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5 Ways to Live 150 Years. Mikhail Tombak

I have recently read the book "How to Live 150 Years" by Michail Tombak. Learn what the author recommends to achieve this goal.

Can flowers live 150 years?


Who Is Mikhail Tombak

Mikhail Tombak ( Michaił Borisowicz Tombak ) is a Russian teacher of chemistry and biology and the author of guides in Russian, born in September 1953.

Apart from graduating from the State Pedagogic Institute in Kaluga in 1976, he is also the habilitated doctor and professor of the private Interacademic Atetacic Committee. At present, he is living in Lodz in Poland, organising holiday stays, and promoting the ideas from his books.

Since 2000 Michail has written four books in Polish ( already translated into English and 11 other languages) about healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and longevity:

Michail has got a blog in Polish and a fan club on Facebook.

Can We Live 150 Years by Mikhail Tombak

The author of "Can We Live 150 Years?" teaches that there are five important pillars of longevity:

  • healthy spine,

  • proper breathing,

  • healthy diet,

  • internal hygiene (clean body organs),

  • stress management.

Each of these is equally important and they are also interdependent. You cannot be healthy with deteriorated spine and breathing in the wrong way, even having clean bowels. But, in contra, a clean body will not exist without the right diet. Now let's learn why Michail's five pillars of longevity are so important.

1. Neglected Spine

Your spine is the column that supports everything your body consists of. Various movements can often cause minute dislocations of vertebrae.

The muscles around a dislocated vertebrae stiffen up and prevent it from moving back to its proper position. This results in progressive nerve and muscle inflammation, causing pain and limiting your range of motion.

A dislocated vertebra creates pressure on nerves and blood vessels that are connected with specific muscles and organs.

If a nerve remains under pressure for a long time, the organ depending on the nerve develops pathologies that are hard to cure because each vertebra corresponds to a given organ in the body. For example, problems with the cervical spine lead to allergies, loss of hearing or throat problems.

2. Incorrect Breathing

When you come to this world, the first thing you do is take a deep breath. The last thing you do while leaving the world is to stop breathing. Children use the diaphragm while breathing which means that their abdomen is also used in this process and all the lungs are working.

Unfortunately, adults use rib cages instead which shortens the lifespan by 30 to 40 years. Then only the upper, smallest part of the lungs is used. It does not provide enough oxygen, especially in the case of obese people. The lungs work intensively, but ineffectively.

It is worsened with ageing because larger and larger sections of our lungs are no longer involved in the breathing process. Our body is constantly oxygen-starved, which leads not only to respiratory diseases but also to the circulatory system, pancreas or kidneys problems.

Live in the present - practise mindfulness - the article continues below:

3. Incorrect Diet

While being busy and stressed, our food is high in calories, fast and easy to prepare and easily absorbed. We also do not chew properly, drink liquids with the meal and combine foods requiring various digestive enzymes (i.e., carbohydrates and proteins.)

Moreover, pre-processed foods are rich in sugar, wheat, milk and other allergens. In addition, they are packed with preservatives mostly starting with "E" which are often harmful or at least disturb many processes in our bodies. Let's learn why these ingredients are harmful to longevity.


Sugar is not only added to coffee or tea. Now it is present nearly everywhere, maybe apart from raw vegetables. And not only as pure sugar. You can meet it even in hot dogs and deli chicken (also as glucose-fructose syrup. and maize starch)

High sugar consumption increased the number of diabetes, anaemia, and blood cancer cases. It does not happen in the parts of the world where sugar is not consumed.


Cow milk is a common substitute for human milk. However, human milk is richer in lactose which favourably helps with the development of friendly bacteria in the baby's colon. No mammals in the world (except humans) consume milk when they are grown up.

Cow milk is rich in casein, which is indigestible. Hence it builds up as lumps and mucous substances in your tissues and tendons. Also, the so- promoted calcium is much less absorbable from milk than from cabbage, carrots, or beets.

Do you know how to NOT speed up your death? Check it out here.


Dr Mikhail Tombak points out the danger of eating refined flour in today's wheat, together with yeast used during baking. Furthermore, cardiologist Dr William Davis noted in his book, Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health, that today's hybridized wheat contains sodium azide, a known toxin. Below I will shortly explain why wheat is toxic.


It is commonly known that wheat is sprayed with glyphosate, which is a big toxin to your intestinal bacterial flora. This procedure is done for killing weeds and shortly before harvest, to speed up grain drying.

Gluten and Gliadin

The gluten of contemporary wheat is very hard to digest. Moreover, gliadin and glutenin are acting as immunogenic anti-nutrients. Unlike fruits, which are meant to be eaten, grains have a way of fighting back.

Davis also believes that gliadin degrades to a morphine-like compound after eating, which creates an appetite for more wheat. Therefore, it makes wheat actually addictive the same as chocolate or alcohol.

