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4 Useful Tools for NOT Using Catastrophizing in Life

Catastrophising is one of the most common negative thinking patterns. Learn how to stop this practice by using 5 simple and efficient tools.

stop catastrophizing


What Is Catastrophising

Catastrophising essentially involves imagining and dwelling on the worst possible outcome of something. It’s basically overreacting and letting your thoughts run away to dire and highly unlikely scenarios. It’s the kind of thing that happens when you’re lying awake at three in the morning worried sick about the future and what is going to happen to you. In other words, it is the worst kind of worry.

Learn how to stop worrying - the article continues below:

Catastrophising is recognised by the "What if..." question. Think how many times, while feeling frightened or helpless, you generated worries by "what if." Today you will be able to use easy techniques to stop this destructive chain.

"Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, emptier and simpler."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Catastrophising may also concern spiritual life. Let's look at karma, for example. Perfectionists of spiritual growth may be afraid that any misdeed will result in heavy karma, catastrophising any word they say or any thought they think.

You need to remember that spiritual growth is a single-player game where no one rushes you to finish a given level. Catastrophizing only puts pressure on you and makes the game more difficult.

How Not to Be Affected by Catastrophising

There are many methods that help to stop catastrophizing. I have chosen three of them which you can apply instantly. In the long run, you can use subconscious reprogramming. However, the first step is to solve the problem when it occurs.

1. Ask Questions to Stop Catastrophising

Questions are fundamental because they set the focus of your life. By asking the right questions, you can see the problem differently and will try to solve it. Therefore, in the case of "what if?" ask contra questions which you can ask in case of catastrophising:

· How probable is it that it will happen?

· What is the evidence it will not happen?

· What would your best friend say in this situation?

· What can I do right now to solve the problem?

2. Postpone Catastrophising

One of the best techniques to overcome catastrophising is to postpone it. Decide that you will worry about the problem later, and it's even better, for a limited period.

You can write down what bothers you, but later start thinking positively until you reach the time during which you will worry. usually, when you postpone catastrophizing, it will not be necessary to worry at the time you have set because your focus will be on something more positive.


Next time, when you start worrying, take your diary and write the worry, plus set the time when you intend to deal with the problem. When the due hour comes, use the questions from step One to disarm the worry.


3. Take Control over Your Life

In other words, take responsibility. Here are some pieces of advice for various aspects of your life:


If you are afraid that your partner is cheating on you, do your best to improve the quality of your relationship. Focus on communication, and clarity and build your relationship on the bedrock of love and care.

And in the case when he/she does cheat on you or announces a breakup, take a critical look at your relationship and work on your feelings.

Career and Money

First, and foremost, remember that thinking about scarcity will result in scarcity as you will attract it to your life. The same applies to losing your job or investments. So, start with shifting "What if...?" into

What can I do to turn things around?

Write down twenty ideas without evaluating them initially. Then select one and take action. It may mean protecting you from, e.g. losing money by the accumulation of savings, or solving the problem, e.g. by sincere talk to your boss/creditor.

There are cases that are beyond your control. However, you can always be in charge of your reactions and minimize the consequences of negative events.

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Health and Catastrophising

Are you afraid of cancer or disability? Start by answering questions from Step One to stop catastrophising:

· How probable is it that it will happen?

· What is the evidence it will not happen?

· What would your best friend say in this situation?

· What can I do right now to solve the problem?


· What can I do to turn things around?

Cancer or disability will happen if your lifestyle is destructive (i.e., you are deprived of sleep, follow an unhealthy diet, and do no exercise).

Destruction also happens by negative thinking, talking and deeds (e.g., by taking drugs, smoking, and drinking) hence, instead of catastrophizing, take action (again, list twenty ideas of what to do to solve the problem and take action).

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Spiritual Life

You grow at your own pace so catastrophising like: "What if I do not manage to transform before the end of the world?" should not be practised. Your soul is eternal; if you need to incarnate again in the Golden Age, it will happen.

Catastrophising also occurs when you do not believe in your strength while doing homework of that value. For example, how many times were you afraid that someone destroys you?

They can annihilate your body but never your soul unless you sign a pledge with a demon. However, even then you will have some chances to change your mind after ending your current life.

So, what can you do? Always believe in your divine strength. You are never totally alone, even if there is no animal or human being by your side. Invisible, but powerful beings always protect you, just believe in it. No one is able to destroy you, unless with your consent.


4. Meditate

Meditation is a very helpful tool for stopping catastrophising. here is a short script for this practice:

  • Close your eyes and move, by imagination, to a place where you feel relaxed, happy, and safe. Use 80% of your brain to create your new life.

  • Cleanse all negative energy under the waterfall with water or by the beam of Divine White Light. Let it go through every cell, chakra, meridian and organ.

  • Go to the meadow and lie down on the grass to recharge with the energy of Mother Earth. Then send all kinds of worry to the ground, dissolving them. Ask Mother Earth, God, and other beings for help with finding a solution to the problem which induced catastrophising.

  • Go to the beach and throw all your catastrophic thoughts to the sea. Then open your eyes.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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In a Nutshell

To stop catastrophizing you need to calm down your mind. Ask the questions posted here and postpone worry. Remember that it is you who is responsible for the quality of your life. Good luck with creating your positive mind.



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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