This page has been created to give you answers to the most common questions about holistic life and spiritual growth.


Where to Start the Awakening Process?

Define your life mission and life values, i.e what you want to do in general and what is important for you. Then evaluate your life and set life goals. More informations is on my blog, check the articles by Search or categories.

Do I Need to Be a Priest or Other Religious Guru to Grow Spiritually?

No, just be a decent human being and have a clear intention to transform your life and the world.

How to Work with Articles?

Choose an issuee, e.g. changing thoughts. then use Search of Categories to find some stuff. Pick up one article and check content. Note down all the tips or steps necessary to work with the issue. Plan implementation and monitor it. If you need more instructions, please contact me.


How to Make the Most of Awaken Happy Life

Firstly, make a list of the topics you would like to explore. Then check Categories and use the Seach tool to find the right article(s). also, visit the website regularly to find moe knowledge.

Do I Need to Have a Journal to Work with Your Articles?

I personally would recommend having a journal or a diary, at least for a current caledar year, to see your progress within time. Handwriting is therapeutic as it also activates your subconscious mind. However, in the case of radical forgiveness (i.e. writing forgiveness letters) or venting your emotions - loose pieces of paper will work better as then you can burn or send them easily.

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