Amylopectin A

Wheat also contains amylopectin A, which is converted to glucose in the blood faster and more efficiently than any other carbohydrate, even table sugar. Consequently, two slices of whole wheat bread increase blood sugar levels higher than a single candy bar. (source: Gizmodo.)


Michail Tombak does not recommend meat for everyday consumption because we often eat an insufficient amount of raw vegetables, without which digestion of meat is incomplete. Also, we often swallow too big nibbles of meat because of incorrect chewing, which leads to food decay in the intestines later.

However, Michail Tombak also states that not everybody has to be a vegetarian. You can have feasts in your life, being allowed to eat all kinds of food, but on ordinary days stick to what is healthy for your body. And do not forget: use moderation in eating because it is one of the basic conditions of your survival.

4. Lack of Internal Body Hygiene

We hear from our childhood that external body hygiene is important. However, you know little about internal hygiene.


Most people never clean the inside of their bodies. Usually, around the age of forty, their body is so tired of poisons, unfriendly bacteria and harmful deposits that it becomes susceptible to disease. In a constantly poisoned body, there are more old cells than new ones, which also causes diseases and degeneration of your body.

Eating And Poisoning of the Body

All food can be divided into four groups: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fruit/vegetables plus their juices. The digestion of most carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables starts in the mouth and continues in the small intestine. Fats and proteins are digested mostly in the stomach.

Combining meat with potatoes causes digestive problems because different digestive enzymes are needed to digest proteins and carbohydrates. Eating all together causes none of the groups to be digested efficiently. Moreover, the food will decay and fermentate in the intestines.

Instead of using the energy for life processes like regeneration or fighting diseases, your body has to use it for digestion and disposing of waste from a dinner consisting of incorrectly combined food products.

Undigested food sticks to the old one and another one to the large intestine's walls. The intestine still performs its absorbing function under the layer of filth and delivers toxins and cancerogenic products of decay, to the body.

The 7 Cleansing Systems and Living 150 Years

Mikhail Tombak teaches that your body has seven cleansing systems which keep toxins at bay:

  • the large intestine,

  • the liver,

  • the kidneys,

  • fat tissue,

  • muscles and tendons,

  • nose, ears and eyes.

Large Intestine

It is the first and most neglected filter. The walls of the large intestine are lined with roots, that like the roots of a plant, absorb nutritious substances into your blood. Each group of roots nurtures a specific organ. e.g heart.

Useless waste should be frequently discarded. Good health requires maintaining your intestines in perfect order. A dirty large intestine leads to blood pollution.

Your large intestine is also the farm of 500 kinds of bacteria which normally complete the digestion of food and destroy other, disease-causing bacteria. Good bacteria also produce vitamins, hormones, enzymes and amino acids.

However, eating too much animal protein causes constant putrefaction processes in your large intestine and results in the emission of methane. This poisonous gas destroys the bacteria that produce vitamin B.


If your large intestine is too contaminated and the blood absorbs more filth than usual, your liver starts to suffer. After a while, the liver and/or the gallbladder are plugged with stones, cholesterol, and dark-green bile. In this way, the process of filtering out the blood is suppressed.


When the liver fails to filter the blood properly, your kidneys become the main filter and, if the body is not cleansed, also become filled with stones and sand.

Fat Tissue

Then the body starts storing the toxins in fat tissue, and you put on weight even more and feel worse.

Muscles And Tendons

In the long run, when there is no improvement and a massive amount of toxins still deluge your body, salty deposits start to create on the bones and joints, causing pain.

Nose, Ears and Eyes

You will also have a cold because the body is trying to eliminate the toxins in mucus. In the case of eyes, more tears are secreted and the ear wax.

Lungs and Skin

Toxins are also disposed of in the form of sweat and gas during breathing. So bad smell of your sweat and bad breath from your mouth are obvious signs of your body intoxication.

5. Constant Stress

I agree with Mikail Tombak that stress is disastrous to our health, physical one. Here are some ways in which we generate stress:

Negative Thoughts

Your way of thinking influences what happens to you and determines the good and bad aspects of your life. Also, listen to your own words. If you notice that you express the same negative thought repeatedly, the time has come to change the record.

Toxic Relationships

You obviously become a person like the people who spend the most time with you. If they are toxic or even energy vampires, create a new word by thinking and acting, usually changing your friends and even partner in some cases. Otherwise, the level of your own vibrations is in danger.

Learn how to create blissful relationships

Lack Of Grounding and Connection With the Source

Your body absorbs not only food or your thoughts, but also other kinds of immaterial energy. To be balanced, you need to ground it, walk barefoot, cuddle with a tree or stroke a cat.

Practise Meditation

Apart from the physical care of your spine, diet, internal hygiene, breathing and stress level, you can use holistic meditation to accelerate this process.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In A Nutshell

Today you have learned the last two reasons for living shorter: lack of internal hygiene and inability to live a blissful life. We usually have intoxicated liver, large intestines, kidneys and other organs. We also stick to toxic relationships, think negative thoughts and forget to ground, connecting to the Source and Mother Earth. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.‍


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