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5 Worst Kinds of Magic You Should Avoid

Magic is a very old method of working with energy. The consequences of the unwise application of magic can be fatal. Can you avoid the pitfalls?

Plants can be used to deter black magic


What Is Magic?

Let’s study this short definition:

It is the use of means (such as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces. - Merriam Webster

In other words, magic is a programmed energy sent to someone.

5 Types of Magic That Harm

5 major types of harmful magic can totally or partially destroy your life – in this one and the future incarnations. Read the description of each kind of magic and spot the differences between them.

1. Charm

This kind of magic can concern a given field of life, e.g., relationships or finances. And it is usually something minor concerning this field of life. For example, someone may be jealous of your beauty and your face is covered with pimples.

Charm always concerns specific things, and its effect can last for months, but never for years. The destructive impact of charm is short-term due to your own energy system, which acts as the immune system destroying all invaders.

It simply means that taking care of vibrations and aura health is usually enough weapon to win charms. Also, the charm will not cause a severe physical illness but always beware of jealous people.

You can also put a charm on yourself… yourself by looking in the mirror and criticizing, e.g., your looks.

The mirror can absorb these pieces of information and send them back to you. Of course, you can also act oppositely, programming positive effects, e.g., self-confidence.

2. Hex

Hex is a kind of magic that concerns one field of your life, e.g., money. The goal of hex is to destroy prosperity in this field of life. Jealousy can also be the reason for using hexes.

So, the jealous person curses you and financial loss start becoming your reality: bankruptcy, loss in investments, unemployment, and all kind of poverty.

The same happens in your love life. Hex brings divorce, breakup, cheating or domestic violence. In the case of health, when someone is jealous of your body, you start experiencing major accidents causing physical impairments, and serious illnesses or you start unhealthy habits which bring negative long-term consequences.

Sometimes hexes can happen because of an event. Let’s say you borrowed money and failed to give it back. Then the lender can curse your health by the time the debt is paid off.

This is the strongest hex as all its power is concentrated on one thing. Hexes can last for whole centuries. However, it is possible to define the length of the hex(es). Their worst kind is when a mother curses her child.

The infliction and removal of hexes are often done by those who practice witchcraft, and they can be found in every society in most parts of the world.

hex quote

3. Curse

I also must write something about curses here. Curses are usually spoken only but rarely, you can encounter written ones.

Curses have been practised since the early days, and even today many people still practice them. Even the Catholic Church uses curses to denounce members of the church who are being excommunicated.

There are some similarities and differences between hexes and curses. According to Difference Between there are three important factors to consider:

Firstly, a hex is a practice of casting an evil spell over something or someone while a curse is a practice of wishing bad luck and bad things to happen to someone or something.

Secondly, a hex and a curse involve rituals and spells. While hexes are only done by those who practice witchcraft, curses are done by most people not just by witches.

Thirdly, both hexes and curses are performed by people. Still, the power that causes it to take effect is attributed to supernatural beings with hexes being entirely evil.

At the same time, curses are also done by churches which indicate that a holy being may also inflict them.

4. Black Magic

It has an impact on many fields of life simultaneously so that the affected person is just a failure.

However, the energy of black magic is not lethal. Nothing is going according to the victim’s plan, but his/her life continues somehow.

Black magic can last for years, or even through all life of the victim. This kind of magic has as strong an impact as hex on your life. But it cannot hurt you physically as the hex does.

5. Love Magic

Under no circumstances, love magic is a toy to play with. Its impact is comparable to hex/curse. You act against the other being’s free will.

However, the receiver of your spell may send back this energy of love magic to you and the consequences may be severe.

There are no time limits to the influence of love magic, and it can also go away spontaneously. Love magic is not deleterious to physical health, but it has a big impact on mental health.

What to do in the case of magic that has had a negative impact on your life? Check my next article. In the meantime, try these methods:

In a Nutshell

As I wrote above, any kind of magic is not a toy to play with. It is up to you whether to start this practice or not. You have free will to act according to the Light of Darkness on Earth.

But beware of the Law of Cause and Effect: hexes, curses, maledictions, and charms will come back to you, especially at the times when their victim is liberated from their negative influence.

And if you curse, cast a hex or curse love/black magic, the consequences will happen in your next incarnations.

Let your life be full of prosperity, happiness, love and joy and let your connection with the Source always be strong. With lots of life and love,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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