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10 Facts You Must Know About Reincarnation

Not everyone believes in reincarnation. However, you may change your mind after reading this article.

Reincarnation concern every being in the world


What Is Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical belief that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life's actions. The entire universal process, that gives rise to the cycle of death and rebirth, governed by karma, is referred to as “Samsara.” “Karma” is action, which may be good or bad. Based on the type of karma one does, he chooses his subsequent birth. - PMC

However, you do not need to be a Hindu to find evidence of reincarnation. Jesus was resurrected after his death on the cross, which means that he started a new life.

Learn some less-known facts about the spiritual journey - the article continues below:

Why Reincarnation Is So Important

According to the Catholic and generally Christian doctrine, so popular in the West, reincarnation does not exist.

However, how can you explain the fact that some people live for 90 years while others die a couple of hours after birth? it is said that God has given us an equal chance to prove that we are decent people.

Moreover, Hinduism and Buddhism are older than Christianity and we still question their wisdom.

Now, at the time of awakening and the preparation for the New Era on Earth, where more and more people give up dogmas of any religion, reincarnation becomes an important issue.

The Science and Reincarnation

Traditional science may be sceptical. However, there is much evidence showing that reincarnation may be a fact. Think of hypnosis and regression where you examine past incarnations, fears and traumas which cannot be explained by this life's experiences. Meditation, a special kind of breathing or using psychoactive substances may also induce a similar effect.

After using all the techniques, the individuals describe their feelings and discoveries. then you can notice that soul and reincarnation exist.


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10 Facts About Reincarnation

Now I will present you ten facts about reincarnation, which are proven, well-examined and work.

Fact No. 1: Soul Exists

Our soul is not a myth or an illusion. All people and other beings are a connection between the mortal physical body and the immortal soul. Moreover, your soul is the essence of yourself, the only answer to the question "Who am I?" - who you always were, are and will be, regardless of how you are feeling, what you believe in and how you perceive yourself.

Your soul is an aware, nurturing living power from your body's perspective. Your body is a tool for your soul to live in the physical world on Earth and many other places in the Universe.

But your soul is pure awareness, pure energy, pure being. it exists on the timeless and metaphysical level of reality. It is part of Spirit, God or Source, the spark of Divine Light and love, the fragment of absolute perfection.

Fact No. 2: Your Soul Is Evolving During Reincarnation

All souls have a mission of growth and evolution, experiencing the light and the darkness. The Earth is the planet of choice so the soul can choose which way to go. By evolution, souls change their level of awareness from infancy to maturity and seniority. It happens after many incarnations and experiences throughout the soul's existence.

Life experiences and choices serve as lessons for the soul after the body ends its life.

Going back to the metaphysical kingdom, the soul and its guides review what happened in the last life, making conclusions, and preparing the next plan, based on karma and the future lessons, necessary for the soul's growth.

It is like going to school, taking exams, and going through higher and higher grades.

Moreover, the soul also examines what impact his/her experiences and choices have had on other beings.

For example, what wrong/ favour has been done, if the interaction has helped other souls to grow. Souls learn that their choices bring consequences not only for them but also for other beings.

Fact No. 3: Your Soul Evolves Best in the Physical Form

To face the challenges planned before ascending to the Earth, your soul needs to incarnate in the body adaptable to live on this planet - its density, atmosphere, kind of food and other factors. Souls also exist in animals and plants, not only in humans.

Hence the soul incarnates, i.e. joins the physical body, and he/she is in it through a given life, until death. In this way, the soul experiences physical limits and is separated from other beings and all that exists.

It is an illusion, a mental trick and the soul itself is never limited or separated. We have just been taught to believe so.

reincarnation is like new leaves on a tree every year

Fact No. 4: The Soul Needs Many Lives to Evolve During Reincarnation

One life is not enough to experience and test the spectrum of things and to make all possible choices, bearing their consequences. For example, it is impossible to live life as both a man and a woman.

Each sex will determine a different context and options, even in one aspect of life, e.g. reproduction. Moreover, what about being a victim and an executor, a student and a teacher, a parent and a child and so on?

By exploring new contexts, and experiencing various things, the soul becomes more aware of, e.g., the universal laws, values of the light and the darkness, karma and the fact that we are oneness in the Universe.

