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11 Critical Tools You Should Use to Heal Emotional Subtle Body

Every day you have contact with various energies of other people. It may be negative and destructive. Protect and cleanse your emotional subtle body from negative influences.

Emotional subtle body can be healed in the park


Why It Is Critical to Cleanse Your Emotional Subtle Body

Everything, also your emotional subtle body, needs cleaning. Think of your teeth, house, and aura. They are brushed, cleaned, and cleansed. Why?

Because each contact with people, places and your own emotions can pollute your emotional subtle body. Think of the auric flu that I have described on my blog.

If you neglect regular cleansing of your emotional subtle body, your mood will be very unstable and it will drag you downhill to a more and more negative state.

Moreover, it will be more difficult to control your thinking, which is the primary cause of anything that happens in your life.

The Symptoms of Polluted Emotional Subtle Body

I will not give you all of them as these symptoms may vary according to your age, level of spiritual growth or even sex (because each of the two sexes feels different negative emotions as primary - men mostly manifest anger while women pain).

Here is a short list of symptoms that occur when your emotional subtle body is infected:

  • bad mood

  • nervousness

  • unreasoned fear, anxiety

  • problems with concentration

  • sleep disturbances

What is worse, long-term pollution of your emotional body will induce illnesses and misfortune in your life.

The Sad Truth about Auric Flu

You remember to brush your teeth, clean yourself or do exercises but your psychic and energetic health is neglected while emotions have a big influence on your energy. They may even induce energy leaks.

Hence, not only protect yourself from negative people going out but also remember to cleanse all negativity from your emotional subtle body after coming back home. You can change your mood, thinking and attitude immediately.

How to Cleanse Emotional Subtle Body

I will present you with 10 efficient tools used for cleansing your emotional subtle body. You can use all of them or try one first. Choose your favourite one and make it an everyday habit.

1. Palo Santo Smudging

The Palo Santo sticks from South America are used for smudging the body. Just light the end of the stick, wait for a while until it starts burning and put it out so that only smoke will remain.

Smudge all over your body, from head to toe. Using this tool, you will erase all negative energy, relax and improve your mood. Highly recommended.

2. Cleansing Baths

Additional showers after returning from the town will not take you much time but can be beneficial to your emotional health, cleansing your emotional subtle body.

Just during showering, focus on the intention of cleansing by water, feeling it sensually as falling down and taking all negativity from your body, not only the physical dirt. Stay in the present moment.

Instead of letting your mind wander, focus fully on your intention - to rinse all stress, the negative energy of arguments, fear, stings, and insults which have been generated during the day.

The process of cleansing can be amplified by using body peeling, preferably with sea salt.

Having a bath is also a good idea.

Add some sea salt and a few drops of natural lavender oil, play some music with mantras in the background and enjoy a wonderful bath. Your intention and mindfulness will help you to cleanse your emotional subtle body and recharge your batteries.

3. White Sage Smudging

Apart from an emotionally subtle body, your aura can also be infected with the negative energy of your environment. You air your house regularly so also remember about regular cleansing of your aura and subtle bodies.

You can use white sage for this purpose, which by the way is the most common way of cleansing. Again remember your intention.

First, open the windows to let negative energy leave your house. Do not forget to clean your flat physically - by dusting, sweeping, and doing all the cleaning regularly. Clean your flat before energetic cleansing, otherwise, it will not work.

After opening the windows, meditate for a while and light a bunch of white sage. Think of your intention of cleansing your emotional body and going clockwise around your flat, starting from the bedroom.

While smudging, make circular anti-clockwise movements from bottom to top. Smudge each corner of your flat in each room.

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4. Remove All the Objects Generating Negative Energy

Have you ever thought about what happens after receiving a present or buying something new your mood deteriorated, or you have become irritated? The answer is simple: the object you brought to your house a minute ago has negative energy.

It could have been in a place contaminated with negativity, the person who has given/sold you this object might have a bad intention (e.g., malediction) or he/she has been under the spell of evil forces.

What can generate negative energy?

  • All souvenirs and gifts that you have got from your exes (flowers, letters, clothes...).

  • all the things received from someone who has just died (family member), especially when you have not had the best relationship with them.

  • Anything that has been bought at a place with high mind control (e.g. shopping centres) if you were infected by negative beings afterwards.

  • Things of unknown origin.

  • All souvenirs that remind you of a toxic job.

  • anything that you do not like anymore or that you have not used for more than two years.

Beware of your surroundings. In most cases (e.g., after ending a toxic relationship or job) it is advisable to deep-six any remaining (namely all the things) reminding you of the negative times (e.g., lingerie, linen, calendar, files on your computer).

I do not advise you to dump everything from your house, but check what is the most toxic and cleanse the energy of your space. You need to know the origin of everything, I mean everything which you surround in your temple - flat. It also concerns your garden or garage.

