15 Most Holistic Affirmations for Dummies

Affirmations are very powerful tools which, when properly used, But, you can be overwhelmed by their number. Learn just 15 and make the most of them.


15 Most Holistic Affirmations

Affirmations can concern your body, mind and soul. Some of them are universal and can be applied to any aspect of your life. I will give you a short meaning for each of the 15 affirmations, although you can have your own interpretation.

1 "I love and approve of myself."

It is one of my favourite affirmations. Self-love is an indispensable ingredient of happiness. It is also necessary to create healthy relationships. When you do not love yourself, you attract negative people who want to manipulate and hurt you. Do not hope that another person's love will compensate for your lack of self-love.

As children, we look for approval, first from our parents. If you do not feel approved, your ego is hurt. However, loving yourself enough, you will not bother other people's approval. As an exercise, for the next 30 days write down this affirmation at least nine times in your notebook or diary. Then you can also record it and read aloud.

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2 "I love you no matter what."

This affirmation focused on loving your inner child. We often make mistakes and then criticize ourself, forgetting about our humanity which means that mistakes are something natural. When you love yourself no matter what, you stop being vulnerable to criticism, especially the destructive one.

3 "I can do it."

Brian Tracy recommends this affirmation to win the fear of failure. We are often paralysed by this fear, and this only reason leads to procrastination and giving up big goals. However, if you use “I can do it” often enough, you will train your brain to think this way and start seeing opportunities instead of problems. So remember every time when you start being overwhelmed with helplessness, repeat the affirmation “I can do it,” even 81 or 100 times.

4 "I will handle it myself or with the help of others."

Again this affirmation will help you when doubt paralyses your action, especially when you might think that the task is too difficult. Always remember, there are plenty of ways of gaining assistance in a case your task is too difficult. Before you start procrastinating, think of who could help you.

5 "I am surrounded by love."

There are times when you may feel unloved. Breakups, rejection by your close ones because you do not meet their needs, lack of tolerance in society can be very painful as everybody wants to be loved. Then you can create some harmful beliefs, like “No one loves me,” “I'm unloved, unwanted.”

However, when you start working on your self-love, the love of other people will be attracted to you immediately. It may be the just kind of someone, smiling at you or saying friendly “Hello.” Expect the best in people, and they will treat you in the best way.

6. "I am surrounded by abundance."

The mentality of poverty is very common. Even if you win the lottery, without the right beliefs about money and wealth you will not multiply what you have gained, rather squander the fortune and end up with even bigger debt.

Instead of saying “I have no money,” think of other assets that you have and which you can turn into wealth if you learn how to make money. I am sure that you have at least one skill of excellence which you can use to generate wealth.

7. "I can achieve greatness."

First, define what “greatness” means for you. Your measure of this value can be different from the one which is set by other people. You are already great when you dare to pursue potentially impossible, leaving your comfort zone. You are already great using your talents and skills of excellence to make a difference in the world. And you are also great, being able to live a happy life despite having a long-term illness or a disability.

8. "My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil."

Even if you are struggling with a long-term illness, you are still healthier then many other people. And even if you have cancer, you can be happy that you are still alive, seeing how many younger people die today.

And even if the illness is tough, the side effects of your medication nasty, you can find the people with worse side effects, unable to walk or see, or hear. The affirmation which I have written above can also tell you that until you have a healthy mind, you can still make the difference in this world.

You also have got a soul, which is often neglected. However, I will not discuss here how you define the soul as each religion has its own definition for this issue. Think of how your soul looks like and what it means for you.

9. "I believe I can do everything, myself or with the help or others."

I know, you will instantly say: “How can I do everything when I have impaired vision or epilepsy?” You're right. However, I wrote earlier, you still have many talents and strengths to make the most of your life, despite your limits.

And remember, when you have limits because of your illness or sometimes some life choices (e.g. having children, moving to a different town, finance), you can always live the fuller life with the help of other people. Then you will be the master of asking for help; you will perform this skill much better than the healthy person.

10. "Everything that is happening now is going on for my ultimate good."

It may be one of the most controversial affirmations. You can ask: “How can my illness or living with an abusive person happen for my ultimate goal?”. In many cases, you will not notice the reason instantly. Sometimes the limits are set to prevent you from even bigger disaster while sometimes they are lust life lessons, teaching us humility and determination to make the most of our talents despite limits.

This affirmation also assumes that no struggle lasts forever. When you change your attitude, your beliefs and your thoughts, your life will also change. For example, there will be more helpful people, and you will find them easier; you will find some ways to improve your health financial status and the quality of your relationships.

11. "I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents".

Yes, you are. The life which you have is in your hands. Painful past, an abusive relationship or illness are just lessons to learn, some challenges to handle. When you take responsibility for your life, everything becomes easier. When you stop comparing to other people and focus on your uniqueness, the challenges will cause less discomfort.

Start by changing your beliefs and thoughts, then your habits. Practising writing or saying aloud affirmations can be the first step to transforming your life and to take responsibility for it.

12 "I forgive myself and others and learn from the experience."

Forgiveness makes you free. When you forgive others, you cut the negative influence of their energy; they stop draining you. Instead of ruminating on how badly they have treated you, playing the victim, you regain peace of mind.

It is also important to be compassionate to yourself, to forgive yourself all the mistakes or wrongs which you have done to other people. I will stress that again: no one is perfect and no one you act the way you are because of the need for survival. Sometimes we do nasty things just because of being in danger, not because we want to hurt someone deliberately.

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  • 13. "Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones."

    This affirmation should be your goal because as soon as you stop acting according to old habits, your life will transform. For example, if you stop complaining about how bad your life is, how nasty is your boyfriend, how little money you have and how ill you are – you will notice new opportunities and all your assets, all the valid deed you still can do to other people and therefore, gain their help.

    14. "I am a gifted person" Affirmation

    Yes, you are. Even if you struggle with illness and see your limits which can impair your life, you are a gifted person. As an exercise, list all the things it which you are excellent. Think of the subjects which you liked at school and the things which you do with easiness and other people are amazed by seeing the outcome.

    If you think that your skills are not good enough, learn them. Choose something that you like doing and polish it. Then more and more people will notice your greatness and excellence.

    15. "I am enough now to achieve my goal (specify)."

    If you want to increase your self-confidence, it is one of the best affirmations. Assuming that your goals are realistic, you can reach them. As I have written above, you can always learn the skills which are necessary to accomplish the goal or ask other people to help you. However, your goal must be realistic. Otherwise, you will procrastinate, paralysed by fear.

    If you are stuck with a given task or goal, write down the reasons for which you CAN achieve it. You can use this structure: “ am enough to make….., because…… (list all your skills, assets and helpful people that will enable you to achieve this goal).

    Let me list these affirmations again:

    • I love and approve of myself
    • I love you no matter what
    • I can do it
    • I will handle it
    • I am surrounded by love
    • I am surrounded by an abundance
    • I can achieve greatness
    • My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil
    • I believe I can do everything, myself or with the help of others
    • Everything that is happening now is going on for my ultimate good
    • I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents
    • I forgive myself and others and learn from the experience
    • Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones
    • I am a gifted person
    • I am enough now to achieve my goal (specify)

    Use Meditation

    Meditating is a powerful way to install affirmations into your mind. Visualise yourself abundant, loved and strong, cleanse all negative influences.

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  • In A Nutshell

    Today you have learnt 15 most efficient affirmations that can be used in everyday life. They can be applied in the areas of your body, mind and soul. Make the most of these affirmations and good luck with your work with them.


    So tell me.. what other affirmations do you know? I'd like to hear below!