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15 Proven Ways For Creating the Most Successful Year

In 34 days' time, we will start a new year. Will it be the most successful year in your life? Meet the 15 less known tips and apply them in your everyday life, now.


In the beginning, I have to give you two pieces of news.  The bad one is that 2022 will not be a successful year for you because of no plan made beforehand.  The good news is... that it is still not too late to prepare. and then the next year will be prosperous plus you will also be more satisfied with your current achievements.

In order to finish the current year in harmony and self-satisfaction, with the feeling that there have been good twelve months, focus on December as the review month. Check what you have achieved and what not and still do as much as you can, the same as businesses are doing with sales around Christmas now.

It is still enough time to close unfinished business so that the next year will be started fresh. Just do your best to make the most of the current one. Focus on the last month which will start tomorrow.

Let's Face the Brutal Truth About the Current Year

Start from the diagnosis: how far are you with your resolutions and goals?. Answer the following questions, preferably in writing. Be brutally sincere with yourself:

  • Have you fulfilled at least some of your New Year's resolutions? How much?
  • Can you be proud of yourself?
  • Can you, without any remorse, start planning the next year?

According to science, only a few per cent of individuals who prepare their New Year's resolutions meet them. The overwhelming majority of people resigns just after the first week of the new year.

But you can always make progress, even if it is one per cent of your plan, even if it is one of the 365 days in the year. By the way, you still have over 31 left.

15 Ways To Create the Most Successful Year

I will describe to you fifteen ways thanks to which you can make 2022 the most successful year in your life.  There are 31 days in December, so there is still plenty of time during which you can do more about the achievements of this year.

1. Dig Out Your New Year's Resolutions

Check what you have achieved so far, which goals can be modified, e.g. moved to the next year, which are outdated or which can be pursued at least at the minimal level by December 31st. Take two A4 sheets of paper: one will be for the current and the other for the next year's goals. Check the second sheet at the end of the month.

While preparing for the new year, do not forget to work on all the areas of life: work, health, fun and relationships. This is the first tip I can give you. Answer these questions  in writing:

  • How well have you taken care of your body (eating, sleep, exercise, sunlight)?
  • What have you achieved at your work?
  • How have you cultivated your relationships and what have you learnt from people this year?
  • What have you achieved spiritually? Are you more patient, understanding, generous or forgiving?
  • How have you managed your thoughts; were they positive?

2. Plan Good Deeds

In this way, you will create more positive energy for yourself and other individuals. You will also grow as the being of Light, becoming more advanced on the way of spiritual growth. Examples of good deeds:

  • donations,
  • visiting an elderly person, especially from family,
  • helping them with shopping,
  • walking their dog.
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  • 3. Plan Your Rest Around Christmas and Next Successful Year

    This year make Christmas the time to rest and relax instead of a busy commotion. Charge your batteries before the new year so that you will have the energy and willingness to take new challenges. While resting, think about what can make to make the next one successful. Plan real days off, not only from work but also other duties like house chores. Why not go to a spa in your own place of living?

    4. Organise the Days for Closing Unfinished Businesses

    We all procrastinate or abandon doing important things. There are many reasons for procrastination and I will publish an article about them in the future. For now, make a list of all unfinished businesses (repairs, apologies, clutter clearing, giving things to the recycling of charity, tidying documents or files on your computer, phone). Then start finishing one by one, every day by Dec 31st. You will feel great relief having finished at least one of them.

    But one word of warning: make a plan for the next 34 days to finish these businesses little-by-little, e.g. something per day, and start from the easiest item. Otherwise, you will be discouraged. Also, do not worry if something is left, you have the next year to finish the job, providing that you will commit to doing so.

    5. Clear the Physical And Virtual Clutter

    Christmas cleaning is not only about festive times. You are closing an old year in this way. You have all December to clear any kind of clutter (some kinds of it have been mentioned above). If you are overwhelmed with the amount of clutter, choose some strategic places: kitchen, dining room and bedroom.

    The same concerns your computer and phone, tidy bigger files and small documents leave for later. I can assure you that when you start, more than three places or more than only bigger files will be cleared.

