3 Ways How to Live in Synchronicity with the Universe

The Universe can help us to be happy and fulfilled when we are living in synchronicity with it. How to do it? learn the tools today.


What Does It Mean to Live in Synchronicity with the Universe?

Before you start turning your life to the vibrations of the Universe, learn what happens when you are living in synchronicity with it.  In general, it means "a series of coincidences that have a powerful meaning for the individual who experiences them, a meaning that cannot be explained by ordinary terms.".  Synchronicity appears in Matrix,  but comes from outside it. There are seven main clues indicating that you are in synchronicity with the Universe:

1. Your Wanted Songs Are Played on the Radio

When you start singing a song that pops up in your head, incidentally, it is being played on the radio or in a shopping mall. This happens because your precognitive abilities respond to stimuli before the stimulus itself appears. It can also mean telepathy, i.e. the radio presenter has read your intention.

2. You Feel the Flow

Touching with the Universe and surrendering to its guidance, opens up more synchronization in your life. When you let it guide,  pure flow begins. You start to experience good timing and a couple of positive "coincidences". For example, you feel being exactly in the right place, at the right time, doing what you should.

3. Thinking of Someone and Receiving Their Call

This is a synchronicity that happens to most of us. You call someone and hear that your interlocutor has just thought of you.  Another case: you think about someone, and in a moment you get a message from that person.  These phenomena are grounded by the energetic connections you have with all the things and people around you, which also involves telepathy.

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Looking at the sky can taach you connection with the Universe

4. Meeting Helpful People Exactly When You Need Them

When you meet someone who has the answer to your problems, it simply shows you the way the Universe tells you 'I have heard your call and that it wants to help you solve it ' Moreover, healers themselves begin to talk about solving your problem, without even knowing that it is just what you need. To amplify this process in your life, follow the steps described below in this article. Then the Universe is always open to guide you as long as you are at peace with it.

5. You Find an Answer to Your Questions

You may need more clarity in various areas of life. For example, it concerns your business, the dilemma of whether to change jobs or move to a new city or how to take care of the relationship better. When you are synchronised with the Universe, the answer can suddenly come from many different sources, such as coming across the right book, a voice in the head, the words of a song, the conversation heard in the subway, dialogue in a movie, etc.

6. You Receive the Gifts Secretly Desired

There might be something you secretly crave without telling anyone. For example, it could be a book you want to read or a gadget you want to buy. And amazingly, your friend or partner hands it to you, saying they just thought you would like it. When you desire things that are helpful to your growth or that bring good to others it is in harmony with the Universe. It happens this way because spiritual magnetism is much stronger than shallow desires, and therefore their manifestation is almost immediate.

7. You See Numbers Like 1111, 222, 333 Very Regularly

This is considered the most common sign that people receive from the Universe. These numbers can also come from our spiritual guides or angels, telling us that we are guided by God and encouraging us to move forward because we are on the right path.

How To Regain Synchronicity with the Universe

Now when you have learnt a couple of ways in which you can synchronise with the Universe, let's learn what to do to improve this process. Even one aspect improved will dramatically increase your chances of solving problems and experiencing wonderful things in your life.  However, your goal should be to make an effort in all these aspects. Here they are:

1. Practise Self-Care to Connect with the Universe

You can not recognise the cues sent by the Universe in the case of being ill, with a weak aura and negative thoughts, plus manifesting hatred towards your family and friends. Take care of your body, mind, soul and emotions.

Keep Your Body Healthy

Proper nutrition, long enough sleep and exposure to the sunlight, keeping fit belong here. Also, treat your body, and I mean each part of it equally, with respect. Listen to what they want to tell you and follow their clues.

Nurture Your Emotional Health

This practice is one of a couple of ways to live in harmony with the Universe.  Vent your negative emotions in a constructive way and learn what they want to tell you. For example, anger can tell you about breaching your personal boundaries.

Cultivate Positive Mind

Remember that even one negative thought can destroy synchronicity with the Universe.  Hence always cultivate positive thinking. Burn negativity in the fire so that you will not catch auric flu.

Cleanse and Protect Your Aura

Only a strong and healthy aura will help you to connect with the Universe. Then no energetic hooks or vampires have access to your biofield. Keep your vibrations high and cleanse your aura regularly

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2. Nurture Your Relationships and Synchronize with the Universe

You cannot be happy and tune to the Universe living in an unhappy relationship or working for a toxic boss. Fortunately, there are some tools that will help you to improve the quality of your relationships.

  • Love One Another. There are many kinds of cultivating love and I will write a separate article about it soon. But let me mention some kinds of practising love: kindness, encouragement, respect, generosity, care.
  • Remove toxic people from your life. I mean the real and the virtual life. the second is usually neglected. Be polite on social media.

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  • Learn effective communication skills. Good communication equally involves listening ( i.e. genuine listening) and speaking. Learn more about the art of communication. Also, notice other person's viewpoint while conversing with them.
  • Facilitate positive group work. Do not forget about assertiveness and keep peace and harmony at work. And the last but not least: establish healthy leadership and be devoted to one another to a higher purpose.

3. Grow and Evolve to Connect Better with the Universe

It is boring without evolution and growth. The universal Law of Change brings the necessity of constant exploration of new values of the light and learning new life lessons. Growth also means learning new skills and broadening the horizons so that you can adapt  better to changes and synchronise with the Universe. How to do it?

  • Develop self-discipline. Without exacting order, the Universe as we know it would fall apart. And so would we. Self-discipline defines our character, strengthens our will, and empowers us to live in harmony with each other and with the Universe.
  • Keep learning and growing in knowledge.  As the Universe is expanding, we need to expand our mental facilities by learning new skills and immersing in new knowledge. But be wise to choose what to learn and which teachers are your guides. We learn by the acquaintance of new knowledge, modelling our mentors and by practice.
  • Embrace change and surrender to the Universe. Holding onto the past or expecting things to always stay the same will never work. Be open to changes and life lessons. Learn them as quickly as possible. Go with the flow.
  • Practise spirituality. Having a spiritual practice has lots of benefits to one’s health, mood, longevity, and overall well-being. You can do it by meditation, prayer, yoga or doing kind acts. apart from those, listen to spiritual music,  practise deep-breathing and cleanse your mind, emotions and body.
  • Get organized.  The universe is extremely organized. It runs on strict calculations and follows cyclic seasons, patterns, and planetary motion in exacting order. Therefore, you also need to become organized, timely and reliable. Set and work on your goals, keep your space tidy and clean.  Clear an unwanted clutter, simplify and minimize.

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  • In a Nutshell

    Today you have learnt how to connect better with the Universe by synchronicity. There are some signs showing that this process is on the right track, e.g. seeing some numbers, telepathic messages. But you need to make some effort. Self-care, constant growth and spiritual practice will help you to improve synchronicity with the Universe. Good luck and lots of love,