10 Tips To Survive Any Lockdown

Since spring 2020 we have been fighting with coronavirus. Governments imposed lockdown and social life was very restricted. It is nearly over but you can still use the 10 tips on overcoming any challenge in your life.


What Is a Lockdown

In the shortest, it is the ban on leaving your home. You can only go out in some, urgent cases like buying food or medicines. I have to point out that the lockdown may not only concern the current madness of coronavirus. During the heatwave, the situation may be similar, at least for most of the day. Therefore, whenever you feel that your freedom is constrained, check the ideas presented in this article.

So What?

You stay at home and me, too. It is the first time when we can save the world sitting on the sofa in front of the TV. Some people will say that there is no difference for them. However, there will be individuals lost in the current situation. Their precious lifestyle has broken down and it is hard for these people to find themselves in the new reality.

If you belong to this category of individuals, I have a piece of good news for you. Even during the lockdown, there are plenty of opportunities to be busy. And these ideas often give you an opportunity to finish many businesses for which you have had no time so far.

Now you can do the overdue cleaning, tidy your documents or take care of your health more. Read what you can do in particular. Pick up more than one idea and implement it instantly.

10 Ways Of Surviving the Lockdown

Now let's check how you can spend your time in a creative way during the lockdown.

1. Do Overdue Repairs

There is at least one item which needs repairing in your house. We usually either have no time or just dislike doing such things. Make a list of what needs to be repaired, schedule the time for doing the job and start it immediately. Not all will be done as sometimes you may need a professional, like a plumber or electrician, but at least do what you can do yourself and plan the remaining repairs.

2. Nourish Communication With Other People

You cannot meet people face-to-face but there is still the internet and phone. Organise a conference on Skype or Zoom with your friends. I belong to one of the Toastmasters clubs and we had a lovely meeting last Thursday, giving speeches and doing table topics. In the case of business, you can also hold online conferences or webinars. If you are looking for a relationship, video talk to your dates on WhatsApp. The same applies to your family and friends. These are only a few ideas and you can find more yourself. be creative.

You can also write emails and send e-cards to your family and friends. Use the power of the Internet to nourish communication with anyone who is your friend, kith and kin or even an acquaintance.

3. Clear the Clutter

I have written a couple of articles about clutter. It does not only mean cleaning physical objects or preparing them. Clearing clutter also includes:

  • cleansing your body from inside,
  • reconciling with some people who have hurt you (or at least writing a forgiveness letter and burning it),
  • tidying your documents, receipts,
  • making overdue calls to some people,
  • tidying your digital objects (i.e. the files on the computer of your phone)
  • doing the maintenance of your computer or phone,
  • having a virtual confession (if you are a Catholic, especially before Easter),
  • many other things, not mentioned above.

4. Learn New And Overdue Things

This is vital if you study at any level of education. However, you constantly learn new things through your life, not only because you have to e.g.for work. Broaden your perspective and think of a new skill you would like to master, which will help you to make your dreams true, e.g. a new language. While learning, you can plan your future escapades and prepare for them.

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5. Make Changes In Your Life

They do not need to be big and radical. However, rearranging furniture in your house or even things on your shelves can refresh your perspective. Create new decorations, photo albums, (video) blogs. Start writing poems or a journal about your lockdown. Create a fan page on Facebook for this purpose. Start a blog or vlog.

6. Take Care Of Your Health And Fitness

Lockdown is the best time for liver or colon detox, especially now, during the springtime. You can also go on a diet, not being afraid of what your co-workers would say. Do not forget about doing exercises. You can just walk around the house, do some isometric exercises or callanetics. Do not forget about sleep and rest, even if you work from home. Listen to relaxing music to overcome stress.

Observe the lockdown rules and be careful meeting other people in the street, especially teenagers who sometimes play jokes, coughing into people's faces. However, I do not recommend wearing masks for everyday purposes, unless you are a carer, work in the hospital or have contact with vulnerable individuals.

7. Awaken Your Inner Child Within

Be creative. I will give you only a couple of ideas here. You can invent many more. For example, take a set of coloured pencils and draw something. Design a new collage or photo album, compose a piece of music, write a poem. Play Scrabble or other board games with your family. Do some projects together. Sing the karaoke of your favourite band or play a musical instrument.

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8. Take Care Of Your Aura And Vibrations

Survival during the lockdown also requires high vibrations so that you are immune to negativity. Check these articles about aura and vibrations:

In the shortest, prepare a relaxing, sea salt bath, light some candles and smudge your house with white sage to purify the energy. You can also listen to music that raises vibrations and clears your chakras. here is an example:

9. Work On Your Self-Development

Now is the perfect time to improve your self-confidence, assertiveness and other personal skills. You can do an online course or try some techniques like writing affirmations, forgiveness letters, analysing your thoughts and so on.

10 Plan Your Wonderful Life

Spend the time of lockdown on planning your future life. One day, you will be able to go out or visit your friends abroad. Write down your goals and prepare a plan for pursuing them. If you have made some New Year's resolutions, review how well you have observed them, what to amend and what you could be proud of.

10 + 1 Meditate

Meditation is not only used to kill the time you have during the lockdown. it also helps you to heal your aura, cleanse negative thoughts and emotions (many people are frustrated or worried about the current situation). Try meditation today.

Let's meditate together:

Connect remotely during joint meditation on Saturdays at  8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.  Check and join upcoming meditations.

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  • In a Nutshell

    Today I have given you some ideas of coping with the current lockdown. Use as many of them as possible to minimise stress and make the most of your abilities and skills. Good luck.