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12 Tools You Should Use During Self-Healing

Self-healing become more and more popular now because doctors are too busy to treat people. What tools can you use in phantom healing? Learn the secrets today.

phantom operations use the forces of nature to heal

Phantom Operations: What Is It?

In the shortest, it is using meditation and visualisation to work with the astral body of a human being or any other being (e.g., an animal). All conditions manifested by physical ailments, diseases or illnesses of the physical body are manifested in the spiritual world first.

By using some tools in the spiritual world, within a couple of minutes, you can help a given person/animal regain their health. Of course, it depends on their karma and free will.

In most cases, however, if the patient going under the spiritual knife really yearns for healing and is ready to transform their life later, the phantom operation is successful. Why? Because you use all the healing powers present in the Universe.

And you do not only cure the symptoms by which a given condition manifests. You address the causes - and not only the physical ones but also karma.

Phantom surgery is not only about clearing the effects of information in our physical body but about going deeper – entering the cause of a given disease. - Aron

10 Tools Used in Self-Healing by Phanton Operations

I will list only twelve tools here, although there are many more, depending on the condition. The tools I have chosen are used the most often. Here they are:

1. Using Divine Light

You have already learned about its power by reading my posts about healing manifestations. Here, the Divine Light is used as the first tool, cleansing the patient from negativity. The colours of Divine Light depend on the condition that you are treating. Visualise Divine Light.

Examples: green is used for general healing of all conditions, silver for removing pathogens and entities, blue for physical detox and pink for healing emotional issues.

More reading about the power of colours in healing:

2. Disinfection

As in the material world, every operation starts with disinfection of the area that goes under the knife. You can use White/Silver/Purple Divine Light through laser rays, penetrating the patient's/your aura, chakras and subtle bodies. The patient can also be hated in this light or put under the waterfall of Divine Light.

3. Using Regenerative Cells

In the physical world, the liver is the only organ in the body that has cells able to regenerate. Although the liver cells are not used in the case of grafts, liver cells are the symbol of the neverending power and strength of the human body.

The liver has a unique capacity among organs to regenerate itself after damage. A liver can regrow to a normal size even after up to 90% of it has been removed. But the liver isn’t invincible. Many diseases and exposures can harm it beyond the point of repair. These include cancer, hepatitis, certain medication overdoses, and fatty liver disease. - The National Institute of Health

In the spiritual world, where everything is possible, a regenerative cell taken from the liver is connected to the whole body so that this cell regenerates every organ. So, you can take out the liver cell, put it in the eye and regenerate cells in the eye.

Firstly, by putting the liver cell and illuminating it, cleansing this cell you can. e.g. help people struggling with cancer.

Secondly, the liver stores energy, emotions (especially, grievance, anger and resentment), and secrets (e.g., cheating on a partner). The liver is the second organ after the intestine that collects the most information. Hence, gallbladder and liver stones are the deposits of the energy composed of these negative emotions.

You can choose your or someone else's liver cells to regenerate other organs of the healed being.

you use the energy of trees during phantom operations

4 Using Healing Ointment

Firstly, you ask God for the healing ointment. It is usually green but sometimes you can use a different colour, e.g., silver or golden. Refer to the section below in this article to find the right colour.

Next. put the ointment in an ill place, the organ or system. For example, you can smear the intervertebral discs to repair them, as with all other joints and tendons. The green ointment is very helpful in the case of fractures or sprains.

5. Using Divine Spark

This spark of God will flow through your nervous system and read all of reality. The current will begin to flow. You can also use it for healing the circulatory system or heart.

For example, take green energy into the heart and stimulate the circulatory system in the heart. So ask for some driving energy and regenerative energy.

Divine Spark also rebuilds what does not work yet. In the case something is broken, whether it is a circle or a nerve plexus, this spark binds it. Simply like a knot, you tie it up, and you let go of this Divine Spark through this knot. The point is to convince your dear mind that something has been done. Using Divine Spark is a matter of complex operations, where using some tools simultaneously. More about the way of performing phantom operations next week.

6. Using Healing Drips

This tool works in the following way: you connect the health drip to yourself, it is such a beautiful drip as you have in medicine to, let's say, the nervous system. You use two kinds of drips: the health and values of light ones.

Visualise the container with some drip like in a hospital. Then hook the drip to the patient, filling the person with the beautiful energy of the drip. Let the energy flow to the patient's body.

Health Drip

This is usually a green drip, filled with the green energy of health. Ask your patient's soul about the way of using the drip.

You can say:

God, please enhance this person/being with the Green Drip of Health. Let his/her ........... (name of the healed organ, e.g., liver) come back to Divine Pattern of youth and full vitality. Let it happen here and now.

Enhancement Drip

If you want to enhance someone, use the reinforcement drip, giving him/her happiness, joy, smile under the link to such a drip. Then the patient is enhanced with minerals and all that speed up the healing process. In this case, ask the patient's soul what kind of enhancement this person/being needs and add these minerals/nutrients to the drip. Then connect the drip in the same way as the first one.

healing prayer quote

The Drip of Values of Light

Once the patient is enhanced with the green energy and all necessary nutrients, connect another drip, filled with the values of light. Close your eyes and visualise a rainbow.