    6. Observe Your Budget and Plan It for the Next Successful Year

    For the next 34 days, note down all your expenses. Write down the dates of your overheads (TV licence, water charges, electricity, internet, rent/mortgage etc.) but also do not forget about fun, education and savings (if you have some) In this way, you will be able to plan your budget more efficiently next year. Whatever amount of money you have, divide the budget into some categories. For example:

    • Living and bills (50%) - that is a must, everyone pays them. But think what you could do to cut costs.
    • Lifetime savings (10%) - always save up this amount, no matter what. it will help you to be more financially free in the long run.
    • Sunny days savings (10%) - cover your unexpected costs by this fund. I deliberately called this group "sunny", not "rainy" as then your expenses will not be unwanted incident.
    • Education (10%) - invest in self-growth, broaden your horizons.
    • Fun (10%) - do not forget about pleasure. save something monthly to spend and enjoy.
    • Charity (10%) what you share with others will come bac to you.

    In the case, you struggle financially and this plan seems to be unworkable for you,  take just one dollar/euro daily/weekly of the budget daily and save.  Start a new habit. You will end up with 365 next year (plus 31 coming from December of this year), or 52 - 53 ones. If saving is your regular practice, increase the amount. Then savings can be doubled or tripled.

    7. Visit the Doctors  to Enjoy a Healthy and Successful Year

    We often procrastinate or forget to visit a specialist. Remember about your dental and medical checkups. Do a blood test (and urgent: check Vitamin D3 level). You can also visit your holistic doctor. After checkups, buy the prescribed medications and use them conscientiously.

    Check your weight and body dimensions (waist, bust - women, hips). However, I do not stick to Body Mass Index as we have various physiques which also has an impact on weight.  If you are overweight, start exercising and modify your eating style. Christmas does not last 31 days so you still find time to lose weight. And then extend the program to make 2022 the most successful year in your life.

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    8. Improve the Quality Of Your Relationships

    It might not be done within a day or even a month, but 31 days are enough to do Radical Forgiveness or apologise and spend more time with your kith and kins. Next year you can make a long-term resolution, e.g. how to handle your anger or depression. Here are more examples of improving your relationships:

    9. Plan Your Vacation

    You do not need to reserve everything 6 or 8 months ahead, but at least make a plan where you would like to go and check the current prices. You can buy cheaper flights and book hotels with the option of free cancellation. Planning your holiday will make you busy and it will be easier to go through the winter.

    10. Repay Your Debt to Have a Successful Year

    And I do not mean financial liabilities only Although you might have to repay something the next year (e.g. your mortgage and some loans), there are also other debts. If you borrowed money from your friends, give it back. M make a plan of repayment and start clearing debts as soon as possible. Do not forget about the repayment of other kinds of abilities, e.g. meeting given promises, apologising and making up with your family.

    11. Polish Your Skills

    34 days are enough to read a manual and do some exercises, learn some new vocabulary or go for a weekend course. Sit and make a plan of how you will increase your qualifications in December. I do not only mean learning a new language or professional skills. Polish your assertiveness, for example. Every day practise it in real situations.

    12. Try a New Physical Activity

    In this way, you will know what to practise next year. Yoga, aerobic, iron-pumping, swimming, Nordic walking? The choice is yours. Just move your four letters and start improving your fitness. And do not forget about the ways making doing exercises more pleasurable: energetic music, exercising in the park or on the beach.

    13. Buy Yourself Nice Clothes

    And it is not only because of a Christmas party or dinner. Just make a present for yourself. And let this new piece of cloth symbolise a new beginning, of a better, more auspicious time.  However, choose something durable that will serve you for a long time.

    14. Create a New Habit for the nest successful Year

    Choose a habit that will be with you for the next successful year. December may be a test of how disciplined you can be. Here are some examples:

    • eradicating unhelpful thoughts,
    • getting up and going to bed earlier,
    • cutting on sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol and caffeine,
    • practising gratitude,
    • starting your day with affirmations,
    • practising mindfulness
    • quit an addiction (smoking, drinking).

    15. Plan Your Daily Meals

    During the next 34 days, plan carefully what you will put into your mouth. You will be surprised by the amount of time gained and the weight which you have lost. Your finances will also benefit.


    Meditation will help you achieve your yearly goals. ask God and the Beings of Light for help and blessings. Create your goals by seeing them already achieved.

    Let's meditate together

    Connect remotely during joint meditation on Saturdays at  8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.  Check and join upcoming meditations.

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  • In a Nutshell

    Today you have learnt how to make the most of the current year, using December for this purpose. Some of these tips include: clearing any kind of clutter, finishing procrastinated issues, learning new skills, starting a fitness program, training new habits, planning. Good luck.