5. Make the Most of Mother Earth's Gifts

They are much more empowering than toxic objects received on your birthday in a crowded restaurant during the party. Go to the park or by the river, on the beach and give Mother Earth all that does not serve you: negative thoughts, and emotions.

You can dump burnt papers, and recyclable items (do not litter the Earth though). Visualise the dark energy which is going down from your crown chakra to the root chakra and then to the earth.

Cuddling a tree or inhaling the breeze will raise your vibrations. You will also reduce stress, enjoy deeper sleep, better creativity and concentration at work.

6. Work with Crystals

Precious gemstones are a simple but efficient way of protection. You can use them as jewellery (a ring, bracelet, or necklace with a pendant).

At home, prepare a smaller made of various crystals. Some, like rose quartz or amethyst, can be put under your pillow, and protect you at night.

Which crystal to choose from? Clear quartz gives you the strongest purification, turquoise protects you from negative energy.

Turmaline and obsidian have similar properties. Labradorite can decrease stress levels and eradicate negative thoughts. hence, they are an excellent choice for your work.

7. Do the Catharsis of Negative Emotions

We often run away from problems accumulated by negative emotions by drinking, smoking, taking drugs, using stimulants, or filling our free time with watching TV or playing addictive computer games.

However, it does not solve the problem of emotional flu caused by stressful triggers. Your emotions will remain a dormant volcano, ready to erupt at any minute. What to do?

Find a safe space, where you can vent your emotions.

affirmations quote

8. Use the Power of Affirmations and Mantras

Affirmations and mantras do not only help you to cleanse the emotional subtle body, but they also raise your vibrations. When you start a day, say some positive statements aloud. You can also place them over your bed.

It will not only raise your vibrations in the morning, but you will learn the tools used during stress or panic attacks.

Examples of affirmations

  • I am a wonder, the beloved child of the Universe.

  • I am the light, and no evil is stronger than this light.

  • My mind, heart and soul are open to the gifts of the Universe.

  • I am healthy and my body regenerates perfectly.

  • I can handle any challenge, myself or with the help of God and other beings

Mantras can be sung or said aloud - while taking a shower, cleaning or doing exercises. Here are four examples:

  • I choose to be present in all that I do.

  • I release all things out of my control.

  • My heart is open.

  • Everything in my life is unfolding for my highest good.

  • Health, repair, regeneration.

  • health, harmony, and peace.

  • I know I can, I will handle it.

9. Visualise Protection and Cleansing

While leaving your house, visualise energetic protection. For example, you can see yourself in the bubble of divine Light, absorbing only good energies and bouncing the negative ones back to their sender.

Bathe in the Divine White Light to cleanse any negative influence.

You can also visualise the capsule made of mirrors that reflect negative energy directed at you. The sender will receive back their "gift".

Protective layers like an overall are also a good idea. Start from the green layer, then put on the white, then the blue and at the end the purple one.

10. Cut off Energetic Cords

If you notice that your mood plummets, and you start to experience negative emotions, namely anxiety, anger or nervousness, there is probably an energetic vampire nearby.

Some beings imprecate your bad luck. Ask your guts for a clue who deserves cutting off. Then visualise your chakras and the cords connecting you with this being. Take imaginary scissors and cut these cords.

While doing it, put your hands forward, straighten them up, and fold as for praying. In this way, you will cut off anyone who comes to your mind, and you enjoy peace of mind.

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Take Caution in These Cases

There are people, places and circumstances which put you at higher risk of catching energetic hooks or cords. I mean toxic work, where your co-workers or the boss manifest the rat race attitude.

Moreover, shopping centres, public transport, and crowded streets also put you at risk of energetic pollution. In these cases, use protection when going out and cleanse your aura after coming back.

Make energetic hygiene a habit and your life will start to be more harmonious soon. Always keep your vibrations high by practising gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and love. You will enjoy life to the fullest and unlock an energetic blockade, even curing some diseases.

10+1 Practise Meditation

Meditating is also a very powerful tool for cleansing your emotional subtle body. Here is a short script:

  • Close your eyes and then unite your mind and soul. In your imagination, find yourself in a peaceful, safe place where you feel happy and relaxed. Contemplate it for a while.

  • Go under the waterfall or a beam of the White divine Light with the intention of cleansing all kinds of negativity from all your subtle bodies, aura, and chakras. Visualise this energy being removed by the water or burnt by the light.

  • Then you can go to a meadow, lie down on the grass, and absorb the healing energy of Mother Earth, visualise each chakra and organ being cleansed and healed.

  • End the meditation by going to the beach and enjoying the sunshine, the sand under your feet, the splashing water, and the reviving breeze.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt the eleven tools, helpful with protecting and recharging your emotional subtle body. Good luck with using these tools and enjoying a truly happy life. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.‍


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