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15 Questions to Ask the Universe

Have you ever tried to talk to the Universe? Sounds strange, but... let's try it today. How can you master this skill?

Ask the Universe  questions by the mountain lake


Every thought you think, every word you say and every deed you do are the messages sent to the Universe. Moreover, each word thought, and deed brings consequences in your life. The point is to have a happy, fulfilled life.

While talking to the Universe, you activate the universal laws. One of the most popular is the Law of Cause and Effect - what you have sown you will reap.

Apart from this law, you probably heard about the Law of Attraction or Focus. The first says that you attract anything thought, said, or done - good or bad. The second of the laws states that anything that you dwell on, grows.

You can talk to the Universe writing affirmations - either your ones or those found in the most famous self-help books. But I will tell you, affirmations will not create your brilliant, happy life, just because they are statements.

Imagine what happens when you are listening to someone, and this person uses statements. after a while, you become bored and lose interest in the conversation unless...


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Someone Asks You a Question

Yes, questions force you to find an answer - either for yourself or the person who is asking. Just think about what happens when a child at the age of 3 or 4 asks a countless number of questions.

Later we learn that it is rude to ask too much, and our creativity is killed. But the good news is that the Universe is never tired of your questions.

What if the questions you will ask will create a brilliant, happy life for you? Sounds nice but may not be easy. The main condition is you have to stay in positive vibrations and the question has to be positive.

Positive vibrations show your attitude, intentions, and emotions. You will not ask the happiness-bringing questions while being angry, wishing someone bad or just not accepting your life. But even if you are struggling with your vibrations, learning how to ask the Universe the right questions will bring you crops later.

15 Questions to the Universe

Before you read the questions, learn HOW to use them. It is proved by science that if you want to transform your subconscious mind, the time before falling asleep and just after waking up is best.

And remember that your subconsciousness is the best catalyst between you and the Universe.

A Word of Caution

The questions may not work at once. Here are some causes of why:

  • Your vibrations may be too low or just later, during the day, when an opportunity arrives, you say 'No, I don't want it.

  • You also need FAITH that the Universe will help you to become happy. Talking to the Universe without believing that you will be heard will not work.

  • You focus on what you LACK instead of being open to ABUNDANCE

These are only the three most frequent reasons which cause problems in your communication with the Universe. Now I will present you the 15 questions which make wonders in your life:

How to Ask the Universe Part One

1. What nice thing/person will meet me today?

Imagine that each day is a new chapter of your life. Who would you like to meet? What would you like to experience?

2. How would it be to have financial freedom?

Even if you are struggling financially today, ask this question to the Universe. It will bring you people and circumstances which will help you to improve your financial situation.

3. What else is possible to achieve my goal?

This question broadens your mind, making you more alert to new solutions and opportunities.

How to Ask the Universe Part Two

4. How could it be even better?

Do not stick to the current level of your health, happiness, or wealth. You can always improve them. I do not mean the rat race here. it is your progress. These questions also help to solve problems, shifting your thinking to seeking solutions.

Follow the pathway shown by the Universe

5. How would I feel like a happy wife/husband etc.?

Start creating your happy relationship now. Feel how it would be to be by the side of someone who lives, respects you and is caring. He/she will eventually appear, just stop doubting it.

6. What else is needed to receive the thing I am asking for?

Try to think about how to accelerate the attraction of the thing that you want. Maybe the help of more or different people, a different strategy, more effective resources, and a more positive attitude.

7. How would it be to enjoy full health and vitality?

Again, feel right now that you have no health problems. Visualise the healing process and keep it in your mind. Never doubt that you can be healthy, even some illnesses caused by karma are just lessons that will end.

8. How would it be to stay open for love?

We are often blocked by wound and bed pest experiences. Apart from asking this question, you can transform your attitude by listening to uplifting music.

How to Ask the Universe Part Three

9. What nice blessing has the Universe prepared for me today?

We all know that gratitude is important. However, have you ever considered creating your blessings by asking questions? Try it today.

10. What good things will I meet today?

This question sets your focus to create positivity and attraction of happiness, love, health and abundance in your life. When you wake up, remember to ask the Universe for all that is good in life.

11. How would it be to stay open for abundance and financial freedom?

Accept the fact that openness to the gift of abundance can bring you financial prosperity. This question is useful for crushing all mental blockades, stopping you from believing and deserving abundant life.

12. How would it be to achieve success?

I do not mean the rat race. First, define what success means to you - at work, in family life, and finance. How healthy would you like to feel to be called successful?

How to Ask the Universe Part Four

13. How would it be if I met a nice boyfriend/girlfriend who would love and respect me?

if you are single, this question will help when feeling lonely. Crush all the barricades of doubt and disappointment and expect that someone nice will cross your path.

14. How quickly can I reduce stress etc.?

This question concerns any negative emotion (namely fear, panic, frustration, anger, depression, disappointment, jealousy and many more). However, you can also reduce debt, or diminish any problem.

15. How would it be to materialize the beauty, health, and vitality in my body?

Creation again. Start with positive thinking and speaking. Your self-talk is very important, too. Every time, look at the mirror in the bathroom, ask this question.


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How to Make the Most of Your Answers?

Be ready that the answers may surprise you or be something you cannot accept easily. Then start working on the issues that block your connection with the Universe.

Here are a couple of ways you can do to open fully to the Universe's answers:

  • Practise affirmations

  • Work on your thoughts

  • Work on your beliefs

  • Meditate

  • Set an intention to connect better to the Universe

  • ask other people and Higher beings for help.


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In a Nutshell

Asking questions to the Universe is one of the best tools to start working on your permanent happiness. The questions do not suggest the answer, you give the Universe some flexibility to bring you some blessings as surprises. When asking the questions listed above, be filled with decent intentions towards other beings, not only human ones. Good luck with using the questions. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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