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10 Proven Vaccines for Any Virus You Can Catch

The world is still crazy about coronavirus. People are looking for a vaccine offered by academic medicine. However, there are some, more effective methods of vaccination against the virus.

Some plants can be useful to kill viruses


This article was written during the coronavirus times. however, viruses are present all the time and the advice presented here can be applied to any virus.

How Coronavirus Works

Coronavirus, like other viruses, infects a human host when it can enter individual human cells. As soon as a virus infects a cell, it tries to take over its host completely.

Then it uses these cells' machinery to produce copies of themselves, which then spill out and spread to new cells. Then a given organ is attacked and an individual shows the visible symptom. Here is a medical description of coronavirus.

Coronavirus from a Spiritual Point of View

All is energy in the Universe, including viruses. Mostly they carry destructive energy, but even then we can take advantage of this energy and learn the lesson, for example how to create harmony in our lives (i.e. if you work too much and neglect proper nutrition, sleep and supplementation.).

Coronavirus, similarly, to people and other beings, vibrates on a given frequency and is attracted to individuals resonating with a similar one.

Hence, from the spiritual point of view, to become infected, you need to have destructive, low vibrations, killing the light which reflects the virus.

How You Kill the Light

We kill the light by destruction and it is not only by malevolent deeds. More often, we destroy ourselves first. How? Here are some examples:

  • self-criticism,

  • lack of self-confidence and faith in personal strength,

  • self-hate, low self-esteem,

  • negative thoughts,

  • offensive language,

  • holding on to negative emotions (especially anger, grudge, guilt, and shame).

These factors do not infect you with coronavirus directly (although thoughts manifest). However, having a negative attitude to yourself means that you actually attract negativity and destruction - the corona- and other viruses. I have already written an article about how negativity contributes to illness.

Coronavirus and The Law of Attraction

The Universe looks at your energy if you create negativity, you will receive it in return. If you destroy yourself, eventually something will destroy you. And coronavirus is one example of destruction.

Also, notice that crowded places accumulate a vast amount of negative energy so you need to protect yourself with the ball of Divine Light to reflect negativity.

Coronavirus is one of the vibration viruses, i.e. it reduces the human population so that only those who are suitable for the New Era will survive (i.,e the people with high vibrations.) Then the virus does not destroy you but helps you to grow.

9 Vaccines for (Not Only) Coronavirus

Administer these vaccines and there is little chance that you will be infected and become ill.

1. Change Your Thoughts

Start to consider yourself as a wonder in the Universe, the wonder for all the people and other beings that are on Earth. Each being is indispensable in the divine world and God loves us equally.

Stop self-criticism, worry about the future and rumination about the past, and believe in yourself and your strength. And which is critical, never even assume that coronavirus will infect you.

2. Illuminate Your Life and Close Your Past

Understand that you are living in more than one dimension and that your current life is the consequence of the past ones. You are also collecting the crops of your more recent thoughts, words and deeds. Lighten up your incarnations and karma by meditating and praying. Smile to yourself, knowing that you are a beautiful, wonderful being.

3. Cleanse and Illuminate Your Space

Raise the vibrations of your home, take care of the kind of energy present there, clear the clutter, and harmonise the areas of your life (work, family, health, and fun.)

Keep good relationships with other beings (also animals) but protect your aura from negativity (especially energetic vampires and hooks.)

Learn how to clear the clutter - the article continues below:

4. Take Responsibility for Your Body

My last article gives you some tips on it. But in the case of coronavirus, remember to use common sense - increase protection and use more time to regenerate rather than exploit yourself (excessive work, sometimes exercise.)

5. Stop Fighting

You generate a dramatic amount of negativity fighting during the discussion about politics and defending your view for every sake. Accept the events as they are because everything is needed in the divine plan, even evil.

6. Forgiveness

Let go of all grudges, bitterness, and anger. Reconcile with your kith and kin, creating peace, harmony, and respect. Be assertive but also compassionate to those who do not understand the changes and spirituality, and who do wrong. Love yourself, and consider yourself a wonder.

Further reading about forgiveness:

· 10 Things to Forgive Yourself For in Life

· How To Forgive Your Parents

· How To Practise Self-Forgiveness: Holistic Approach

7. Regenerate

It is mostly free. Look at the Sun at noon, during its rises and sets, not only during vacation. Walk barefoot, enjoy the rain and the wind, and cuddle the tree. Sleep enough and use the spa and sauna. Learn how to relax and enjoy free time.

8. Use Common Sense

Do not ignore the danger of being infected, by observing the guidelines given by the authorities of your country. However, take them with a pinch of salt. No panic is necessary, coronavirus is just a test for human beings in case a real, vibrational virus emerges from thawing icecaps.

9. Believe That You Can Be Cured Of Coronavirus

Do not panic in the case of this "misfortune" scenario, i.e., when you have become infected with coronavirus and become sick.

Believe that you CAN BE CURED. Remember that faith cures.

If your will is to live, you will live. Wonders happen. However, follow medical guidance and as I wrote in my last post - also include holistic and alternative methods. You can also meditate, using the green, healing light, killing the virus, plus saying the mantra,


10 Meditate

Meditation can help you in a couple of ways. Firstly, by cleansing your subtle bodies, you also remove viruses of all kinds. secondly, pacifying your mind will generate more positivity in your life. and thirdly, during meditation, you can ask Gog and other beings of Light for help.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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In A Nutshell

Positive changes create a positive reality in your world. They create it from the level of matter and spirit. Your matter concerns your health, your spirit means staying in a healthy temple, where you can grow, learn lessons and experiment on the Earth and in the Universe.



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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