15 Effective Tools to Remove Negative Energy from House

Your house is your temple… but is it friendly and uplifting? Can you regenerate there and cultivate happiness? Learn how to remove negative energy from your holy space.


Want Is Negative Energy

I have written a couple articles about negative energy. You might say all has been explained there. But the truth is different. People still bother with negative energy and seek new solutions. And is very challenging to remove negative energy for good.

In general, negative energy is everything that impedes your happiness, satisfaction, joy, love, health and abundance.

More about negative energy is here – the article continues below:

Why to Remove Negative Energy

You might say ‘Is it worth trouble?’ It will be dirty again.’ But if you let negativity untouched, you enter the downhill spiral: energy vampires, negative entities, thought forms, malicious attacks of evil forces. I do not want to scare you, and this happens in extreme cases. Let’s look at the benefits of cleansing the energy of your house:

• Balance your chakras

• Improve your mental health

• Improve the quality of your sleep

• Improve your physical health

• Strengthen your aura

• Raise motivation

• Helps work more efficiently

• Attracts more positive people

How To Cleanse Negative Energy from the House

As always, you need to have a good strategy of removing negative energy from your house. Saying ‘I let it go’ is not enough here, especially after a long time of negligence of your space. Here are 3 steps that you need to follow:

1. Set an Intention

Ask yourself: Why do I want to have my house liberated from negative energy? Then write down an intention, for example like this:

“Let all negative energy go of my house here and now.”

2. Plan Your Actions

Firstly, look what exactly must be removed: Dirt? Negative thoughts? Toxic relationships? Anything else? Realise that you will not do everything in one day if your life and house have been neglected for years. Plan then and “little-by-little” is the best approach here. Take your calendar and seat small, workable goals and tasks. Commit to doing them though.

3. Take Action

Now let’s check what you can do to remove negative energy from your home.

I have divided the ways of cleansing your house int the physical,metaphysicaland spiritual ones:

The Physical Tools

These are obvious. For those who are skeptical bout spirituality but want to improve the quality of their life in their space.

1. Air Everything Out

Negative energy likes to stay in stale rooms and houses. Hence, the easiest ways to clear negative energy from your home is by letting it all air out. Open your windows to let in fresh air. For better result, turn on fans to circulate the air. Moreover, open all closed doors of wardrobes or drawers to release trapped energy. It is recommended to leave the house during this process and burn some incense or sage upon your return.

Check this post for more information:

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2. Clear the Clutter Out

Clutter is one of the biggest sources of stagnant energy and stress in our homes. Your room becomes unwelcoming and uncomfortable, plus it destroys the peace of your mind, not only yours but also of everyone who can look at it. And I do not only mean removing the physical objects. Think of all unfinished business (the mental clutter) and equipment (digital clutter – computers, phones) Take each item and answer the following questions:

• What items do you really love and use?

• What items do you only use once in a while? Do you need them?

• Can they be replaced by something else or stored away?

If you are not fully ready to remove a given item, put it to the storage room.

Check more information about clutter here:

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3. Add Houseplants

Healthy (and well kept) houseplants create an environment of calmness and peace They do not only bring happiness but also help purify the air and make your home atmosphere more energized and vibrant. However, be careful if you have children or pets, and cats as some plants are poisonous for them.

Check more information about plants here:

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4. Add Mirrors

These objects are frequently used in Feng Shui to direct and shift the energy flow in your home. Hence placing one or more mirrors around your house in a strategic way can bringing brightness into your space, increase light, make the room feel lighter and more spacious, by creating a warm and cosy ambiance. However, make sure the mirror reflects something positive in your home and avoid placing them in the bedroom.

5. Lighten Up Your Space

Dark places attract feelings of depressed and anxious. Lighten up your living space by painting the walls a more vivid colour and adding art and decoration of bright colours. They will help bring happiness and joy back into your home. Also, do not forget about enough light at night and sometimes removing physical obstacles (trees) to attract more sunlight.

