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Holistic Meditation

There are at least nine kinds of meditations that you can practise on an everyday basis. My journey started about 8 years ago. It was mindfulness meditation. However, after I had awakened spiritually in 2017, a new chapter opened in my life. I met spiritual meditation connected with prayer, first on Aron's YouTube channel and then during his live events called Meet Your Soul.

This kind of meditation has transformed my life and I am sure yours can also become illuminated and never the same as before. To learn more about spiritual meditation I practise myself and with other people, please study the answers to the most common questions.

How to Practise Holistic Meditation?

Here is a short blueprint of how to meditate. This is a general framework as meditations differ, depending on their intention and length.

  1. Prepare. Find a place where no one will disturb you. Take a comfortable position - lie down or sit on a comfortable chair.

  2. Calm down your mind. For example, you can listen to relaxation music or count from 100 to 0.

  3. Visualise moving to a favourite place - the beach, forest, paradise island - where you feel happy and safe.

  4. Visualise cleansing yourself under the waterfall - from all kinds of negative energy.

  5. Continue your meditation according to your needs. For example, in the case of healing, lay down on the meadow and absorb the energy of Mother Earth, filling it with green rays. Notice the ill spots in your body and send the light there saying 'Health, harmony, peace, health, repair, regeneration.

  6. Charge with the energy of Mother Earth. on the beach after healing.

  7. Ground and close your chakras after meditation.


What Has to Be Done Before Each Meditation?

ALWAYS ask for protection from your spiritual guardians, e.g. angels. Meditation opens you up to the world of beings and some of them might not want your happiness.

What Has to Be Done After Each Meditation?

Thank all the Beings of Light for care and protection.
In the case of healing other beings (people and animals), removing energetic hooks from them - ALWAYS CLEANSE YOUR AURA with White/Purple Divine Light. You can also pray to the beings of Light.

Where Can I Find Your Community?

Currently, I meditate remotely, using telepathy and intention to connect with other people around the globe.


On other days of the week, I join the AronHome community and meditate with them. Then you have a great opportunity to connect with the number of people able to illuminate half a billion human beings on the Earth.

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Why Meditation?

Spiritual meditation can make wonders. More about it is below. The benefits are huge and long-lasting, on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. For example, you become relaxed and your sleep quality improves.


Fewer things can exasperate you and your vibrations remain high despite stings and insults. In many cases, you can also notice health and relationship improvement, plus your dreams materialise quicker. One meditating person can illuminate 5 million beings on the planet.


What Is a Holistic Meditation

We all make mistakes and sometimes choose to follow the dark side but there is never too late to change direction and start living in the light. Meditation will help you to achieve this goal. Also, meditation works according to your soul plan so sometimes the effects may not happen at once.


Holistic Meditation is a connection with the Universe. You not only calm your mind but also connect with other beings - souls, extra-terrestrial beings, and animals. Here is what else you can do during holistic meditation:


How Effective Is Holistic Meditation?

It usually works and you can expect miracles. Regular practice makes you perfect. However, practising meditation will not solve all your problems in the case of deliberately poisoning your body, mind and soul with toxic food, negative thoughts, harmful habits and beliefs, filthy language or deliberately serving evil forces and not being willing to transform.


Who is Welcome to Join?

You do not need to have specific skills or expertise to join my meditation. However, your positive and benevolent attitude, plus your open mind are crucial. Here are examples showing why you could need meditation.  Most frequently, it is someone who:

  • wants to grow spiritually,

  • want to use over 80% of the brain,

  • faces health problems,

  • wants to cleanse his/her aura,

  • wants to solve relationship problems,

  • wants to contact extra-terrestrial beings,

  • struggles with domestic abuse, mobbing, bullying and another kind of violence,

  • wants to meet his/her soul plan,

  • wants to cleanse his/her aura,

  • seeks forgiveness, acceptance, understanding and other values of the Light,

  • wants to discover spiritual potentials (e.g. clairvoyance, seeing auras, energy reading),

  • intends to help other beings and the Earth.

  • struggles with work,

  • needs charging with the energy of Earth,

wants to tune in to the new vibration level of our planet.

Let's Meditate Together

Connect by telepathy during joint meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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