Each colour represents a different value of light: forgiveness, acceptance, understanding, patience, kindness, nobility, generosity and many more. The patient absorbs the value/s that he/she needs the most. Add the energy of pleasure, respect, and nobility, goodness. Ask God/the Source for help:

God, please enhance this person/being with the Rainbow Drip of Light. Fill him/her vith the values of light: forgiveness, acceptance, understanding, patience, kindness, nobility, generosity. Let it happen here and now.

7. Charging with the Energy of Mother Earth

Mother Earth can help us to heal people and other beings. Just remember to use the four forces of nature and ask Mothe Earth for help. The energy of the Sun gives life, the earth grounds, water cleanses and air gives the courage to face karmic challenges. You can ask:

Dear Mother Earth, please fill this person/being with the energy of Air, Water, Sun and Earth. Let these energies heal their body, mind and soul. Let it happen here and now.

Visualise these four energies penetrating the patient's body and healing an illness.

Further reading about Mother Earth

8. Reversing the Life Clock

Sometimes people may ask you for a miracle in the case of life-threatening conditions like cancer or heart attack. You can reverse the life clock of the patient. They may squander this miracle by not changing their unhealthy habits later, though. However, in most cases, this operation will motivate the healed person to change.

How to reverse the clock? Ask God to rejuvenate all cells of the patient's body.

God, please rejuvenate this persons/ being's cells and reverse their life clock. Please, help them to close the karma that causes the end of life. Let it happen here and now.

Before performing this kind of phantom operation, always ask the patient's soul for permission, not only for healing but also to change these people's/beings' karma because we, ourselves, speed up our death by our thoughts, words and deeds.

A clock that has frozen i.e., its hand has crashed means that this person is very sick and his death time has been decided. A clock that goes back means that your cell field and health have slowed your departure, that is, you are rejuvenating yourself.

A clock that goes fast means that you are ageing too fast, you are carrying too much on you and at this point, can can stop.

So ask God for an event that will slow down that person to stop running in life, just to appreciate their life. And then ask for the clock that goes normally.

How is it done? You take the clock located in each cell and give it to God/the Source who will write a new clock talking about taking care of yourself, that is, nutrition, harmony, peace, sports, etc. The healed person has to take care of themselves, otherwise, the miracle will be squandered and the clock will speed up again.

If someone is lying in a hospital, has a sentence given by doctors of two, three weeks to live, two, three days and his clock hand is practically standing or vibrating very strongly, then when you have permission from the Source, a new, miracle clock can be given to him/her.

9. Taking Out Body Organs and Rinsing

Yes, you can heal the organs this way, the same as in the case of disinfecting real tissues. You can use this method for any part and organ of your body. By cleansing, you not only heal the organ but also enliven it with the energy of youth.

Take a given body given and give it to God/the Source, ask for a new organ, e.g., a brain, then, and finally, ask for a beautiful thing Spark of God.

phantom operations

10. Taking Out Lumps and Healing

This method is similar to the process of rinsing organs. However, you use the Green Pond of Divine Water here. Take out an ill organ and put it into the pond for a while, praying for a miracle. In the meantime, the water in the pond will purify each cell of this organ and regenerate it. You can say:

God, please, heal this organ and restore it to the Divine Pattern created by You. Let it happen here and now.

11. Improving Energy Flow

An illness can often result from bad energy flow - blocked chakras or meridians. You can use Divine Light of the colour corresponding with each chakra (i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple). You can work with one chakra or unblock some of them in one go.

Moreover, each main system is connected with chakras by meridians.

In total, there are three yin meridians (heart, lung, and pericardium) and three yang meridians (small intestine, large intestine, and sanjiao) of the arm, as well as three yin meridians (liver, kidney, spleen) and three yang meridians (urinary bladder, gall bladder, and stomach) of the leg. AM Collage

They also have corresponding colours eg., the Stomach Meridian is brown and the Heart Meridian red.

Further reading about chakras:

12. Using Green Bandage

This method works similarly to the material world. You visualise a piece of green bandage and wrap a sprained joint or fractured bone with this bandage. You can also use this method for healing an ill spine.

In the case you cannot visualise, say:

God, please, lat this bandage heal this organ and restore it to the Divine Pattern created by You. Let it happen here and now.

Using Colours

You have already learnt that each meridians have corresponding colours. I have also written two articles about the healing properties of colours. Now, let's mention which colours are used during performing phantom operations:

  • Yellow – the love that you give to this person.

  • Golden - this is the love that we take.

  • Purple - the colour of purification of the spiritual body.

  • Blue - the colour of cleansing the physical body.

  • Orange - is a combination of the world and the cosmos, that is, this person needs the energy of the cosmos, the energy of the universe.

  • White - the colour of purity.

  • Pink - is the colour of the relationships with your partner and children, the colour of cuddling, and affection.

Colours also have values: respect, nobility, kindness, etc., that is, signing a person under the value of nobility, the goodness of respect, or love. - Aron

Credits to Aron Clairvoyant

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Add Meditation to Your Phantom Operation

This is one option for performing a phantom operation. You connect your body, mind and soul, later go to a wonderful place, cleanse yourself with White Divine Light and follow the steps described above.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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In a Nutshell

Today you have learned the 12 tools used during phantom operations. Most of them work similarly to their martial counterparts. However, you cooperate with the spiritual world, praying and meditating.

Apart from operations as such, you can reverse the patient's time clock and improve energy flow in the body. Good luck with performing phantom operations. With lots of love and light,


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