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10 Ways to Handle Negative Energy Attacks Aimed at You

Negative energy is present everywhere and can attack you at any time. Protection is important but sometimes insufficient. Learn what to do if the attack has already happened.

icebergs can generate negative energy


Negative Energy - What Is That?

Positive and negative energies are a part of our tree-dimension reality. In order to enjoy a happy life, full peace of mind, love, joy and vitality - you need to preserve the positive energy and protect yourself from the negative one.

Let's say that you are feeling well when your energy and chakras are balanced, your goals are achieved easier and abundance flows through your life.

However, in the case of negative energy attacks a financial blockade can happen - your business makes a loss, your relationship deteriorates, and your health is impaired. S

seemingly, you have changed nothing in your life and then out of the blue, you wake up in bad form which is hard to fix.

For example, you might start having nightmares during sleep or be tired despite having enough rest in the morning. It may be hard to concentrate, you are flooded with negative thoughts, stressed out and unable to relax. It looks like someone has drained our energy.

Types Of Negative Energy

All the situations described above can mean a negative energy attack. Let's look closer at them:

1. Negative Places

Some places are particularly filled with negative energy. You can feel it every time being around, even having high vibrations. In the case of being an empath, the situation worsens, and stronger protection is needed. Here are the places with lots of negative energy:

  • cemeteries,

  • hospitals,

  • prisons,

  • all the places full of haters and where people incite war,

  • all crime scenes,

  • many backstreets,

  • cinemas (because of films full of violence),

  • everywhere where violence is frequent,

  • shopping centres (full of envy, jealousy of having more goods, rat race)

  • corporations and all the jobs serving for or creating any kind of poisoning (food, drinks) or other destruction (the aforementioned movie industry or in some cases - music),

  • churches and all religious places where people suffer and may generate hatred and jealousy (how many times have you met people going to church and then being cruel to their neighbours?)

  • others, not mentioned above.

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2. Negative People and Other Beings

You can also experience negative energy attacks from people and other beings, not only those who hurt you and are your family or friends What can they do?

  • send you negative thoughts of suffering, hater, jealousy, pain, depression

  • wishes you bad luck because of being jealous or trying to feel better at your cost

  • they are people unable to handle their emotions, mentally imbalanced or psychopaths

  • biorobots - humanoids (extra-terrestrial beings in the human body). They look like a human but have specific abilities to destroy and spread negative energy (conflicts, hate, irritation, pain).

  • all complainers and blamers, judging others and putting labels on their neighbours,

  • stray spirits of dead people,

  • anyone who suddenly makes you feel unhappy, exhausted, irritated, angry, generating negative thoughts, even sent by the subconscious mind.

How Negative Beings Attack You

Now I will give you some examples of how negative beings spread their poisonous energy. They do it by:

  • sending you hexes, charms and maledictions,

  • sending you negative thoughts by your subconscious mind, remember that most of your thoughts are not yours.

  • attacking you verbally or non-verbally - accusations, destructive criticism, backbiting, judging, making ridicule, using emotional blackmail, manipulating with guilt

  • a sexual encounter with a person who is poisoned with negative energy,

  • draining your energy by complaining, playing a victim but doing nothing to change their situation

Go for a walk to release negative energy

How To Protect from Negative Energy Attacks

There are a couple of efficient ways to protect from and dissolve negative energy. Here are some examples:

1. Bless Everything

Yes, send a blessing to all the places you go and every being you meet, even if they are negative. Sending the energy of peace and harmony will eliminate even the worst negative energy. The same applies to all the things that you bring to your home.

2. Use Affirmations And Mantras

Affirmations have great power to dissolve negative energy. For example, you can say


You can also say - repeating it until the energy goes away


3. Ask God and Angels For Help

If you feel overwhelmed, ask God for help. just say


You can also use the Hoponopo prayer:


4. Cleanse Your aura And Things Around You

You can also cleanse and heal your aura. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Smudge yourself with white sage or palo santo.

  • Take a bath with sea salt.

  • Listen to the music cleansing your aura. Here is an example.

Positive Aura Cleanse

  • Write. You can use affirmations, or statements (e.g., My aura is clean now. I am cleansing my aura) - or describe everything and then burn/shred the peace of paper.

  • Visualise the Divine White Light dissolving the energy. Instead, the purple, burning light can be applied, together with white scissors cutting all hooks.

  • Focus on your breathing. Inhale peace and harmony and exhale all negativity.

  • Mirror technique. Surround yourself with 6 mirrors (on four sides of you - left, right, front, back, above and below your head) which reflect negative energy cutting all the hooks and cords.

  • Surround with the ball of White Light which will protect you from negative energy attacks. Visualise this ball as often as possible, going out or among negative people.

5. Never Accept Presents with Negative Energy

Listen to your guts. Sometimes you just feel that a given thing may have toxic energy. For example, if an angry person gives you something, it will be full of anger. The gift may contain the negative energy of a given place.

6. Focus on Positive Energy

Yes. use all the tools described above to focus on positive energy. Think of all the people and other beings (animals) that wish you well, that love and support you.

See yourself as the Wonderful Being Of Light, the Beloved Child Of the Universe. Be grateful and recall all the blessings in your life.

Protect from negative energy

7. Do Physical Exercises

You will not only remove stress but also other kinds of negative energy present in your aura. Practise yoga to balance your chakras. Go for a walk or swim.

8. Connect with Mother Earth to Dissolve Negative Energy

I have already published an article showing you how to connect with the energy of Mother Earth. Connect with the 4 forces: the Sun, Wind, Earth, and Water.

When it is raining or blowing - bless the rain and wind, visualising that they are cleansing your aura. Do not be afraid to go out when it is raining. The same applies to the sunshine or walking barefoot.

9. Protect Yourself with Body Language

You can use some gestures to reflect negative energy. For example, cross your legs or arms with the intention of protecting yourself from negativity. Loop your thumb and index finger.

10. Meditate to Release Negative Energy

Connect with Higher Beings and your own Guardian during meditation to detach from negative energy attacks.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our collective energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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In A Nutshell

Today you have learnt what to do to protect from and dissolve negative energy. Ask God for help, meditate, visualise the Divine White Light, do exercises, and smudge yourself and your house. These are not all ways described in this article but start from them. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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