crops of misfortune, hostile people around, illness, poverty, and hate.

Thought Forms Attract Similar Ones

Positive thought forms of one person attract positive ones from other people. The same applies to negative thought patterns. It is especially visible when we are in a crowd, or even in a big group of people.

They create collective group minds so-called egregores, easily controlling single individuals. That's why you often abandon your rules when the group behave differently (e.g., you are eating unhealthy foods because of the group while having different principles about food.)

Combined thought forms can be so strong that they exist for years, and it takes lots of time to remove them from aura and subtleties.

Read more about responsible thinking - the article continues below

How To Protect from Negative Thought Forms

There are a couple of ways of protecting from egregores and thought forms. However, you need to be persistent and disciplined. The techniques below require regular work, it is not enough to apply them once and expect long-lasting effects. Why?

Because thought forms are linked to our subconscious beliefs, and they have been created after a series of repetitions of some thought. Hence, you must repeat the new techniques regularly – often enough to create a new, alternative thought-form.

1. Thought Hygiene

As I wrote in a couple of my articles, thought hygiene (i.e., dwelling on positive and eliminating negative thoughts) is the best method for destroying egregores and thought forms. Every thought dwelled for 17 seconds, when repeated, creates a thought form and when your focus lasts 69 seconds, this thought creates your reality.

Learn more about working with thoughts – the article continues below:

2. Raise Your Vibrations

Responsible thinking is a minimum. You also need to take care of your vibrations by working with your emotions and ad doing positive deeds which should become your positive habits. Here are some examples:

• Listening to the right kind of music,

• Reading uplifting literature,

• Watching positive movies

• Helping others, care, and protection with strong emotions.

• Using enchantments and prayers for protection

• Affirmations

• Practise gratitude

Read more about vibrations – the article continues below:

3. Change Your Beliefs

Each of your beliefs has been created by a thought form. By questioning these beliefs, you will weaken these thought forms. How to do it?

• Question the belief: Is it true? Who has installed me this – are they experts in this field? Will it matter in 10 days,’ months’, or years’ time?

• Find the evidence against the belief – ask your friends, and look at your own experiences.

• Consider the cost of sticking to the belief.

• Use meditation (more about below).

Read more about changing your beliefs – the article continues below.


4. Protect Your Aura

Every day you are exposed to negativity which may impair your aura and start generating thousands of negative thoughts which in turn create thought form.

You are especially vulnerable while being around large groups of people, especially when these groups follow ideas contradictory to living in the light, full of hatred, aggression, and other negative emotions, serving the darkness, whose minds are controlled by negative beings and other egregors.

And you know how hard it is to resist the majority when you are in a place where most people think in the opposite way than you. Then you do not need to think, the egregor creates your thought form (e.g., during religious celebrations, at business conferences, on the media).

If you are exposed to these influences for a long time and even worse, regularly, chances are that you will be infected with a negative thought form. What to do then?

Put on some “aura costumes”, like the layers of the diver’s uniform. The first one is green, and it heals your aura, then the white layer protects you physically, the turquoise one gives you astral projection and the purple layer protects your emotional subtle body.

• Diminish your aura in the crowd using blue colour – visualise it before going to the shopping centre, church, or business conference.

Illuminate your space – ask the source for protection and then visualise the white capsule surrounding your aura. You can also add mirrors on each side of your aura, reflecting the negative influences of egregors.

• Strengthen your aura before going out by prayer, mantras and meditation.

5. Heal Your Aura and Chakras after Coming Back from a Crowdy Space

You will minimise the probability of creating a negative thought form if your aura and chakras are healthy and strong. Smudging with white sage or sea salt baths with intention of cleansing and healing is the quickest method. You can also use White Divine Light.

Do not forget that aura includes our subtle bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and astral. Thought forms are generated by the mental subtle body but all these bodies are afflicted.

More reading about subtle bodies – the article continues below:

6. Use Meditation

During meditation, you can both cleanse and strengthen your chakras and aura. After going to a place of relaxation and happiness.

Visualise yourself under the waterfall in which water is cleansing all your subtle bodies from any kind of negative energy – or you can use white, purple, or golden Divine Light for this purpose.

To heal your aura, lie down on the ground - on the meadow and visualise how Mother Earth is healing you.

Sometimes people struggle with visualisation. Then you can say in your mind: “I am cleansing my subtle bodies with White Divine Light. Mother Earth is healing my aura. “

Let's protect each other. You can pray for your loved ones, and core friends, stretching your care over them. Wishing someone well, you wish yourself well. However, if you curse someone, you curse yourself.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt how thought forms influence your life. This article also shows how you can be infected with negative thought patterns and how to protect yourself from them. The most important thing is to always keep high vibrations and eliminate any negative thoughts that may emerge. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.‍


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