Do not forget that reincarnation assumes joint lessons for the same group of souls. And it also needs more than one terrestrial life.

During reincarnation, your soul learns the best lessons by comparing and contrasting things, not blindly repeating them. However, sometimes a given experience has to be repeated if the lesson has not been learned and the homework has not been done. And each life is an opportunity to learn another lesson.

Fact No. 5: Your Soul Has Got No Nationality, Religion, Race And Gender

Reincarnation assumes that there is nothing like a Jewish, Chinese or German soul. It is only a context, a new game board where we are mastering another level. Sex is also a terrestrial feature.

If you incarnate on this planet, your soul has no gender, but while ascending to the Earth, it chooses to be a male or a female. This planet is based on duality so you can compare your experiences by choosing various contexts and life values.


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Fact No 6. During Reincarnation Your Soul Sticks to One Species

Although in the first stages of development, your soul may exist in the forms of an animal, plant or crystal, later it chooses only one species - the human one. Do not forget that as a human being, years and centuries are needed to master some holistic values and skills.

Your soul's mission is evolving into a higher level of awareness. Hence there is no point in incarnating into e.g. an animal since started being a human. Sometimes there are exceptions, e.g. becoming a dolphin but it never concerns plants or lower animal forms.

Fact No. 7: Each Life Is Roughly Planned

It simply means that your major life choices and kinds of lessons are defined for a given lifespan. You choose circumstances, a particular group of souls and the contracts with them.

For example, your soul may want to learn compassion.

Therefore, you incarnate as a child abandoned by your mother and then can manifest compassion in your adult life because during childhood other people were compassionate to you. Another soul will be the mother who has abandoned you.

Reincarnation assumes that your soul plans and chooses the main elements of your life in advance. It does not only concern your sex or nationality but also your school, relationships, career, accidents and illnesses.

However, there is still plenty of space for creating your life by choices, even as a child (e.g. you can decide to be lethally ill to make other souls help you. But it does not mean that you cannot change your destiny. Your decisions and choices are more important than your planned destiny, at least in your adult life.

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Fact No. 8 Reincarnation Assumes The Law Of Karma

However, it does not work the way most people think. For example, if Soul A kills Soul B in one life, then Soul A will be punished in the next life. This is the human and dual way of how karma works. However, Divine justice does not assume punishment. You are learning through involvement in something. Your soul experiences the violation of his/her integrity as a perpetrator and a victim.

Reincarnation also assumes that souls are usually involved in negative karma during their earlier stages of evolution when they have little experience of human existence. Here are some karmic deeds:

  • murder,

  • rape or any other violation of rights,

  • abandonment,

  • imprisonment,

  • doing any other kind of wrong,

Fact No. 9: Reincarnation Has The Beginning And The End

We are not accustomed to the never-ending wheel of life and death, revival and decline. Some people think that you can be redeemed only by neglecting the world and focusing on the spiritual life. However, the journey through reincarnation is an evolution. It starts on a given level and then ends.

When you master one value of the Light you start working on the next one. It may take more than 1000 incarnations. And to finish the process of reincarnation, you need to go over thousands of lives, not only on Earth. All the path is clear for us and we know exactly what we are doing. Each life is an adventure with one or more goals, taken with love.

Fact No. 10. There Is No Urgent Need To be Enlightened Quickly

Many spiritual teachers say that it is urgent to master the values of the Light as soon as possible. However, the truth is different. We do not need to evolve fast, we can choose a slower track. There is no rat race in spiritual life. Reincarnation is not a challenge to end evolution as quickly as possible.

From a spiritual perspective, time does not exist. It is only a perceptive phenomenon in the physical form. Souls do not take care of how many thousands of years are necessary to go through one level in reincarnation to another.

We should not be surprised that most of us have many lives behind us. Only those who have just started reincarnation are living only their current life while those who finish their path will not incarnate anymore.


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In a Nutshell

Today you have learned 10 facts about reincarnation. Souls exist and evolve, learning one value of the Light for many incarnations. They stick to one species and have no religion, nationality, or sex. Also, souls do not rush to end reincarnation as quickly as possible. Make the most of your current life, creating positive karma and growing. With lots of love and light.



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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