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4 Ways to Speed Up Your Death

Everyone wants to live long, staying healthy and fit. However, we often sabotage this goal. Learn what speeds up your death.


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What Is the Physical Death

Death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. - Wikipedia

You can talk about the death of your brain, heart and lungs. The first sign is no breathing. then no pulse is detected and finally, neuronal activity ceases. ASs you cannot think, your mind and emotional system collapse. From the metaphysical point of view, your soul is leaving the body, going to a different density.

The Spiritual and Physical Aspects of Life

Before I tell you what the length of your life depends on, be aware that the length of your life depends on some factors.

First, which is obvious, bad nutrition, sleep deprivation and other forms of mistreating your physical body. Secondly, you can speed up your death through negative emotions. And thirdly, but not least importantly, it depends on your thoughts, beliefs and all the energy affecting your aura.

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Death

When we come to earth, there is no date of termination set for us. It all depends firstly on your carers and then, when you are an adult, on your own choices. Of course, sometimes the soul chooses a very short lifespan or sacrifices his or her life for a greater purpose. However, I am writing about the life of an average human being.

Your life does not depend on reincarnation, i.e., your past carnations unless you have decided so before coming to the Earth. However, the fears remaining from your past lives or karmic issues may have an impact on the length of your life now. But even then, you have the strength to change the process, enjoying longevity. Now let's come to the point, i.e., what shortens your lifespan?

Lack Of Self-Love

This is the main, although not the only death accelerator. When you do not love yourself, it simply means rejection of life. The viral energy runs away, illnesses come instead and the day of your death approaches closer.

Lack of self-love can mean anything that harms your health on any of the levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Now learn how you manifest a lack of self-love, self-respect and self-care. From a holistic point of view, it is a disaster. lack of self-love manifests on three levels: the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional ones:

1. Physical Harm

  • lack of sleep,

  • toxic nutrition - wheat, sugar, casein, eating too much and in the wrong way (more information in my articles soon), combining carbs with proteins,

  • alcohol, drugs, smoking,

  • improper posture and lack of exercise,

  • constant stress.

2. Mental Harm

  • worry,

  • self-criticism,

  • beating up yourself,

  • self-stinging,

  • ruminating on past traumas, wounds, stings etc,

  • anxiety,

  • all kinds of negative thoughts and beliefs about not loving yourself, unworthiness, and not deserving good things in life. Further reading about thoughts and mind:

3. Emotional Harm

  • anger and hate,

  • jealousy and envy,

  • shame,

  • guilt,

  • resent,

  • bitter regrets,

  • constant complaining,

  • other negative emotions, not mentioned above.

  • actually wanting to die, self-harming thoughts,

  • deliberate cooperation with the darkness, pledge,

  • being a member of religious sects,

  • others.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to speed up your death. And in most cases, malnutrition or lack of sleep are just the tips of the iceberg or the icing on the cake. The problem lies deeper, starting from the willingness to die, even if it is an unconscious process. just thinking that way will induce degenerative processes in the body.

The same applies to emotions. Cancer does not only happen because of a bad diet or a poisonous environment. it is your willingness to die, to destroy your life. And your negative emotions are the biggest cancer generator. Grudges, unchanneled anger or frustration, guilt or shame may be also destructive.

dead leaves will be transformed into soil

Specific Cases of Speeding Up Your Death

Now I will give you examples of why the actions listed above speed up your death. And remember, dying first starts in your head by thinking and then negative emotions. Then you act in a destructive way, damaging your physical body.

  • rejection syndrome (you do not want to live anymore, rejecting happiness)- backache, digestive problems and pains (e.g., IBS), thyroid gland disease.

  • mind reprogramming (thought forms, mind control and constant negative thinking about hopeless, hard life) induces a stroke, cancer, heart attack and any other serious disease, causing death,

  • lack of self-love, and self-loathing cause heart attacks,

  • worry deprograms the body, leads to cancer,

  • bitter regrets cause heart disease, lack of self-confidence,

  • hate (self-loathing and directed to others - venom spitting, swearing, destructive criticising, mocking), lack of respect for other beings and hidden anger lead to liver problems, gallbladder stones,

  • ruminating the past traumas, wounds etc. causes heart, back and muscle diseases,

  • keeping secrets (cheating on a partner, a bribe, a theft) not telling the truth - your liver and pancreas suffer, lung, throat, teeth, gums, thyroid gland diseases

  • lack of accepting your sex - breast, prostate, and genitals cancer,

  • giving up, lack of assertiveness, sadness, pressure by something/someone enslavement cause skin problems, muscle, back and heart diseases,

  • hexes, pledges, bad spells and malediction create tumours (breast, brain, prostate, pancreas, colon, stomach, any other organ - cancer; kidney and liver - stones) because this kind of energy cannot be bounced off,

  • the rat race and comparing it with others lead to kidney and liver problems.

  • low vibrations caused by any of the above cases.

Now look at the mirror and check which of these death accelerators you use every day. Just worrying and ruminating are enough to start destruction. What can you do?

Meditate To Slow Down the Death Clock

You can start the recovery process by reverting to negativity. Each meditation has got a cleansing stage where you can remove all negative energy, of any kind, from your body, mind, and soul. Meditating regularly, at least once per week, will help you to eliminate the consequences of your past destructive deeds and attitudes.

The topic of longevity is very broad, and I cannot put everything in one article. My next post will show you how to enjoy longevity in your four dimensions: body, soul, mind, and heart. Hence, stay tuned to this website and in a couple of days' time, you will read more tips on holistic longevity.

Let's meditate together:

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In A Nutshell

Today you have learnt what shortens your life in the case of your body, soul, mind and heart. I have also given you particular cases of what happens when you spread negativity. Study the list carefully and stop doing harmful things to yourself.



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