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10 Things You Must Accept In Life to Be Happy

The 10 things which you need to accept in your life and about which I will write in this post are not just modern slogans of self-development. Acceptance is a must for everyone who wants to be a happy person. Learn what you need to face.

Before I present you the top ten, first let's become familiar with acceptance itself. This term does not mean that you should love everything in this world. It is just acknowledgement of the fact that something exists in the Universe. You may hate it, feel discomfort, but acknowledge that it is in your environment.

You already know that acceptance is the value of the Light and it is necessary to master on the way of spiritual growth, actually being one of the first, basic steps to start growing.

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The 10 Things You Need To Accept In Your Life

None of them is more or less important. However, if you do not accept even one of them, your life will not be a happy one anymore.

1. Your Health Limits

It concerns your physical, spiritual and mental health. There are as many people as genetic combinations. However, genes are not all, your nutrition and environment have a huge impact on your development. Later, as an adult, you are responsible for the quality of your health.

Yet sometimes we have some chronic illnesses like epilepsy which limits your life because you cannot drive so your mobility is limited. People after accidents or sometimes since birth on wheelchairs are in a worse situation, not to mention the blind and deaf ones.

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  • 2. Your Sex

    Each sex has some limits and is under the pressure of social and religious codes. Expectations start from birth when your parents exclaim in delight or sometimes disappointment 'It's a boy!' or 'It's a girl!' Then you notice yourself all the pros and cons of being a man or a woman while growing up and later in your adult life.

    3.  Your Parents

    According to reincarnation teachings, your soul has chosen your parents. But regardless if you believe in reincarnation or not, your parents are who they are. If you feel pain because of how they treated or still treat you remember that your parents have also been treated this way.

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    4. Your Children

    Sometimes it is hard to accept the sex of your child or the way this human being develops; his or her interests, quirks and temper. We usually want the children of whom we can be proud, who do not make too much hassle for us. However, the truth is brutal: our children are not our property, they are totally separate beings. The quicker you take it into account the better.

    5. Your Decisions

    Many people regret their decisions or beat up themselves for mistakes made. But the truth is that you have made the best decision at a given moment, with the right knowledge and usually listening to your guts. We are not imperfect, we are humans with the right to make mistakes.

    6. Your Failures

    Your failures may be the result of your bad decisions, but also negligence, laziness and sometimes too much pressure. Whatever has caused your failure, see it as a lesson to be learned, as a feedback which can be used for success in the future.

    7. Your Mental Limits

    How many times have you compared your IQ to someone else's or wished you could sing, read, write as excellent as him or her? If you have done it at least once, self-acceptance of your mental capabilities is your challenge to win. We are all unique and comparison to other people just does not work.

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    8. Your Quirks

    The society forces us to behave, think and speak in a given way, the same for all of us. If you, for example, talk to yourself at the presence of other people, chances are that people may make fun of you. The truth is that everyone will see a different thing in you as a quirk, depending on their cultural and social background. You can do something with your quirk if it causes too much negative social feedback, but just acknowledge it.

    9. Your Past

    It is said that the past cannot be changed and the future is in your hands. Therefore, there is no point ruminating the wrongs someone had done to you, blaming yourself for past mistakes, wrong decisions, unhappy childhood or relationships. Just acknowledge it has been and start living with the present.

    10. Your Friends And Partner

    Relationships are the base of happy holistic life. You need to learn how to love on the levels of your body, mind, heart and soul. Know that your friends and partner may accept you only on some of these parts of their selves. For example, your best friend accepts you mentally but deep down hates your behaviour. Your job is to make them aware of the problem and solve it.

    It also concerns yourself. it is not enough to say "I accept his quirks." You need to do it wholeheartedly and without judgement (i.e. giving up duality). Otherwise, you cannot expect that other people will accept you in a holistic way.

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  • In a Nutshell

    It does not mean that you should be stuck to them. You can always end a toxic relationship or friendship. I have written many articles on this blog about toxic people. However, if you do decide to keep contact with toxic friends, just be aware of their behavior and stop complaining.

    There are at least ten things you need to accept in your life in order to feel happy. Your parents, sex and mental skills are the most obvious ones, sometimes you are also facing an illness or toxic relationships. Your past life cannot be changed either so close it and focus on the present, creating the brilliant future.