The Metaphysical Tools:

These tools concern energy work. You improve its flow and quality.

6. Place Crystals

Healing crystals are used by many people around the world to cleanse and protect their bodies, homes, and businesses. Some masters recommend using them at the end of a purification practice. You can place a crystal anywhere in your home where you feel the need to remove negative energies or attract positive ones, but some of them do not like direct sunlight (the Rose Quartz, Citrine or Amethyst – they will lose their colour ). Use protective gemstones such as Hematite, Obsidian, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Fluoride, Tiger’s Eye, and Citrine.

Further reading about crystals – the article continues below:

7. Create a Home Altar

It is a simple but powerful way to bring positivity and devotion into your home. There should be objects representative of good luck, abundance, prosperity, health or protection on the altar. But beware: never put anything on your altar that you would not want to receive. You can create a home altar with crystals, candles, incense, pictures, statues, books, flowers, and other items that represent what you desire in your life. Always keep your altar clean and clutter-free.

8. Burn Incense

Incense is a great way to clear out negative energies. Burn a cone or stick to release any bad vibes and toxic energy to leave your space feeling refreshed. Palo santo is a type of fragrant wood coming from to South America and it can be burned as an incense because of having a vigorous energy cleanser - burn one end of a stick, blow it out and let the smoke spread through your room. If you do not have Palo Santo, try Wood Sandal instead.

9. Do a Simple Smudging Ritual

The sage smudge ritual is an excellent way to clear out any negativity that might be lingering around your house. Cleanse your room or entire home by burning a dried sage bundle When burned properly, White Sage releases negative energies. Let bundle burn it for 10-20 seconds, and then blow it out. Be careful not to catch fire.

10 Light Candles

Candles have long been associated with both healing and spirituality. They can be lit to enhance your meditation or other spiritual practices. Place them around your home to improve the overall ambiance and to fill your home with good energy. Never keep the candles unattended and let them burn out completely.

11. Salt the Corners of Each Room

Salt is also a good purifier. When energy feels blocked in your house or room, try sprinkling a small amount of salt in the corners of each room. You can combine it with lighting a candle at the same time. The next day of when the candles have burned out, sweep or wipe up the salt and throw it away, visualizing you tossing out the bad vibes. You can use one or more salt lamps to purify the air and space in your room.

12. Ring a Bell or Gong

Ringing a bell or gong in your room is a quick and easy way to clear out bad energy. The sound will vibrate through your entire house to release any negativity. Tibetan singing bowls are the most often used for clearing out bad vibes and welcoming in positive influences. If you do not have the bells, play the music, e.g., on your phone instead, and walk around each room.

Spiritual Tools

If you grow spiritually, these three tools will help you to make progress on your pathway. Try them now:

13. Meditate

During meditation you can cleanse your space from any negative energy and bring some positive one. Expose your home to Divine White Light and let it do the job.

Let’s meditate together

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    14. Raise Personal Vibrations

    Keep your mind positive. Always think nice thoughts about your space. Cleanse yourself after coming back from work or the town to remove the negative energy of places and people. Never use filthy language, hexes, maledictions or curses.

    Further reading upon raising personal vibrations

    15. Avoid Visits of Toxic People

    This may be the hardest, but it is indispensable step to reduce poisoning of your space. Id you do have to see a toxic person or are not sure of its intentions (e.g., a postman), always purify your space by lighting candles or salt.

    In a Nutshell

    Today you have read about 15 helpful tools of removing negative energy from your home. Before you start your work, set an intention of cleansing, plan your action, and then use some physical and personal tools (smudging, clearing the clutter, airing, redecoration, using spiritual tools like lighting candles, playing sacred music. Personally, meditate and keep your vibrations high. Beware: always keep your space clean, tidy and with high vibes, the tools mentioned above are not one-time tools. Good luck. With love and light,


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