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13 Proven Ways You Should Use to Pacify Your Ego

The ego can be a big problem in your physical, mental and spiritual life. Have you ever tried to pacify it? Discover and apply these tools.

pacify your ego looking at flowers

Last week you learned about how the ego operates. Today let's take action to pacify it. There are thirteen proven tools that you can use right now to be happier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

How to Pacify Ego

The first two steps are an absolute must to start working with your ego. The next ones are optional, you can choose a random couple to apply in your life. However, the more tools you use the better control over your ego you will have.

1. Recognise that You Are Not Your Mind

The ego is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain as such. Therefore, thoughts are automatic, pointless, reactive, compulsive and never stop. Bear in mind that you as a wonderful being, not your mind. Your identity can be based on your beliefs but you as a being are not them.

Mind is a wonderful tool. However, the problem comes when you seek yourself in it. In this case, your mind becomes the ego, not your friend. I do not recommend total negation of the mind. Rather than denying its existence, condition it to work for yourself.

2. Take Responsibility

You know that what you see externally is the result of your thoughts' quality. Eckhart Tolle says that the world can change only within. So instead of blaming anyone, anything and yourself for your current quality of life, take responsibility and start creating it now. Learn what things you can control in your life.

Every creative and brilliant idea comes from the realm of consciousness, even if the ideas may come from your subconscious mind. Learn how to reprogram the subconscious mind.

3. Practise Mindfulness

To use the power of the Now, you need to be mindful. Start living in the present, observing all that is happening around you, without thinking about it, judging and analysing it.

Focusing on your breath and current physical activity is the easiest way of practising mindfulness. Then you can add that things around and their perception by each of your senses. You can also notice your emotions but as observed states, not being involved in them. And do not forget to slow down, and stop for a while while practising mindfulness. Discover how to practise mindfulness.

flowers do not have ego

4. Trust the Universe

As I wrote above, ego focuses on lack, attachment and control. This means that you do not trust the Universe, you cannot let go. What can you do? Connect to your inner child and recall all the child-like spontaneity, creativity and fun. Discover how to work with the inner child.

We are all the children of the Universe and Mother Earth. and we have the divine element within. Hence, when you trust the Universe and your divinity, miracles will happen. Instead of constant analysis, and worries, trust the Now.

5. Heal Your Chakras

As I wrote in my last article, ego can also infect your chakras. Power and self is usually the attributes of the Solar Plexus Chakra, but you can infect any of your energetic centres. Let me remind you again how other chakras can be overcome by the ego.

Lack of forgiveness is the "attachment ego " and "control ego". The same happens when you are afraid of anything - your finances (the Rood Chakra) or your business, children (the Sacral Chakra).

Ego can also infect your higher chakras, e.g. fear of communicating your views is the infection of the Throat Chakra, not using your intuition influences the health of your Third Eye Chakra. You can work with chakras in many ways. Discover and use them today.

6. Pacify Your Fears

Fear assumes control and a lack of trust in the wisdom of the Universe. When you fear something, you give this control to the being/thing/issues you are afraid of. Discover how to pacify the fear of vulnerability.

Criticism, failure and rejection can also be very paralysing and when you fear them lack and control is present in your thinking. Learn how to overcome the fear of criticism and the fear of failure.

7. Make Your Mind Your Friend

Now the time has come to reprogram your mind. When you start noticing the thoughts that are not you and that do not support you, talk to your mind. Say

It's an illusion. Dear mind, please help me instead of sabotaging my life.

Your thoughts can be entrenched deeper in your mind as beliefs or even work independently as thought forms. Then you need to change the sabotaging beliefs and convictions, on the mental and emotional level. Discover how to transform your beliefs. Thought forms are entities which are pacified in the same way as other negative entities.

8. Practise Gratitude

It is the fact that you cannot be downcast at the same time as being grateful. Trying to be grateful in times of gloom can make you angry, which is a good thing as you move on the higher level of the ladder of consciousness (vibrations). But anger is still a manifestation of ego, defending itself. So transform your anger by working with emotions and thoughts.

You can combine mindfulness with practising gratitude. While observing everything around you and within you, feel grateful - for being alive, able to walk, see, hear, talk, enjoy the beauty of nature, able to love, and create. Discover more about practising gratitude.

9. Transform Ego into Love

There are two basic kinds of vibrations: fear and love. Fear because all the lower levels (like anger, shame, dried or pride) are based on fear. Discover how to practise self-love.

On the other hand, all the levels of consciousness above courage are entrenched in love. Therefore, you can transform fear into love. For example, you can ask yourself the following questions and look for answers:

  • How would I react to that situation as a loving person?

  • How could I manifest love instead of ... (the ego frequency)?

  • What can I do to manifest love here?

  • How to transform my (fear, anger, pride, apathy, grief, shame, greed) into love?

10. Stop Playing the Victim

Again we come back to the issue of responsibility. All ego frequencies hold you in the victim zone, the zone of separation, self-sabotage and self-hatred. Firstly, notice how you manifest victimism in your life. Then take action to eliminate any grumbling, blaming or 'I can't attitude. Challenge yourself for one day and later for a week and notice the change.

overcoming ego is like climbing the mountain

11. Practise Meditation

You can cleanse your body, mind and emotions during meditation, eliminating all vibrations manifested by ego. Moreover, while meditating you can charge yourself with courage, love, acceptance and wisdom, by using the energy of Higher beings and your own, hidden potential. Discover more secrets of meditation.

Let's Meditate Together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

12. Practise Hypnotherapy

It is proved that you can transform your ego into higher frequencies by changing your brainwaves (e.g., into theta ones). It happens during meditation but you can also use hypnotherapy. Transformation is possible by reaching your subconscious mind.

13. Awaken Your Inner Child's Spontaneouity

Children do not judge or analyse. They are spontaneous playing and learning new things. They can feel fear, especially of losing their loved ones. However, ego states are not present until conditioned by adults, e.g. shame or guilt. Discover and awaken your inner child.

How to Combat Ego in Particular Cases

Okay, you know the tools to combat ego and can use them yourself. But what to do if push comes to shove and you need to react somehow in the real world? Here are ten cases where you can combat your ego:

  • If you have achieved something, give your merits or actions mentally to God. Never justify these merits.

  • Be compassionate to people if they expand their views Share your thoughts about the subject only if they are interested.

  • Avoid telling the stories aiming at making you look good, as well as 'I can't...'. Your Essence can do anything and does not need approval. So ask Higher Beings for guidance and help if you are overwhelmed.

  • Never compete mentally with anyone. Be the best version of yourself.

  • If someone praises you, thank them, but give credit to the Universe, not your heart.

  • If someone scolds you for nothing, say nothing - never reason or apologise.

  • When you are gracious, never boast of it.

  • Base your values on abstract principles if you stand up for what you feel is right, without imposing your opinion on others.

  • If you make a mistake, never feel bad but acknowledge it cheerfully and calmly, at least inwardly to yourself.

  • When the day is done, never think about how better you are than others because of your achievements. Eradicate self-justification, self-praise and blame. Instead, connect to the Source and Higher beings in gratitude.

In a Nutshell

Believe that you CAN pacify your ego. Use the thirteen tools presented in this article plus learn what to do differently in the cases described above. Good luck. With lots of love and light,

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