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15 Things You Should Stop Doing to Be Happy in New Year

Each of us has heard about New Year's resolutions. Some of them mean giving up negative things or habits. However, we usually forget about the 15 negative things that may surprise us and which should be given up, too. What are they?

Happy New Year


It is not easy to decide what can have a negative impact on your life because in many cases you are just attached to a given thought, belief or thing and cannot notice its destructive impact on your life.

However, from an energy investment perspective, some habits, thoughts and beliefs ARE negative and have a hazardous impact on the quality of your life.

15 Negative Things to Avoid in New Year

I will give you only fifteen examples as more could overwhelm you. Pick up one for a try and after a month, check if you can resign from more negative things. Here they are:

1. No Need to Be Always Right

Remember that the need to be righteous is the symptom of low self-esteem and the willingness to be superior to other individuals. Hence, it is not your strength, but your weakness.

Spiritual growth assumes healthy humility. You should never feel cocksure or perky. it concerns people, animals, and even inanimate objects.

Remember that there will always be someone better than you, who will humiliate you dramatically in the case of showing superiority and arrogance. Being perky is not the value of Light.

2. No Willingness to Control

It concerns controlling other people or beings (animals), eventually distrusting neither yourself nor other beings. Think for a while? How could you live with someone who does not trust you?

You also need to know that we all have the right to choose on this planet. You need to let other beings make mistakes, and behave their own way, even if it is not according to your standard or the vision of your life. And it means no attempt of controlling others.

3. No Blaming

Stop blaming people, things, circumstances, and yourself. Take responsibility for your life. As I wrote in one article, it concerns your words, acts, thoughts and reactions.

4. No Negative Self-Talk

Stop believing in your destructive self-talk. The more you discuss with your thoughts and words, giving them your attention, the more valuable energy you lose in your life. Your mind is a tool. You have control over it. In the case of negative thoughts or words, just put them in the bin. Take responsibility for your reactions.

Your negative beliefs are the roots of your thoughts, limiting you in every aspect of your life. They create your reality. Therefore, try to have only positive beliefs. I will write some posts about transforming your beliefs soon.

Further reading on mind and thoughts:

6. No Grumbling And Complaining

It is your choice to complain and grumble. They both represent the negative way of handling your reality. Know that complaining creates pits for you. Please read my article about grumbling and learn how to stop this process.

Happy new Year by the river

The more you criticise yourself, other beings (also animals), inanimate things and events that happen in your life, the more difficult it is to notice the positive side of life.

You have the right to criticise, but it must be constructive, giving you or other people the opportunity to correct their words, deeds and even thoughts.

Keep your inner critic at bay. It will send you negative thoughts which diminish your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you let these thoughts multiply and constantly repeat in your head, negative thought forms will be created and it will be more difficult to get rid of them than the thoughts themselves.

8. No Need To Impress Other People

It is only you, the only person that you need to impress. If you want to impress other individuals, you become addicted to their judgement about your person and susceptible to their criticism and manipulation.

When you go to the other world after passing away, only your deeds and fulfilment of your soul contract will matter. You will be asked "How much progress have you made? What have you learnt? How have you done your homework?"

9. No Resistance to Changes

There is a proverb: Nothing is constant... except change. It is also one of the Universal Laws that are unquestionable and immutable.

Treat your life as a journey and the game and even if a given change may mean a temporary failure, loss, or discomfort, never give up. And know that to have something new, often better in your life, you need to lose something in return.

10. No Labelling People And Things

By labelling people, things, and animals, you fall into the trap of stereotypes instead of having your own viewpoint, based on your life experience. Have an open mind and never label as this will limit your ability to judge life according to your own views.

Why do we label? Our parents, siblings, the media, religion, and society teach us to do so from the youngest. Not to mention school, where you obtain a nickname and nickname your teachers or peers.

11. No Irrational Fears

It is proved that 92% of fears are irrational. Just ask a question:

  • Is this thought true?

  • What is the evidence that it is true? - and question each piece of evidence again: Is this true?

You can also ask these questions:

  • What is the worst scenario?

  • How can I handle the worst scenario, how can I minimise it?

I can assure you, only 2% of your fears will manifest, and it also depends on your thinking. Therefore, change your thinking and act.

The truth is that when you search for excuses, you will find them. It is the best example of how the Universal law of Focus works.

However, excuses mean that you do not want to take responsibility for your life, and for your soul's growth, and it simply means that the lesson will be repeated anyway if you avoid doing your homework.

Your past has already been and will not happen anymore unless you have not learnt the life lesson it has carried. The dead person, the lost job will not come back, but no one will take you the experience and good memories you had then.

Remember the good moments from the past and learn from the bad ones, but never attach to either of them.

Further reading about forgiveness:

Happy new year

14. No Tight Attachment to People, Animals and Things

Fear of losing something or someone robs you of happiness which you could enjoy now. They are worries and speed up the events you are afraid of.

Therefore, enjoy and appreciate what you have got right now. Accept it can be lost. Changes are inevitable and you will not avoid them. Gain inner peace and lots of energy which you can use for fulfilling your dreams.

15. No Meeting Other People's Needs

I do not mean not helping others at all. But in the case when your growth is more important, take care of yourself first. To help others, invest in your health, self-esteem, competencies, or mental and emotional growth. To share, you need to accumulate something first.

Never solve other people's problems, especially those presented by grumblers and other kinds of victims. You can give them tips on solving these problems, but that is it. Your time is too precious.

Let’s Meditate Together

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More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt the fifteen things which you should eliminate from your life. In general, they are concerned about being a victim, lacking self-responsibility and not following the values of the Light. Good luck on the way to eliminating them, as the road may be bumpy and long, with ups and downs.



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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