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11 Must-Use Grounding Techniques for Empathic People

It is not easy to be an empath because you are susceptible to energy fluctuation. Check some grounding techniques now.

Emphatic people feel excellent cuddling a tree


Why Is Grounding So Important for Empathic People

Empaths are living in duality and can easily switch off from the physical world. They also absorb all the energy which is often negative. Hence, they need to get rid of that baggage by grounding and being connected to earthy life.

If you are empathic, grounding might be a problem because you are facing attacks of various emotions. It does not matter where these emotions are, their power makes you feel the energy, all that is going on around you. Therefore, while being an empath, it is easy to feel upset, apathetic, and anxious.

11 Grounding Techniques For Empaths

Some techniques can help you to ground so that the emotions absorbed from the environment will stop harming you. I will describe eleven simple ways. You can use one at a time or more combined.

1. Belong to People Who Think Differently

Your mind has a big impact on what is going on in your life. If you are obsessed with negative thoughts, everything in your life will be painted negatively. Therefore, it is so important to change these thoughts into positive ones and to think about the things you want.

It is essential to be aware of your thoughts' quality, not to become attached to the negative ones and to transform them into positivity immediately.

2. Do Exercise and Have Fun

Apart from your health improvement, regular exercise can be also an effective way to dissolve the absorbed and accumulated negative emotions. While doing exercises you excrete sweat, but also negative energy. Hence you look younger and feel happier. Training sessions do not have to be long and boring. You do not need to follow any instructions. Just find something you love and do it regularly. Change your routine when you are bored.

3. Join the People Who Meditate

Meditation is indispensable in the case when there is too much happening in your mind. Otherwise, you will not stay calm. and become stressed out. Find the kind of meditation that suits you and commit to doing it regularly.

When you start meditating, your mind will be distracted for a while, then move to a place of happiness and calm down your thoughts.

Focus only on your wonderful place. To calm down your mind, you can observe your breath while imagining being on the beach or at another wonderful place.

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4. Be Creative

There is still much time for yourself, even when you work and have family duties.

This spare time is very important, and you need to use it wisely so that you will be more positive, making your mind happy because of focusing on something that enjoy doing. Liberate your creativity.

Remember, you do not have to be an expert to have great fun.

5. Balance Your Chakras

There are many ways to balance chakras. I have already described some of them - check the links below. You can use essential oils, music, affirmations, yoga, massage, chanting mantras, and eating the food tailored to each chakra.

Always keep them balanced and dissolve any energy blocks after each escapade to the place where there is a lot of negative energy (e.g., a shopping centre).

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empathic mountain

6. Laugh

It is proved that life dramatically improves when you start laughing. There is no point in being quiet and nice all the time.

Find your inner child within and let him or her admire this world, laughing at everything that is seen. It may be highly therapeutic. Laughing is beneficial because:

• It triggers the release of endorphins.

• It boosts the immune system.

• It relaxes the whole body.

• It burns calories.

• It protects your heart (less stress).

• It helps to cope with anger.

7. Stay in Nature

Even if you are living in the city, during your break go out and enjoy nature, e.g. the sunshine. Go to parks, woods and fields and let Mother Earth work, giving you her positive energy.

A growing body of epidemiological evidence indicates that greater exposure to, or ‘contact with’, natural environments (such as parks, woodlands and beaches) is associated with better health and well-being, at least among populations in high-income, largely urbanised, societies1. While the quantity and quality of evidence vary across outcomes, living in greener urban areas is associated with lower probabilities of cardiovascular disease2, obesity3, diabetes4, asthma hospitalisation5, mental distress6, and ultimately mortality7, among adults. - Scientific Reports

8. Etheric Oils

When you use etheric oils with crystals, their healing power will increase. Lavender is an excellent option for everyone; it can be placed directly on your skin, or you can have a bath, using this oil. Lavender prevents depression and helps to fall asleep when you need it.
One of the scientific studies that have revealed positive results from essential oils involves patients with dementia. The National Institute of Health

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9. Love and Activate Your Heart Field

There is nothing more important than love in that earthly journey. Love helps us to survive. Your mood will improve automatically when you start doing all that you love and are surrounded by the people you love.

Practise gratitude as well. Put your hand on your heart and visualise someone/something you love and are grateful for. It can be your partner, your child, your parent, or a pet. Feel gratitude and love until your vibrations change.

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10. Tell the Truth

By telling the truth you will find the freedom that you need. Start being sincere, not only with yourself but also with other people and you will see the world in a different light.

11. Be Hydrated

Your body consists of 70% of water so it is important to keep that state (i.e., not decreasing the amount.) A lower percentage means dehydration which may disturb the work of all organs, cause illness and accelerate ageing.

The right hydration helps to wash away all the dirty and negative energy which surrounds you.

Therefore, apart from systematic drinking water, take a shower to cleanse accumulated emotions and negative energies.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learned the eleven ways which can help you, as an empath, stay positive and eliminate negative energies. Some of these tools include doing exercises, meditation, drinking water and having a cleansing shower, balancing the chakras, love and truth. With lots of love and light,


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